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North America » Bermuda June 1st 2007

May 12, 2007 We arrived in Baltimore late evening and took a cab to our downtown hotel, the Sheraton City Centre. May 13, 2007 We spent the morning and part of the afternoon exploring Baltimore’s magnificent Inner Harbor, which was within walking distance of our hotel. Our first stop was the USS Constellation, the last all-sail warship built by the US Navy and the only naval vessel active during the Civil War still afloat. We toured all the decks, and Bill was asked to hoist the flag on the spar deck. Next was the incredible National Aquarium, an amazing collection of approximately 16,500 specimens and more than 660 species of animals -- everything from the gigantic pacific octopus to a blue poison dart frog to humpback whales, monkeys, sharks, puffins and more. There's even a ... read more
Harrington Sound
Bermuda Aquarium
Bermuda Aquarium & Zoo

North America » Bermuda May 5th 2007

Bermuda was discovered in 1609 by some British shipwrecked mariners. They were actually headed for Virginia when they had a bit of trouble. They ended up settling in Bermuda instead. Tourism started in the 19th century with people trying to escape the cold winters in North America, this has been the main factor in the economy until after WW2 when financial services started to grow. Finance is now the main industry with luxury tourism in second place. Bermuda has the highest per capita income in the world, even higher than America by a factor of 1.5. A referendum on independence from Great Britain was defeated in 1995, a further referendum is being considered. The channel leading into the ... read more

North America » Bermuda March 25th 2007

Nice pictures from Bermuda!!! Central America Caribbean » Bermuda By bermudasogood March 25th 2007 FannyHello Everyone! I am Fanny, I am French and spent 5 months in Bermuda last year in 2006. I really enjoy Bermuda and took more than 200 pics of Bermuda. If you are interested in some other pictures of Bermuda, you can visit my other blog: it's I thank you in advance for your next comments and do not hesitate to ask me questions about Bermuda. I will be pleased to answer you back. I hope you will like my pics, Fanny... read more
Warwick Long Bay
View from Pompano Beach Club
Jobson's cove

North America » Bermuda August 5th 2006

What an amazing trip we had back to the U.S. After a few days of recovering from jet lag, we went on the Royal Caribbean cruise to Bermuda (or as Max called it, Mabuddha) with Jim's parents, his brother Jesse, and Uncle Billy and Joanne. We had a lovely time. Bermuda is somewhere we definitely want to get back to - hopefully for at least a week next time (2 days was not enough). The water is crystal blue and the sand truly is pink, plus it is a clean and well-maintained place. Max had a fabulous time at the kids' club on the cruise - it was difficult to get him out of there. The same day we returned from the cruise, we headed for Madison. Sadly, thunderstorms in Chicago kept us from landing on ... read more
Tough Boris
St. George
On the cruise

North America » Bermuda August 1st 2006

they say a picture speaks a thousand words...... read more
cosy coves

North America » Bermuda » North Shore Village July 11th 2006

I have now been in Bermuda for three months, it is a beautiful island there is no doubt about that. The work sometimes is not as flash, but I figure my adventures outside of work can make up for that.... Last Saturday I went fishing again on Dr Gaugain's boat. Mel, Carl and Bec from work came along too for our fishing adventure. I officially have the tally for most fish caught, strange but it gets addictive trying to catch the big one. This time when it was time to go I was disappointed to be I was widing in I caught one and so had to drop my line to wind it back up properly and hooked another. It was pretty cool, two good sized fish in the space of 30 seconds. I think ... read more

Important question asked by the Chris and Earl in NZ...what is a Gombey???? My brief description is they are colourful masked dancers, who dance and whirl to amazing drum beats. The history of the gombeys goes back to Africa and slave times. Now in bermuda they are a national icon and are awesome to watch and listen to...... Given that my creative writing skills are not the best (Brother Greg got that gene) I have enlisted the help of the internet to explain what a Gombey is.........enjoy the description below The Majesty and Mystery of the Gombeys The pulsing cadence of the drum reaches out and grabs you as it rushes out of the hinterland to run unfettered through the streets. And from around the bend, appearing as suddenly as midday apparitions, come the Gombeys, leaping ... read more
Gombey and the girls

well here are some more adventures from my life in Bermuda. May 24th was Bermuda day. The whole island stops to celebrate the history/heritage of bermuda. It was a wednesday and in the true fashion of our wednesdays (ie every wednesday since we have been here it has rained) in Bermuda the weather was crappy, cold and a bit rainy, but it didn't stop the day from having a great atmosphere. We went out the night before and were shocked to find that people had marked out positions with tape on the ground and written their names on them claming prime position, some were even sleeping out in their claimed areas for the night to score the best view. We even heard of an incident where people were actually physically fighting over a postion to see ... read more
Queen of the parade
flower float
Minature rockette

Well, been a few weeks since I have added an here goes. The cricket...20/20 international classic was great. We watched the Aussies lose very convincingly to the West Indies. We sat with the rest of the aussie crowd, all in all about 30 of us in the stand. Once the game was over, Damien Flemming, Ray Bright and Ryan Cambell came to join us for a bit and signed some stuff (in my case a ball that I caught when a truck drove round throwing them to the crowd). We then saw Bermunda South Africa in the final. It was great the atmosphere was excellent Bermudians going crazy everywhere. South Africa won, but it was great to watch. The party afterwards was pretty good too. We drank and danced with some of the aussie cricketers ... read more
Some of the cricketers
Our piece of Australia
Best looking man in Bermuda

North America » Bermuda » North Shore Village April 23rd 2006

Well, last night was a blast!!! We decided that we had to go out for dinner, Erin, Mel, Kirsty, Ben and myself trotted off to the pub round the corner for a meal and a few drinks. A few others from the hospital joined us extending the circle of friends which is great. More ausies to hang with. There is now a whole bunch if us going to the cricket on the day of the final....can't wait. There was a street party last night in honour of the 20/20 cricket starting. It was pretty awesome. After dinner we walked around to it....Miss oblivious that I am, never knew that it was going on. They don't seem to advertise anything much in bermuda and if they do I always seem to miss it.... We meet a few ... read more

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