Rachael's Big Adventure

a trip by Rachael Rose
From: September 13th 2010
Until: January 1st 2012

This is it! I'm leaving home for who knows how long and going overseas for the first time ever! Because I'm going to be SO different when a return home (and so much more cultured of course) this blog is for my friends and family so that you might still have an idea of who I am after this big adventure is over (also so that I can tell you about all the fun I'm having - I wouldn't want you to miss out on all that wondeful jealousy!). Also for my mummy so that she knows where I am and what I'm doing at all times (thanks for being so supportive!) I love you all lots and I will try to keep this updated with entries and photos as much as possible. XOXO
Trip Length: 16 months
Blog Entries: 14
Photos: 201
Words: 5396

Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
September 14th 2010 A Pretty Picture North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
September 16th 2010 Where on my resume did it say I could clean? North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
September 19th 2010 Chubby Little Asian Kid North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
September 29th 2010 As I sit here in the stairwell North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
October 6th 2010 Chipmunks Everywhere North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
October 13th 2010 My Thanksgiving Weekend North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
October 26th 2010 My dot point week North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
November 17th 2010 It's Been a While North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
January 11th 2011 Thinking of You North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
February 21st 2011 When the Parents' came to visit North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff
May 8th 2011 Scotland: Glasgow and Edinburgh Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland
May 15th 2011 The hunt for Nessie and then onto London! Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London
May 24th 2011 Scary German Clowns Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla
July 10th 2011 The half of my trip that I never blogged... Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna
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