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North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff June 19th 2019

Tuesday We made the 45 minute drive south to the beautiful town of Banff for lunch and Wednesday Brett and I played golf at Banff Springs Golf Course. Banff Springs Golf This would be Brett's first time playing this year. A demanding job and a 20 month old doesn't leave much time for golf. Banff Springs is probably the most scenic golf course I've ever played that wasn't on the ocean, just spectacular every where you look. Playing golf with my son is one of the most enjoyable things I get to do. Unfortunately since they moved to New Jersey we don't get to do it very often now, maybe twice a year. That's one of the best things about golf, a 69 year old geezer can play with his 32 year old son, albeit not ... read more
Banff Springs Golf
Banff Springs Golf
Hail Hitting Me

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff June 7th 2019

Friday 7th June 2019 On Wednesday evening, our last in Canmore, we took our washing to the local laundromat and then we treated ourselves to a really nice Italian meal. One great thing across North America is the proliferation of laundromats; something we don’t have in most of Europe. It makes getting the washing done so easy for the traveller. Whilst waiting for the laundry we took a stroll along the Bow River footpath and a large female elk was in the river paddling along. We were so delighted, she made our total of Canadian mammal-spotting to eleven species: bison, black bear, moose, elk, deer, rabbit, squirrel, ground squirrel, chipmunk, prairie dog, beaver and fox. We managed to creep fairly close to the elk to take some photos (not too close, cow elk can be vicious ... read more
¨Bye bye!
Johnson Lake;Banff National Park
Ground squirrel, Johnson Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff June 3rd 2019

Day 29 3/06/2019 Ink Pots Walk We woke up after a good night’s sleep and waited for Penni to pick us up. Breakfast was at the Bagel shop and then off to the Ink Pots at Johnstone Canyon. It is a 12 km return walk along a fast flowing river on board walks to waterfalls and then up and over a mountain to the Ink Pots. The first stop was the lower falls where the melted snow water was crashing down around us and we then crossed the river to find a small cave that had been carved away from endless years of rushing water and it led through to a closer viewing area of the falls where we were covered with the spray from the falls. We continued on to the Upper falls which had ... read more
Upper falls
The happy hiking group
The Ink Pots

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff June 2nd 2019

Day 28 2/06/2019 Banff – 2 Jack Lake We started the morning with freshly made cappuccinos from our resident barista Ron and hot croissants. We loaded up Scott’s truck and we headed off for Banff. We drove via Calgary and then stopped in Canmore to buy some supplies. We dropped into the Bagel Store for freshly made Bagels of choice with toppings/fillings of choice. We travelled on to the campsite and it was perfect. We had a view of the lake through the trees and the shore was only 20 metres from where we were going to pitch the tent. We unloaded the truck and Scott and Ron went to collect the fire wood. On their way back they noticed an Elk just down the track from the campsite. It was young male as its antlers ... read more
2 Jack Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff June 16th 2018

The weather was not cooperating for the final day of our tour. Rain in Banff and surrounding areas, and even Bruce's magic wand had disappeared. We had a tour of the local area this morning, with a few options for the rest of the day. After a drive through the golf courses at the hotel, the first stop was Bow Falls, a bit different because usually there is a bit of a walk to whatever we are seeing, but there were the falls, right at the carpark. Next a stop at Surprise Corner, a bend in Tunnel Mountain road, where there are views across to our hotel. So all out for photos in the rain. The Hoodoos were next, rock formations, more rainy photos, but passed a herd of elk (females) grazing near the road. Because ... read more
Banff Springs Hotel from Surprise Corner
Elk grazing near the road

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff June 15th 2018

Groundhog day - up early, bags out, buffet breakfast, onto the bus, mountains, forest, waterfalls, lakes, sun, rain, clouds. Started the day back on the Icefields Parkway on our way from Jasper to Banff, and because we are on a bus tour, and that means seat rotations, every morning is "find where we are sitting today". Because we were on the "good" side of the road when we travelled to Jasper, we had to be on the other side today. First stop after we left Jasper this morning was Athabasca Falls. A little walk to the falls, viewing area fairly crowded, but very nice waterfall. We see lots of waterfalls, on sides of mountains, and near the road as we are driving, guess we stop at the special ones! Then a coffee stop at Sunwapta Lodge ... read more
Down from Athabasca Falls
Sunwapta Falls
Tangle Falls (next to the road)

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff April 7th 2018

I didn’t want to like Banff but having been here for 10 days and had 7 days of excellent skiing, it’s hard not to want to come back, but it is cold. I expected it to be expensive and up-market and it is, but overall it’s not exclusive and late in the season our hotel is quite reasonably priced. There are also plenty of good, and not too expensive, places to eat and drink. Our hotel is a little way from the centre of town so it is a chilly walk back in the evening, but that isn’t as bad as it sounds as there is a free (for us) bus into town if we time it right and our stop is one of the first pickups and stops for the ski bus we catch to ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff August 28th 2017

After a full Western breakfast, Ann and I drifted along Banff Avenue to the Bow River. The warm sunshine encouraged us to take the riverside path, just to see what people were doing. When the pedestrian bridge loomed over us, we crossed it. The shady path enticed us further along, as we joined other tourists on the gentle trek. Where the river narrowed, the sound of rapids drew us up stairs and down stairs, up the path and down the path. Our reward was the crashing water of Bow Falls, and the placid beach where boaters launched onto the river.... read more
Bow River rapids
Bow River rapids
Bow Falls

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff June 27th 2017

Trick of the light - Matt Corby It will happen. It happens to the best of us. Side-stepping. Doubting. Looking back. Did I head the wrong way? Why is my mind filled with regrets? Because I remember and my hurts come from the comparison. But there are many sides to a memory; in a weird way I am better than ever. At least three times in a sedentary year will I retrospect and try to recenter. Because I loose my grip too easily, I’m emotionally clustered, I go blurry. Good thing I write, better thing I have fully lived. I have seen the maritimes and the North-West of the states. Bike through two countries and camped in all kinds of weather. Crossed the Continental Divide five times and witnessed the midnight sun. I have connected, loved ... read more
Here's to that rainy day
Good frens from afar
Viggo is still the one

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff » Norquay June 7th 2017

Hello my friends, I am happy to announce my arrival in Canada. This morning I landed at the Calgary International Airport. Upon my arrival I was taken to my friend's house, who willingly lodged me for a week. On the road I could see magnificent landscapes, mountains, forests, wild animals such as bear and caribou. Canada has a real ecosystem that the people want to protect. Indeed, I could see animal bridges to avoid accidents with animals and I find this design very important to protect animals. When I arrived at my friend John's, I was happy to see him again, we talked a lot and told him that he was fighting ecological damage, for his garden, he uses no chemical fertilizers but only nature fertilizers. He also told me that he hunted a maximum of ... read more

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