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Three weeks in we thought it was about time we let you know where we were and what we were up to in case you were interested. Starting on the 7th July after a week in Toronto we entered the US via Niagara falls. After a brief stop at the US boarder for the expected interrogation and retina scan, the car (whose name is Nester) was broke! He refused to start and needed to be jump started by an angry boarder crossing guard. We (Ron) drove for a few hours into New York State where the car finally died in the middle of a ghetto town called Dunkirk. Great start! Since then thankfully Nester has been quite well behaved. We have travelled East to West across the US taking in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa (the pork state), ... read more

....we got a reservation on the ferry. We had to get to the ferry terminal by 5! am, and believe it or not we made it. Unfortunately, the day is cloudy and overcast so we can't see much of the scenery. We can see the trees along the shoreline, and occasionally the clouds will part enough to hint and more spectacular views behind, but that's about it. This has been the only cloudy day of the trip so far, but it is really making for a dull trip. Foolishly, we were not prepared for this weather and we ended up buying extra sweatshirts in 100 Mile House. The weather has been much cooler than I expected on the whole trip, even though it was sunny, and now with the rain and the ocean breeze it is ... read more

Five weeks in this beautiful state of Alaska has truly been “A Trip of a Lifetime.” Leaving Ketchikan by ferry this morning, we will arrive in Prince Rupert, British Columbia this afternoon and our Alaska Experience will be over. Waking up to the alarm, for the last time this trip, at 4:30 am, we dressed and drove to town, bought Macdonald’s breakfast sandwiches and coffee “to go” and got in line for the ferry. For the first time since we arrived in Alaska, we actually saw a sunrise. How apropos that we saw our first sunset on our last night in Alaska and our first sunrise on our last morning here. As we sailed in sunshine and saw the low lying fog hanging along the shore, our last ferry ride was otherwise uneventful. The weather was ... read more
A shipwreck
The Matanuska
Good bye Ketchikan

Just off Prince Rupert Island (I think) we've been in fog most of day 20th June - Victoria Today we had a visit to the famous Butchart Gardens (see their website). We started early to avoid the coach loads of Japanesesand others that descend when thye ferries come in from the mainland. The gardens were the brainchild of the Butchart family, the wife deciding to plant up the old quarry workings. Today visitors can see the Sunken garden, the Bog garden and the Japanese garedn, alomg with various other places. We had the palce to ourselves until about 10.30 when approx 40 coaches arrived in quick succession. Still it is a tourist attraction afterall. It will be good when we get back, we can access their website for all the info. Back to the hotel pm ... read more

Hello all! Whew! have we been busy. It is 7:20 pm in Prince Rupert and I am again in a laundry room with power. The sun shines! More of that to come as we travel towards the interior again, leaving the wet coastal rain forests behind. We’ve pretty much seen all of Vancouver Island. And we hit some of the little gems off the beaten path. Sayward is a little town in the north and we found an excellent campground. We watched cruise ships go by towards the inside passage, fishing boats come in from a day of fishing and sea otters near the dock. The view was amazing. Whilst in Port McNiel we took a ferry ride to Cormorant Island, the village of Alert Bay. The cultural centre was amazing in its display of Haida ... read more
Fish Hatchery
Alert Bay, BC Cultural Centre/museum

So we just drove up to Prince Rupert in British Columbia, from Muir Beach in California. It took about five days. We hung out at our friend Tori's cabin, went on a beer hunt (like an easter egg hunt, but with beer) played with a see-saw on the beach, and got in a sea weed fight. The next night we stayed in Eugene, Oregon which was uneventful, just a place to stop. The next day we had lunch with our buddy and fellow couchsurfer, Jason, who we met in Florida, but now lives in Portland. Portland seems like a way cool city, and we'll make sure to spend a few days there on the way back down from Alaska. By that evening we were in Seattle, visiting our buddies Andrea & Jeff (also a Florida couchsurfer). ... read more
perfect balance achieved
Brandi and Tori playtime
sea weed fight!!!

We made our way from Port Hardy to the ferry terminal to jump on the BC ferrys to head to Prince Rupert. We stayed in Prince Rubert which is just south off the Alaskan boarder for 2 nights. We meet some really nice people who we went drinking with for 2 days in the bar that over looked the harbour and met some really friendly fishermen who bought us shots, another fisherman was going to pick up a boat in Petersburg and asked us to join him in a free trip to Russia as thats where he was sailing to after. Unfortunately we couldnt go as we had to stick to our plans as it would have messed up our flights. We ended up blocked the day that we were leaving and had to go through ... read more
On the way to Prince Rupert
On the way to Prince Rupert
On the way to Prince Rupert

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Prince Rupert September 15th 2006

At a very early hour, 7:30 a.m., the passengers and crew of the Yorktown Clipper were herded like lemmings into customs in Prince Rupert, BC. A sort of bermuda triangle of the inside passage. No cell phone service. No tourist traps. No excursions. Very little food. But it was a REAL town, not a t-shirt shop, so it was cute and quiet. We were told that we would have to go through customs and then could return to the ship, but couldn't go out into the town until everyone had been checked. It was the EXACT opposite. So those of us who just grabbed our i.d. and ran down to get checked before breakfast were freezing without our jackets and grumpy without our coffee. Thank you, Cruise Director Jessica. This was just one of the many ... read more
Prince Rupert
Prince Rupert
Inside Passage

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Prince Rupert September 3rd 2006

Its interesting how it gets difficult to keep track of dates when you are being uprooted every few days. Prince Rupert (31st Aug - 3rd Sept) After a lazy first day (Richy stayed in working on the blog and I bugger off to the museum with Anne who said there would be a musuem tour by a Tsimshian guide), we decided that we had to Kayak somehow, somewhere. (I always use this word interchangeably with canoeing but now its like the difference between fins and flippers! Very expert already!). Even though it was a drizzly day, we thought, why not. so after a couple of phone calls later, we hop into the SUV where another keen kayaker, Alejendro from Brazil, was picked up. 3 hours on calm waters of a lake, we saw bald eagles and ... read more
Kayaking not canoeing...
Posing in a Kayak not canoe...
Professional kayaker...

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