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September 18th 2008
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This is the view of St. George from the ship
Bermuda has been a very enjoyable visit. We arrived Monday and leave today.

We’ve been able to get off the ship a few times. Our first day in port, Nicole, Steph, and I walked through the town of St. George’s to Tobacco Bay Park, where there was a small but decent beach and beautiful clear water within beautiful jagged rocks. We swam and tanned and enjoyed the Bermuda sun. The second time off, Linda (supervisor), Kate, Nicole, Steph, and I went out for pizza at a restaurant right next to where the ship docks, called Whitehorse. GOOD pizza! The third time off, we wandered a bit further to St. Catherine’s beach. It was WAY less busy, but not as pretty. It wasn’t shielded by rocks so it was also a little dirtier (seaweed) and had waves. We definitely enjoyed lying on the beach of this one more though, because there was a nice breeze and we could lie there with eyes closed, listening to the waves crash the shore. Jealous yet? Don’t worry. We’ll be in cold Canada next month!

With the kids program, we’ve had a few opportunities to run activities with the few kids we have. I also spent 4 hours working “port play” in the centre, which meant that because NO ONE showed up, I read my book, wrote in my journal, and watched my Dawson’s Creek DVD on the big screen TV while I knitted. A few times we’ve have 6 or so kids, so we ran activities like Dora or Blue’s Clues themed nights. We took the kids down to see a show one night too. One of them participated in the show and one woman turned around and said to Nicole, “Good job mom!” and another told me (on the way out), “Oh you just have to get that on video for your home collection!” lol. Do I look old enough to have a 7 year old? Hmmm… We also finalized all our “silly names”. I’m Jazzy (yes, back to my days at Camp Bimini). Nicole is Noodle, and Steph is Twix. Donna works in the personnel office so she’s already made us nametags with those names.

Ship life this week has been good. I’ve had the chance to take in two shows: a Salut to Broadway (on a night we should have been there with teens, but had none, so Kate and I stayed anyways), and a hilarious ventriloquist that they brought for a staff appreciation night (which was actually the same show the following night that we took the kids to). The guy was REALLY good and SO funny! We were laughing so hard at times, our eyes were watering.

I’ve been able to use the passenger gym twice this week, and had the chance at some awesome food. On port days, some staff are allowed to eat upstairs in the passenger café after 1:30pm for lunch. Nicole, Steph, and I took full advantage of this, and had food from the buffet and stir-fry bar. SO GOOD!

We’ve been meeting lots of people. One night we went down to the crew bar with Kate (another YC) and Aunt Donna for a couple drinks. We then went to Whitehorse for a few drinks. We met a couple of the spa girls who are super nice too. Drinks were SUPER pricey though, so I don’t think I’ll be going there too often, or will only be having ONE drink. $7/beer is just a little too steep!

We’re getting lost less and less. We did end up in the restaurant of a very large kitchen yesterday though, when the crew elevator wouldn’t open on deck 9 (where Kids Korner is) and instead we had to get off at deck 5. I also ended up in the incinerator room while trying to take one of many secret crew stairs up to the passenger gym. It’s getting easier though.

We set sail for Philadelphia soon, then another couple days at sea. Won’t be long before we’re back and doing the whole thing again… 2 more times! Yay for more beaches and more sun.

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At the Crew BarAt the Crew Bar
At the Crew Bar

Kate, Nicole, Steph, Aunt Donna, and me.
Kid's CrewKid's Crew
Kid's Crew

This is the back corner of Kids Korner
Kids KornerKids Korner
Kids Korner

This is where we play with the kids. When there are more kids, we split up the kids according to age, then take them to different areas of the ship.
Kids KornerKids Korner
Kids Korner

Looking back towards the door/back corner
Dinner at WhitehorseDinner at Whitehorse
Dinner at Whitehorse

Steph, me, Linda, Kate, and Nicole

18th September 2008

Great Pics
I'm loving these new updates Sarah- and of course the pictures make me feel like i'm there with you. Glad you're enjoying cruise ship life. Bermuda looks beautiful, i'm very jealous!
22nd September 2008

I am jealous!!!! Oh, and your blog profile still says you're going to Spain, just FYI.

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