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North America » Bermuda » Saint George February 17th 2015

December in Bermuda While serving in the Navy I had the opportunity to visit Bermuda. Since then, I have been longing to go back and experience the island a different way, as a civilian. My first schedule trip was postponed due to a hurricane that also wanted to visit Bermuda as much as I did. I finally got there and was relieved that the hurricane left no lasting effects. The island could not have been any more beautiful than it is in its present state. The wild flowers that covered hillsides were in full bloom as if it was spring time in my native Georgia. You could almost say what hurricane? The weather in December is mild, about 70 degrees at its height. It was far too chilly, though, to take a dip in the beautiful ... read more
Church in Bermuda
Clear water in Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave

North America » Bermuda » Saint George October 4th 2014

A few Bermudians I met on the road as I roamed around the Royal Naval Dockyard told me that the best way to explore the island is to have a joy ride on the bus and just enjoy the scenery from one point to the next. Knowing that the Norwegian Cruise Line - Breakaway has only three days to stay at the Heritage Wharf, I decided to maximize the remaining days to explore Bermuda as much as I can. From the Royal Naval Dockyard, I took a boat to Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda. The boat ride took about 20 minutes. On the way, I enjoyed the beautiful sights of houses mostly painted in white, buildings painted in light pink as if connecting that color to the pink sand beaches Bermuda is famous for. I saw ... read more

North America » Bermuda » Saint George May 25th 2011

Having arrived in Bermuda on the 6th May, we've been here now for just shy of 3 weeks. We've seen several boats come in and depart on the same journey we're expecting to undertake - the Snark, Bavarian Spirit, Triple D, Otra Vida, and while they have been filling up with jerry cans of extra fuel, we have been waiting patiently for a better weather window. It's possibly a futile exercise as who knows when it's going to come. Daily emails from all those guys is telling us that there hasn't been a lot of wind around and when there is, it's often on the now. However, after receiving a slightly better window, we are planning on leaving tomorrow. Hence, my brief input into the blog to try to get everything up to date before doing ... read more
St Peter's church outside
The ducking I
The ducking II

North America » Bermuda » Saint George May 31st 2010

We are now on the ship heading to Bermuda. On Saturday we flew to Newark. We had a 11:30am flight from Colorado Springs to Chicago. The flight, which was full, loaded on time but then the fun began. The captain, who should be fired, announced that the plane was overweight and 8 people would have to get off before we could take off. In Colorado it is common for flights to be weight restricted, because of the heat and altitude. It was supposed to be 90 that day. The weight problem should have been calculated before we loaded the plane. The poor gate attendant was now responsible to get 8 people off in a very short time. I got off with my papers along with a few others. I needed to get to Newark, a major ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » Bermuda » Saint George October 2nd 2008

This week started with a knock on the door at 9am the morning of disembarkation/embarkation day. We were told that we would have to move cabins. We were still being put in pax cabins, but we had to move across hallways, and to the opposite end of the ship. The rooms are very similar but we joke that we’re now in the ghetto, as there’s tape covering holes, loud rumbling noises, and dirty pillows. We also miss our old room stewards, as those guys took great care of us and become our friends. We learned just how spoiled we were by them. Our trip back to Bermuda wasn’t too bad this week. We thought we were in for some pretty rough seas and storms, with Hurricaine Kyle passing through. We did take a detour, which delayed ... read more
Hanging Out
The Cut

North America » Bermuda » Saint George September 25th 2008

This week I was assigned to the teens program. With only 7 teens on the manifest, I was worried about the whole program being cancelled, so I actively sought out those teens. I went up to the “Sail Away” party out on the pool deck, as we left Philadelphia, and met two teens that I gave info to. Another joined us on her own accord the first night, and then with the help of me making fliers to drop off at the rooms of all the teens on my list, I managed to scrounge up another. All week I’ve had 4 teens come out to programs, although sometimes only getting 1 or 2 of them. Unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel a lot of the programs, as they required big numbers and we just don’t have them… ... read more

North America » Bermuda » Saint George September 18th 2008

Bermuda has been a very enjoyable visit. We arrived Monday and leave today. We’ve been able to get off the ship a few times. Our first day in port, Nicole, Steph, and I walked through the town of St. George’s to Tobacco Bay Park, where there was a small but decent beach and beautiful clear water within beautiful jagged rocks. We swam and tanned and enjoyed the Bermuda sun. The second time off, Linda (supervisor), Kate, Nicole, Steph, and I went out for pizza at a restaurant right next to where the ship docks, called Whitehorse. GOOD pizza! The third time off, we wandered a bit further to St. Catherine’s beach. It was WAY less busy, but not as pretty. It wasn’t shielded by rocks so it was also a little dirtier (seaweed) and had waves. ... read more
Tobacco Bay Beach
Tobacco Bay Beach
Tobacco Bay Beach

North America » Bermuda » Saint George May 17th 2003

We went sight seeing over the past couple of days and saw some pretty neat things. The houses and other buildings are all different pastel colors. I noticed that all the roofs are white. I later found out that Bermuda has a big problem with fresh water. If you don't collect your own off your roof you don't have water for your homes. Most Bermudians bathe once a week to conserve the water in private underground tanks. This is the reason for the white roofs. After walking what seemed like miles we finally came to Kings Warf. Lots of fun little things to learn about here. There is a huge fountain with the statue of Sir George Somers in the center of it. He was the admiral of the Sea Venture. He is the founder of ... read more
Crystal Jewel Blue Seas
Pillory, Stocks, & Ducking Stools, Oh My!

North America » Bermuda » Saint George May 15th 2003

Bermuda is as beautiful as all the pictures I've seen! The water is just so incredible. This crystal jewel blue is the only way I can explain it. Breathtaking really. We have 7 amazing days to spend here and I am not going to waste any time. We went to Tabacco Bay beach the second we got here. It was quite a hike but we did it. I would say it was a two mile hike up, down, and around curving streets and pathways. I had both the kids in the stroller and Grammy Peg pushed Robby and I pushed Meg. What a work out first thing in the morning. The beach did not disappoint! What a great find. The beach was empty because the locals have not hit the beach scene yet this time of ... read more
Tabacco Bay
Tabacco Bay

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