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October 6th 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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Well in less than two months Banff will be covered in snow and the ski season will have started. This means that all the animals are getting everything done before it gets cold, bears are fattening up, elk are making babies and the chipmunks are storing nuts. I am yet to see a bear or love-making elk but I have seen chipmunks everywhere! I mananged to get a few good (if a little blurry) photos of some which really isn't easy! One particular chipmunk clearly didn't like being photographed, as soon as he saw me he raced up the tree and started to hiss (well more of a hiss/click/wierd chipmunk sound) at me....I kept photographing because he looked so cute when he was trying to scare me away.

Eventually I reached the Cave and Basin springs where unfortuantly construction work had close the 'bathing' springs but I still went on a nice walk around the natural springs. Everything was lovely except for the rotten-egg-sulphur smell and the annoying bee that wouldn't get off those tourist-binoculars - no matter how many twigs I threw at it.

Apart from the angry chipmunks and rotten-egg-springs I haven't done much else today, although
The last poppie in the GardensThe last poppie in the GardensThe last poppie in the Gardens

All the flower beds in the Casade Gardens have been dug up in preperation for winter, but this flower survived :)
I am going paragliding in a few weeks time so that should provide some amusing video footage but for now I have some photos from today (I'm still learning how to use my camera so the pics aren't the best...I should probably get out that manual)

Additional photos below
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A diagram!A diagram!
A diagram!

This little diagram shows how the spring water is pooled in the 'bathing' pavilion
A natural hot springA natural hot spring
A natural hot spring

Smells almost as stagnate as it looks
Picture 029Picture 029
Picture 029

My camera didn't get the colour right but close enough

6th October 2010

me too
ahh wish I was there
8th October 2010

me too
you will be soon enough!

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