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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Pitt Meadows August 26th 2013

Well, here we go again, off on another adventure. This will be a camping road trip, starting in Pitt Meadows and heading south through Washington, Oregon, California and points in the southwest USA as yet unnamed. Wherever the good weather, good hiking, good rocks and good photography take us. Visiting family along the way. It took a while getting organized this time, mostly because the vehicle we thought we rented was not what we expected. It was a brand new truck camper, but the camper didn't have one cupboard. Not one for storing clothes, not one for storing non-refrigerated food, and not one for storing anything. Plus no bathroom sink. It was totally stripped down inside to nothing but space. We (well mostly me - Kayla) decided we could not live like that for 7 weeks. ... read more

Well, here we go again. Botswana and Namibia 2012. Last trip we were not able to upload any photos along the way, so for those of you that haven't seen those yet, they are located on Kayla's Flickr page at the following link: For this trip, we will likely run into the same problem, and what you will receive is just a quick blog about where we are and what we're doing, followed by photos later this summer. Maybe a photo or two, maybe not. This trip is all about the desert. First a mobile camping safari into the Central Kalahari Desert in Botswana with Penduka Safaris (, and then a photography safari in Namibia with photographer Jim Zuckerman (url=http://... read more
Sunset at the Water Hole
Challenging the Visitors
Sunset in the Okavango

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Pitt Meadows December 3rd 2010

This is a short blog to let our subscribers know that Kayla has started editing the 4,000 photos she took on the Africa Overland trip in September/October 2010. There are about 50 photos up now in a set called Africa 2010 - Tanzania. Here is the link: Kayla's Photo Stream.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Pitt Meadows November 16th 2010

On November 2010 I moved to Canada for business. In this blog, I will try to give out some of my most important experiences while living in Pitt Meadows, Vancouver BC. It is about my social and working life in a Blueberry farm. I always say that the Canadian experience was, in some ways, my test bench and also a great test of morality. It was pouring rain down, that night, when I arrived at the Golden Eagle blueberry farm. There was the farm manager waiting for me inside the office when I arrived by taxi. It was late, he wanted to go home and so he quickly led me to my accommodation nearby the office headquarters. Inside, the house was really plain and also dirty but I did not mind that, after all, because that ... read more
 Rainbow after storm
 Winter sunny days

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Pitt Meadows August 14th 2010

Time is marching on and we leave in a few weeks, so it's time to get out the lists and start packing. Our usual method is to buy any gear needed well in advance, then start laying it all out. We start with everything but the kitchen sink and throw things out once we see there is no room. We've allowed one small backpack each and one soft-sided duffle. No formed suitcases or anything on wheels for us because the duffles have to be stuffed in a variety of places, not least of which is a locker on the overland truck that will be home for most of 47 days. Never mind the even smaller places we will have for 1-2 day excursions into the Serengeti, on Zanzibar and in the Okavango Delta. We are taking ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Pitt Meadows September 27th 2009

Tomorrow's the big day when we leave for our Botswana adventure. First we fly to England for a few days to get over jet lag and visit the newlyweds (Richard’s daughter and her husband), and then on to Botswana. England is a 9-hour overnight flight. Then it’s another 11-hour overnight flight to Johannesburg, wait 3 hours, then a 2-hour flight to Maun, Botswana. And we’re there. We're finally all packed. Kayla needed a larger duffle than the small one we each hoped to use, but hers was full to almost bursting and that's not a way to start a trip. So the next larger duffle it is, since there wasn't anything in the small one she wanted to give up. Never mind the clothes - that was the easy part. It's all the other stuff one ... read more

We've just received final confirmation that the safari we booked to Botswana is a go, so now it's real. Yesterday, we went for the first round of vaccinations. Polio-diptheria-tetanus booster, typhoid, Hep A & B (Twinrix), Malaria, Anti-diarrhea/e-coli/cholera, and who knows what all else. We were surprised that we didn't need yellow fever or dengue fever treatment. But I guess that's because we are traveling in dry areas of Africa and not the jungle this time. Back to the travel medical clinic in a month for the Twinrix booster. Meanwhile, before leaving on this exotic trip, there are family travels to take care of. We travel to Michigan later in July to move my mother from Michigan to North Carolina so she can be near to the rest of the family. And Richard's daughter is getting ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Pitt Meadows February 25th 2009

This is a short update blog. We haven't done much traveling since the big trip to the American Southwest last fall. And Kayla hasn't even gotten around to putting captions to all 2000 photos we took. We did manage to spend a week on Maui at the beginning of February, with plans to go back for a month in 2010. But that didn't warrant a blog about it, since we've been going there now for several years to escape the winter weather in BC. Our big news is that we plan on going to Botswana in October, so look for some postings related to that. Meanwhile, we will continue researching and gathering information on Southern Africa.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Pitt Meadows September 11th 2008

This is a collection of random thoughts and tidbits collected along the way. Thanks to the Friesen Family for doing this on their recent cross-Canada trip. What a great idea! Here goes ... Water from the tap in a truck camper never tastes good. How did Lewis & Clark travel through Montana to get to the Columbia? Don't walk around while filming a video. Plant your feet and don't move. Swivel while panning. Better yet, forget video filming without a tripod. Montana really is big sky country. So is Wyoming. Buffalo eat all day. Cleaning the truck camper is a 5-minute job. Wish houses would get clean that fast. WIFI networks are unreliable. Where we’ve been so far, there aren’t enough places to recycle things. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Pitt Meadows August 20th 2008

We're still a couple of weeks away from leaving on our 4 Corners & More trip to celebrate Kayla's retirement. She still has five more days of work, so the final countdown is on. We've rented a camper truck, our current favourite mode of travel for road trips. Got the packing list out. Still in the middle of doing all the Internet searching for the places we want to visit, downloading maps and local hiking & biking recommendations, and reading other people's blogs. This is a trip about rocks, hiking, biking, photography and avoiding big cities. The 4 Corners area is where Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico all come together - thus the name of our trip. First we'll head west from Pitt Meadows to Osoyoos, then south across the border towards Idaho, Montana and ... read more

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