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I am leaving sunny Queensland, Australia to head for much colder climates. I will in Canada for 9 months to enjoy all that wonderful snow then off to Europe! I hope you enjoy reading my extensive but hopefully somewhat entertaining blog about my big adventure 😊

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna July 10th 2011

Ciao! Being the very lazy blogger that I am I have neglected to write about my travels since I left Germany. I am very sorry to my no doubt hundreds of dedicated readers. I thought I should catch up before I come home in just 2 weeks! Since Germany I have seen 3 countries, 8 cities and many many people. Here is a condensed version for you all, 1. Barcelona: HOT! (the weather not the men...well maybe the men too) By the end of the first day my lovely milky white skin that I worked so hard to achieve in snowy Canada was gone (yes I do like being white) and no amount of sunscreen could fix that. I even went as far as purchasing a sarong of one of the many illegal sellers roaming the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla May 24th 2011

After a wonderful not at all too early flight from London to Hamburg (we had to wake up at 4am) Ally and I landed in Germany with only my limited knowledge of German which really meant we could request some medicine for ah....digestive concerns and buy a pregnancy test. (lets just say they were the easiest phrases to pronounce on my 'Learn German' ipod thing) And yet with our amazing talent and wit we managed to get out of the airport, board TWO different trains and arrive at Charlotte's house alive and well, pregnancy tests in hand. For the most part it was fairly normal, we went to both Charlotte's and Hanna's school for half a day each, met some very nice Germans, went shopping in Hamburg, tried currywurst, ate gummy bears and saw the very ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 15th 2011

First thing you need to know is this - a loch is in every way the exact same as a lake. This may seem like common knowledge to most of you but I am not ashamed to admit that until very recently (indeed until I was actually standing in front of the first Scottish loch I had ever seen) that I thought there was a difference...there isn't...I blame the Scots and their funny words for making me seem the fool.....it is their fault. But now I am a loch expert having seen many a loch on my journey with fiona and 'wee oggy' (our little green rental car) to the most mysterious loch in Scotland - Loch Ness. To answer your question yes I did see a monster...only it was made out of plastic and standing ... read more
Waterfalls that appeared out of nowhere
Some trees
Fiona and I

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland May 8th 2011

I arrived in Scotland last Thursday at 7am with a plague-like cold and cramped legs, thank you Maeve my room-mate and Thomas Cook Airlines. But despite being on my death-bed my first few days in Scotland have been marvelously pleasant. I have seen very old universities, museums, cathedrals, castles, even the oldest house in Glasgow (don't ask me exactly HOW old it was - but it looked very old indeed) Even better than all the old stuff was the food! The Scots have found the secret to life - a combination of batter and boiling oil. Not just fish but pizza and mars bars too. I am very much looking forward to what crunchy, artery clogging delight I will discover next. Edinburgh on Saturday was great fun - only 45 minutes on the train and full ... read more
Statue with bird
Deep-fried Pizza
Blue Police Box

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff February 21st 2011

I know this is very late in writing but this is my short little blog about the two weeks my parents visited me: First up was VEGAS!!! Possibly the most tacky, touristy, dirty (in more sense than one) and yet fun place I've been. My tip - unless you are going for the booze, hookers and gambling (so 99.99% of people in Vegas) don't go on a weekend - too crowed, noisy and thousands of Mexicans shoving flyers for girls in 20minutes (faster than pizza delivery). Do's in Vegas: - Do see Cirque du Soleil it is very trippy - Do see the Belagio water show - so pretty at night - Do go shopping! But do it right and bring your billionaire hubby along so you don't feel ridiculous walking into Gucci and Valentino - ... read more
The view out our window
Belinda and I at hotel window
Giant Rabbit Bush

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff January 11th 2011

Well after a very long and slack break from blogging I thought it was time to update everyone back home. So anyway here is a brief, non-chronological summary of whatever I can remember that I have done in the past couple of weeks. Well I had my first white Christmas (not all it's cracked up to be - too cold, no pool, blah) but I tried to make the best of it. Me, Fiona and Aileen (Fiona's sister who visited for a while) went to midnight mass on Christmas Eve to sing Christmas carols, better yet we rang the bells at midnight to wake to whole town up (such awesome bells - they make different notes so you can play a tune - I did 'Away in a Manger') Then it was off to bed for ... read more
The Church Bells
My superb skiing skills ;)
Look at meeeeeeeee!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff November 17th 2010

Well as Kevin Stall has ordered it I am finally writing another blog. Sorry it's been a while but I've been having fun (but mainly I'm lazy) Sooooo..... I celebrated my first proper Halloween - a time when the crazy town of Banff decides to get that much crazier. Work even paid me to spend 3 or so hours pumpkin carving in representation of the housekeeping department - I didn't cut myself! And we won second place and a $25 safeway voucher (groceries YES!) The actual night of halloween was insane, illegal fireworks, people in masks and I don't think anyone went to bed before 5am (needless to say the next day at work was rather unproductive for all departments) I'm still trying to scrounge up photos from the night - I remember posing I just ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff October 26th 2010

So it has been a while since I lasted blogged and here it what I've been up to: 1. I saw an ELK!!!! A HUGE one!!! It was all very exciting 2. I went paragliding!!! The wind turned bad so we cancelled half way through and postponed until next APRIL (they don't fly during winter) But technically I still paraglided even if only for a few feet - ticked off my bucket list 3. I ate yummy pizza made by a yummy Italian ;) with a guy from Japan, 2 guys and 1 girl from Chili, a Scottish girl and the aforementioned yummy Italian. I was one of only two who spoke fluent english - it was an experience - they kept asking me to speak slower so they could understand me (gee haven't heard that ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff October 13th 2010

Well firstly thanksgiving wasn't actuallu on a weekend but it was celebrated on my days off, so it counts as a weekend. On the monday I had to work (i forgot it was thanksgiving so the time and a half pay and early finish were a nice surprise) then that night almost everyone from becker (the dorm i live in) congregated in our newly renovated lounge and kitcken where we tried to cook a turkey the size of a pig that hadn't been properly thawed and only put in the oven at 7pm (needless to say we ate dinner at midnight) so until then it was just wine, pisco-sour (thanks to the chilieans) and apple-pie (thanks to ty who worked very hard at nester's to buy it for us) to keep us happy. I met a ... read more
We went back to the start and there it was!
Me and Martin
Me, Martin, Christina and Fiona

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff October 6th 2010

Well in less than two months Banff will be covered in snow and the ski season will have started. This means that all the animals are getting everything done before it gets cold, bears are fattening up, elk are making babies and the chipmunks are storing nuts. I am yet to see a bear or love-making elk but I have seen chipmunks everywhere! I mananged to get a few good (if a little blurry) photos of some which really isn't easy! One particular chipmunk clearly didn't like being photographed, as soon as he saw me he raced up the tree and started to hiss (well more of a hiss/click/wierd chipmunk sound) at me....I kept photographing because he looked so cute when he was trying to scare me away. Eventually I reached the Cave and Basin springs ... read more
The last poppie in the Gardens
Bow River
The Chipmunk who didn't like me

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