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North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park February 15th 2013

I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, an isolated, bitterly cold, largish metropolis 450km south of the Fort McMurray oil sands that bring wealth to the province, 275km north of the dinosaur-bone bearing badlands of Drumheller, and 3400km west of Ottawa, Canada’s capital city (with little more than prairies and lakes in between). And to the west, after only a two-hour drive (in Canadian distances, a mere stone’s throw), travelers may get their first glimpse of the grand Rocky Mountains. Another hour brings you to Jasper National Park, Banff National Park’s lesser-known and younger but physically larger brother. Jasper National Park encompasses the incredible glaciers of the Columbia Icefield, not to mention hot springs, waterfalls, 3000m+ peaks such as the towering façade of Mount Edith Cavell, and the practically guaranteed opportunity to spot wildlife suc ... read more
At Pyramid Lake
Athabasca Falls Detail
Dad, Me, Dean, and Matt

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park January 6th 2013

We haven’t had time to update our blog in a little while as we’ve been very busy working in Maligne Canyon giving guided Ice walks (this is our winter job with Maligne Adventures) over the holidays. We finally had a couple of days off and made the most of them by tackling Elysium Pass for a nice ski tour and an overnight camping trip. Elysium Pass is about 15km one-way and can be a bit of a trek. The majority of the way in is uphill and in the trees. Now I love the forest as much as any nature lover, but I was getting pretty tired of seeing nothing but trees by about 3pm. Luckily there was only an hour left before we broke out of the trees to see the pass and to get ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park January 6th 2013

Hi All This is my first time here so I thought I would begin by giving a little introduction to myself and what I do. In the summertime my boyfriend and I are operating a guiding company offering guided canoe trips, backpacking and customized adventures here in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies. We also spend a lot of time travelling and enjoying our own adventures. We opperate a blog on our website that keeps everyone up to date with these adventures, but we will start posting here as well. All the best to 2013 everyone... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park August 21st 2012

A few Panoramic Photo's from our trip down the Icefield parkway.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park July 28th 2012

Having arrived back in Lake Louise after three days of hiking in Yoho NP on a sunday evening, I was due to set out on my five-day cycling trip from Lake Louise to Jasper along the famed Icefields Parkway the following morning. So this was it: judgment day. The reason I had gone through the logistical nightmare of bringing my nondescript hybrid bicycle with me from the highlands of Scotland to the Rocky Mountains of Canada; and, to a lesser extent, the reason I had spent two-and-a-half weeks cycling around the Netherlands before coming to Canada, in preparation for my upcoming expedition. The plan had come together so simply. Having decided months ago that I wanted to see as much as possible of the awe-inspiring scenery between Lake Louise and Jasper, but with no towns from ... read more
Long road ahead
Shelter from the storm
Mountains and mosquitos

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park July 14th 2012

5:25 am -- alarm goes off. Oh, what was I thinking! David and I had a hearty breakfast -- bacon & eggs, and headed out to Maligne Lake. The drive out to the the lake was wonderful! There is nothing like the mountains in the early morning! I just sat in the passenger seat with the music playing and felt like I had been transported to the most beautiful place on the planet!! A few bull elk were feeding by the side of road. They were oblivious to our presence as we stopped and took a few photos. We arrived at the lake at about 7:00 am and were on the water by 7:30 -- the first canoe in the water for the day! Maligne Lake is a 22.5 km glacier fed lake. With not even ... read more
We're going out there ...
Fire, rock & water
Devil's Elbow

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park July 13th 2012

Today’s plan was to go canoeing. But that’s the great thing about being on a holiday, you can change your mind!! We were up late and not up earlier enough, so we decided to go to Maligne Canyon. For thousands of years, water has been cutting its way through the canyon floor -- up to 51 meters deep in some places! It’s almost impossible to get a photograph that captures the scale of it. There’s always “incidents” when one travels. And, today was the day. I ducked into the gift shop / restaurant to use the facilities while David waited outside. I came out and .... he was gone!! I thought, “He’s probably just gone up the path to take some photos -- but which path?” I went up both for a short distance, but didn’t ... read more
Blue Bells growing by the falls
Canyon Walls
Maligne Canyon

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park July 12th 2012

Standing by the raging waters of two powerful waterfalls is a transcending experience -- the spray shooting up cooling your face, the thunderous roar, and earth-moving rumble. Today we saw two magnificent waterfalls -- The Athabasca Falls and the Sunwapta Falls. Standing by these falls, I was struck by the sheer amount of water!! The source of these falls is far up the mountains in the glaciers. Millions of tiny trickles of melt-water, together with rainfall combine to eventually become these raging torrents. We are so fortunate to live in a country blessed with such an abundance of water -- the source of all life. So it’s 5:00 pm and very hot! -- 29 degrees celsius! What to do? Oh, what about going to one of those “cool” glaciers? You can walk to Angel Glacier on ... read more
David & Michele
Angel Glacier
Sun tanning by the Glacier

Ce matin, on est allé à la ville de Jasper parce que mon père devait faire un fax pour son travail. Bob et louise ont conduit pendant 6h, on s’est arrêté proche du mont Robson, le plus haut sommet des rocheuses. On a changé l’heure en rentrant en Colombie-Britannique. On a continué pour 3h jusqu’à Kamloops en Colombie-Britannique. De là, on est allé sur le bord de l’eau et nous avons mangé du subway. C’était notre récompense. On a pris contact avec l’oncle et la tante de maman que nous verrons demain. Après, nous sommes allés dormir à Vernon et on a encore regardé le film bolt. Une autre récompense!... read more
Yellowhead Lake
Mt Robson Jaf & chienne

Sunday - drove the Icefields Parkway from Lake Louise to Jasper, said by many to be the most scenic drive in the world. Before we set off we go to the village bakery to buy lunch. We were told the story of a Grizzly bear who hung around the village and became completely humanised to the extent that one day she walked into the bakery and stood up on her hind legs as if to see what was on offer. Parks Canada decided that she was an accident waiting to happen so gave her to Calgary Zoo. Quite sad really that she is stuck in a zoo after years of being a wild bear. I overheard another story of a tourist smearing her son's hand in peanut butter and offering it to a bear. Apparently the ... read more
Grizzly bear
Trying to reach the lake
12 foot tree

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