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October 13th 2010
Published: October 13th 2010
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Well firstly thanksgiving wasn't actuallu on a weekend but it was celebrated on my days off, so it counts as a weekend. On the monday I had to work (i forgot it was thanksgiving so the time and a half pay and early finish were a nice surprise) then that night almost everyone from becker (the dorm i live in) congregated in our newly renovated lounge and kitcken where we tried to cook a turkey the size of a pig that hadn't been properly thawed and only put in the oven at 7pm (needless to say we ate dinner at midnight) so until then it was just wine, pisco-sour (thanks to the chilieans) and apple-pie (thanks to ty who worked very hard at nester's to buy it for us) to keep us happy.

I met a girl who was actually born and raised in Banff (which I'm quickly realising is as rare as a leprechaun in Ireland - they're rumoured to exist there but nobody really ever finds one)

Our midnight turkey feast was amazing but rudely interuppted by Karissa dancing on the table (I assume her name is Karissa going by what she wrote on my arm in permant ink) So it was out with the guitar as we huddled around the fire (mum you should have been there to show them how to really play the guitar 😉

The next day four of us crawled out of bed, ate breakfast for lunch, hired a car (it was quite an adventure to find the rental car) and went to see lake louise. Totally worth sacrificing sleep for. We walked around the lake in the freezing cold weather which we decided wasn't cold enough so we took a spontaneous 4 hour hike up a mountain to see the plain of the six glaciers. By the time we got to the top we were ready to collapse and really regretting not having water with us or proper shoes and the fact that the teahouse was closed. But we did see the glaciers (although not all of them - it would have been another 4km return and it was getting dark)

To reward ourself for our spontaneous and vigiours exercise we had hot chocolate and pumpkin pie (how very thanksgiving-y of us) followed by poutine (a french-canadian 'delicacy' involved hot chips, smoothered in gravy and cheese curds - the most greasy, fatty, amazing food there is)

That concludes my account of my thanksgiving weekend, enjoy the pictures! (there are some more to come of the party but they're on fiona's camera)

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Me and FionaMe and Fiona
Me and Fiona

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