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This morning we docked at Prince Rupert - a small fishing town In Canada. Our pier was directly in front of the fisherman’s wharf where we were entertained nearly all day by the people unloading, sorting and grading the catch, occasionally throwing crabs back in the water. None of the many shore excursions had captured our interest, so after a leisurely breakfast in the main restaurant we wandered ashore to explore the town. There was some sort of school run on, which was interesting to see, and a Safeway’s store, which we explored. We enjoy going through supermarkets In foreign countries. This one had a pharmacy, takeaway food and a Starbucks inside it! We returned to the ship in time to head to the Japanese restaurant for lunch. During the evenings it‘s a ‘pay extra’ dining ... read more

Bonjour à tous, Sur le bateau aucune connection, donc une escale de 3h va me permettre de vous tenir informé de la suite du voyage. Ce matin les prières de Pier et les miennes ont été exhaussées, pas le plein soleil mais un ciel tout à fait acceptable. L'embarquement est prévu, à 7H30, mais debout à 4H. La bonhomie de Pier a vite ses limites, l'angoisse est très vite là, avec toutes ces conséquences...... Pendant l'attente de l'embarquement je remarque un Land Rover immatriculé 84 (Vaucluse), Je m'adresse à ce couple, ils sont bien Français, ils sont partis du Panama, et remonte jusqu'en l'Alaska. Nous allons nous retrouver, tout au long de la journée, pendant les 17 h de mer, entre Port Hardy et Prince Ruper. Durant cette "croisière", la rencontre d'un jeune couple originaire de ... read more
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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Prince Rupert November 16th 2015

C: We woke up on Sunday morning to about half a foot of snow! Roger spent quite a while digging the car out before we could leave the B and B. Our train was at 12.30 so I decided to go to a really pretty church we had seen the day before, it had beautiful icicles hanging off the sloping roof. It was Anglican so the service was quite familiar. The priest was from Essex though and had a very odd accent, Canadian with Essex boy twang! What struck me was how doughty the congregation was. As is increasingly the case at churches everywhere, the congregation was mostly fairly elderly but there was no way the snow was going to put them off. Two of the men who must have been at least 70 were outside ... read more
The train appears through the snow...
Just us...
Hope it was within the lines...

Enfin le grand jour!!!!!!!!!! Le soir a Port Hardy, je vais souper dans le seul restaurant de la ville, le temps est calme et doux, quelques nuages, ce qui augure une belle journée pour demain. Super. Mon dos me tiens bien compagnie, et malgré une petite nuit, je suis réveillé de bonne heure, 4h30, vite les rideaux,.... c' est bouché. Le control pour l' embarquement, est 6H. Je suis a l' heure. Eux aussi. Pas comme certain, qui viennent de subir, les greves pour rentrer de Corse. 7H30 pétante le bateau est parti. Sorti du port, la bruine, de l' arriere, on distingue a peine l' avant du bateau. 70m. Il faudra attendre environ 1et½ heure pour avoir un peu de clarté, mais el ciel reste tres chargé. Et ca ne changera pas de la journée. ... read more
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Rain. Rain. More rain. Prince Rupert lived up to its reputation as being the rainiest place on earth. And it is going to have to be in terms of number of days raining because the place that gets the most rain is in India and it is 23 meters or something ridiculous like that. But it apparently rains 300 or so days a year in Prince Rupert. And it was raining when I arrived on the ferry. And it was raining when I woke up the next morning in the hostel. The Black Rooster Hostel is an excellent place, by the way. I decided to check out the North Coast Cannery, a national historic site. I expected it to be a ruined little place with maybe a few buildings that were rotting away, on the site ... read more

Wednesday May 23, 2012 Bishop Bay to Kumealon Island Cove Our itinerary today takes us through Grenville Channel a forty five mile long mostly straight fjiord that carries all the Inside Passage traffic and we felt like we had it all to ourselves. Steep green walls, hundreds of waterfalls, calm waters, and a carrying current were all ours today. When we had had enough we turned into the very back of a pretty little bay and watched the sun set. Thursday May 24, 2012 Kumealon Island Cove to Foggy Bay As we passed the entrances to the Port of Prince Rupert we saw at least five massive bulk carriers waiting to be loaded with some sort of ore, and bound for the orient. One ship, 867 feet long, carried the name Bulk Hong Kong - how ... read more
Foggy Bay
Foggy Bay

Tuesday May 22, 2012 Windy Bay to Bishop Bay Hot Springs The clouds lift and patches of sunlight show here and there as we travel down passages, through narrows, reaches and Channels. For many hours there is not a boat to be seen and we grumble a little when see any boat that disturbs the solitude. We turned into Butedale to see the ruins of an old cannery. Many of the large warehouses have collapsed and only one house had smoke rising from it and a light was on. What we marvelled at was the large waterfalls coming from Butedale Lake above us. We read that one old guy lives there and works to preserve what he can of this bygone place. A nice flood tide has carried us along for most of the morning and ... read more
Bishop Bay Hot Springs

Monday May 21, 2012 Oliver Cove to Windy Bay (Fjiordland) It was raining when we got up this morning and it has rained all day. We turned up Mathieson Channel into a gray drizzly Fjiordland and we discussed whether to take a shorter route through Jackson Passage to Finlayson Channel, the main Inside Passage Route or stay with our longer more scenic course perhaps without the scenery. We stayed the course and were rewarded with stupendous views up Kynock Inlet with its towering waterfalls and sheer granite cliffs rising thousands of feet above sea level. According to our charts in one spot where we sat the mountains above were 3,100 feet and the water beneath us was 1,339 feet deep. We drifted to within fifty feet of a cliff to take pictures of a waterfall and ... read more

Saturday May 19, 2012 Port McNeill to Fury Cove At 5:00 AM the lights on both boats were on and coffee was perking. We looked at charts and Dick said he would follow us and off we went into the sunrise. At 10 :40 AM we were rounding Cape Caution in Queen Charlotte Sound and of the usual death grip on the wheel, wondering what it's like to die and istening to the moaning behind me, the Little Liza is on autopilot, the gentle wind is at our backs, BJ's reading some ancient and forgotton lore, and I'm scribbling my thoughts in a journal. I've heard QC Sound refered to as the Queen's Pond and today the description is apt. Sea Nile is within radio range and at Egg Island I made my a course change ... read more
Little Liza
Fury Cove

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Prince Rupert September 2nd 2011

Wednesday August 31, 2011 Terrace And The Sunniest Day Since The NWT I woke up to warmer morning this morning; it was not a cold as the other day. My tent was also dry; no morning dew. This was a pleasant surprise not mention good fortune as I was camped under trees with no nearby sunlight to dry anything out. As mentioned I have camped on the outskirts of Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park and this is most unfortunate. I would have like to have spent some time checking this area out. It really seems like an interesting area. Because I had come in through the “back way” and late in the evening I was unable to figure out any information on the area. And with the weather the way it is and has been ... read more
Lava Lake
Leaving Lava Park
A View Showing  The Effects Of Logging

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