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September 19th 2010
Published: September 19th 2010
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The weather was so nice after work that I decided to take a little hike. I begun on a trail that I THOUGHT was the beginning of the Bow River Trail but I ended up on the Hoodoos trail. A lovely Canadian lady pointed me in the direction of the road which would lead back to the road I started on.

It ended up being a good little mistake because I came across a beautiful lookout over the falls that I hadn't seen last time because I wasn't bothered to walk up the street any further. Unfortunatly I found it just as a bus load of Asians arrived 😞 so I walked down to the not-as-magnificent but far more private lookout where at the bottom of the cliff and across the river was a chubbly little Asian kid waving like mad at me. I waved back of course and thus begun 5 or so minutes of very energitic waving between me, the chubby little Asian kid and his family.

After my little meeting with the Asian tourists of Canada I walked to town and purchased some toilet paper (the highlight of my day by far) and other assorted grocery items where I was served by the guy-with-dreadlocks-who-I-met-at-church. He was very friendly and even showed me where the over-sized nail polish remover was (apparently 100ml is simply not a exisiting measurement in Canada).

Loaded with 3 full shopping bags I tried to find a taxi......I could not, so I walked home and I am all the more skinnier for it (more chocolate!) My cucumber fell out of the bag and made me feel a little silly but that was the only really terrible part of my day.

Well I think you all have a good account of what I did today after work up until I started to write this blog. Hope it was amusing, also I included some photos of my lovely detour I took by mistake. (They are iPhone photos so don't expect much ok)

Lots and lots of love,


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20th September 2010

Packing my bags now!
Precious! I'm packing my bags now and I'll see you soon! These pics look stunning and you sound like you're enjoying yourself. I'm super impressed by your cleaning skills. I think you've found a hidden talent! Love you xx
20th September 2010

Hurry Up!
You better be packing - I'm missing you so much! Banff is so much prettier when seen in real life and not thru my iphone. By the way I am still getting my filipino influence even without you here - I am one of only three non-filipino girls on house-keeping staff - they are even trying to set me up with one of their guys! reminds me of you everyday :)

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