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North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park August 27th 2015

Our first choice for a hike today was Wilcox Pass. This hike has views of the Athabasca Glacier and seven of the 25 highest peaks in Canada. But there was too much smoke! And, as bad as it is here in Jasper, it is much, much worse in other parts of the province, including Calgary. Our sons sent a message to us saying it was almost blocking out the sun! The smoke is coming up from the northwestern United States where huge fires are burning - amost 1million acres so far. So we chose the Beauty Creek Trail. There was still smoke (you can see it in some of the photos), but we we were down in the trees and weren't trying to see something in the distance like a glacier. Beauty Creek Trail This trail ... read more
Falls on Beauty Creek
Stanley Falls
We made it!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park August 26th 2015

We have visited Jasper several times over the years -- I never tire of it. Today we set out to canoe on Pyramid Lake. After getting the canoe off the truck again, we then hauled it down a steep hill. (I have to mention the wheels David straps to the bottom of the canoe. Without these there would be no way to get the canoe into many of the lakes as his paddling partner lacks some basic lifting skills.) This was the first lake David and I canoed with our current canoe, and it was an interesting experience – not one of those “peak” ones I talked of earlier. (It had something to do with his partner’s lack of lifting skills.) Today, went much smoother. Out on the lake, we saw two sets of loons – ... read more
Peaceful paddle

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park July 13th 2015

Day 10 Today we drove to our next destination which wasn't too far, and now we are in a nice chalet at Pyramid Lake. We got here early and couldn't check in, so we did a little exploring. There's an old footbridge that goes to a little island in the lake and explored the island. Then we took a nice 5 mile hike up to a ridge line with excellent views. Met some nice folks along the way. On the way down we started getting attacked by mosquitos and had to put on bug spray for the first time this trip. about a half hour later we stumbled across two Adirondack chairs high up on the side of the mountain. We were a bit tired so we had a seat and enjoyed the views. Once we ... read more
Up on the ridge line checking out the views
What a welcome site this was!
Our view from the Adirondack chairs

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park July 12th 2015

Today found us heading north to Jasper and take in the sights along the way. Traffic wasn't too bad for a Saturday and we cruised right along seeing all the spectacular scenery we saw the day before. We stopped at the Columbia Icefields and hiked up to the glacier. Very cool to be right on the toe of this massive glacier. The winds were blowing down the mountains and across the glacier and was very chilly. Onward we went from there and next stop was at the Athabasca Falls. The water for the Athabasca river comes from the glacier we went to and also flows right past our cabin. Very cool! We arrived at our cabin around 4 or so and settled in. Had a nice dinner and then went out looking for wildlife. We drove ... read more
wild elk.
wild elk
elk along the road

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park June 13th 2015

While returning along the Maligne (Mah-LEEN) road back to Jasper, we were delighted to see a mother black bear with her two cubs eating along the right side of the road. There were only a few other stopped cars, always a sign of wildlife sightings in the parks, so we had really close views and opportunities for photos without bothering the trio. At one point, the mother unexpectedly walked across the road even though many more cars had stopped by now and her cubs were still on the original bank to our right. More cars came, halted suddenly and some were even between the mother and her cubs, unknowingly breaking the cardinal rule to never do so. The sow seemed strangely oblivious to the humans and somehow beckoned her cubs to join her in a way ... read more
Black bears cubs eating
Mother black bear crossing road
Cubs crossing road

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park June 12th 2015

Icefields Parkway on the way to Jasper The weather forecast was rainy for our last planned day in Banff so we set our clocks to very early and broke down our tent and drove past Lake Louise in the direction of Jasper, several hours north, to beat the rain which was slowly heading that direction. Between Lake Louise and Jasper is a spectacularly beautiful stretch of road called the Icefields Parkway. Our nephew, Shannon, who has camped extensively in Alaska and the Canadian Rockies, summarized it as “a best of Alaska condensed into a highway”. It was rainy and overcast on the lower part this particular day but we got a sense of what he described when we reached the midpoint, the Columbia Icefield, a massive source of many glaciers that feed many rivers and lakes ... read more
Early morning drive Icefields Parkway
View of Jasper from Old Fort
Old Fort Hike

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park August 6th 2014

The Coastal Range through which we drove yesterday was impressive and pretty, with large peaks and pretty mountain lakes and streams. For flatlanders like us Oklahomans, they were a sight to see. But nothing really prepares you for the experience of coming around a bend in the highway and suddenly seeing Mt. Robson looming in front of you. It is startling, and resulted in the expected simultaneous chorus of "Holy s***!" The sheer massive size of it just overwhelms, and it is high enough that it still is wearing a snowy top and face. At 12,972' it is probably the most prominent in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Range, although only 21st in height in Canada (most of the highest are in the Yukon). Jasper is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies and also less ... read more
Mountain goat
Craggy mountain

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park June 28th 2014

Little sleep in this morning! Breaky 8.00a.m. Disappointed a hike with national park ranger cancelled as minimum 4 people and we were the only three who wanted to do it, so now have to choose some other activity - maybe the tramcar up the mountain. The Jasper Park Lodge is about 6kms out of town but in the most stunning area overlooking the blue Lake Beauvert - had a walk around the lake which took about an hour - the air is so fresh and the water crystal clear - really is beautiful. We are staying in log cabins, which are a bit 70's but very comfortable with all the mod cons - it really is an icon of a place been here since the early 1900's. The lodge itself is huge perched up on the ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park June 18th 2014

Up early for the optional excursions this morning. Early breakfast then picked up at 0800 for a trip up to the Mount Edith Cavell guided walk. We have 2 guides who give us info on the trip up - about 40 minute drive up into the mountains. Very funny guys with lots of wildlife stories, etc. Arrive at the car park and they get serious with their bear spray, etc. OK, thought this was a leisurely stroll.... Get our walking sticks, one guide at the front, and the other at the back to make sure we are all safe. Walk about 2 minutes and there is grizzly bear scat (poo) on the track - everyone a little more alert now. On we go and the mountain looks spectacular up close. Stop a couple of times to ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park September 13th 2013

When:13 Sep 2013 Where: hike up Parker Ridge Highlights: Saskatchewan glacier view It has been over 3 years that I had heard about this must-do hike. Superlatives were used and as time would have it, we had crossed by the trailhead several times with no time to stop. We then realized that we had to dedicate one day to come this far. Summer would end anytime soon. We tried to try our luck as little S had day off from school. All of us were tired in the morning. Our decision to leave by 6.00 am faltered(nothing unusual there). We left by 8.00 am. Our destination being 316 km away, we had close to a 4 hr drive. With brief stops at Canmore and Lake Louise for essentials we reached Parker Ridge trail head past 11.00 ... read more
Peyto Lake
how many more photos???

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