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North America » Bermuda August 11th 2019

Aha, I got you! You thought I had finally solved the mystery of all those missing ships and aircraft, didn’t you? Well you’re wrong! I’m talking about unlocking the delights of a different triangle, that formed by the three main towns of Bermuda. For the geometrically-inclined, these form an inverted isosceles triangle, with a wide base and short height (or depth?), with the capital Hamilton on the apex and St George to the east and the Royal Naval Dockyard to the west on the base. Mind you, Bermuda has a lot more to offer than just these three towns. There were six of us on this trip spanning three generations - Joan and myself, Damon and Sarah, and the grandkiddies Elliott and Layla. We had rented a really well located Airbnb for the week at Paget, ... read more
View from inside the Crystal Caves
Happy little grandkiddies
Hamilton from the waterfront

North America » Bermuda » Hamilton March 30th 2019

On the vernal equinox we set out for Fort Lauderdale to spend the night prior to boarding the Regent Voyager for a 15-day passage from Miami to Barcelona. We have always enjoyed ocean crossings especially on a beautiful ship like the Voyager. With a total of 10 sea days, we would have plenty of time to contemplate the world while sailing across one of its vast bodies of water. When we finally reach Barcelona, we’ll dock very near a statue of Christopher Columbus…another wanderer who apparently liked transiting oceans also. I often think of him and marvel at his adventurous spirit and bravery to set out on an expedition to the unknown without radar, GPS, satellite phone or paper map and no room service either. Now that’s what I call roughing it. We stayed at the ... read more

North America » Bermuda » Hamilton April 27th 2017

Bermuda 26th April Hamilton We berthed in The Royal Naval Dockyard, alongside the Norwegian Breakaway (4500 passengers) - it was going to be a busy one!!! From when we arrived the queues were long to board the ferry to Hamilton a 30/40 minute ride across the Bay. There is a lot of activity within the Dockyard because this year the USA are defending the Americas Cup. The worlds best known yacht race. From our balcony you could see each of the teams berths unfortunately the British team were furthest down the quay with the United States in prime position (being the defending champions). We were hoping to get a glimpse of the BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) team but the only teams that got onto the water were the US and NZ teams. Watching the US boat ... read more

North America » Bermuda April 4th 2017

We had planned a whole day tour of Bermuda for today, but George is still unwell. We are getting a little concerned about this now. After a late breakfast, we headed out into the Dockyard area. This is all very touristic and not really our cup of tea although still quite a nice stroll for us. We did visit the glass factory and found that to be very interesting. The guy running the manufacturing side was very knowledgeable and was happy to answer all questions. It was very interesting watching him make many items just from a blob of melted glass. Would have liked to buy an item but the prices were really expensive. Back on the ship, we spent a couple of hours getting some unexpected sun before lunch. George then headed back to bed ... read more
Arriving at the dockyard of Bermuda
Crew safety drill and all rooms checked for people
Heritage Wharf

North America » Bermuda » Hamilton July 25th 2016

Bermuda, a nice wonderful place that captures travelers to scenic places in this place. Captures travelers' dreams in the eyes of going there to be exposed to that place. A lot of history in that small place. It's about a few miles away from South Carolina and Norfolk, Virginia. A relaxing place for those who are in budget. Although, Bermuda is one of the highest expensive places to be at due to high import taxes on goods when purchasing souvenirs on the island; cruising to Bermuda is the cheapest way to go. Cruises come out from Baltimore, New York, Bayonne in New Jersey as well A lot of forts and canyons in Fort St.George as well as Hamilton. Check out the photos of Bermuda! I adore Bermuda a lot! This should be a place for those ... read more

North America » Bermuda » Hamilton May 19th 2016

Day 13 - Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - Hamilton, Bermuda - Weather forecast: mostly sunny - temperature: 23°C/73°F - winds 5 knots, 2 Beaufort Today we decided to explore the St. George end of the island. Several bus routes serve that end so we selected one that took us along the south shore before heading up to The Causeway that joins St. George’s Island to the main island. Along the way we stopped at the Crystal Cave, which includes the Fantasy Cave. The caves were discovered in 1907 and 1909 respectively and are actually joined through a series of underwater tunnels and are only accessible to very slim scuba divers. With 88 steps down to the Fantasy Cave & 83 steps Crystal Cave plus a 100 meter 30° ramp Brooke opted to only descend into the ... read more
Cave site
Pool in Fantasy Cave
Floating dock in Crystal Cave

North America » Bermuda » Hamilton May 19th 2016

Day 14 - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - Hamilton, Bermuda - Weather forecast: overcast in the morning with a chance of rain - actual: it did sprinkle in the morning then the sun came out in its glory - temperature: 25°C/77°F - winds 13 knots, 4 Beaufort The humidity was very noticeable when I got up early this morning and set off in search of a Wi-Fi hotspot. Brad had found that even outside of the Library the connection was stable so I headed there. I actually walked past the building not realizing that it was the Bermuda National Library, it was such a non-descript structure, but it was adjoined by some very peaceful public gardens. Even at 7:00 am there were several crew members using the area to make cell phone and computer connections with ... read more
King Neptune & Friends
I love a hug
Old cannon

North America » Bermuda May 18th 2016

Day 11 - Sunday, May 15, 2016 - At Sea - Weather forecast: mostly sunny - actual temperature: 21°C/70°F - intermittent rain showers in morning - winds 27 knots, 7 Beaufort - clocks had advanced one hour overnight The day was spent relaxing and trying to rid ourselves of head colds; mine is passing but Brooke’s is sinking into her chest, which means added misery for her. Since we were part of the passengers who had boarded in Montreal, on what HAL referred to as a Collectors voyage, the ship treated us to a special luncheon called Indonesian Rijsttafel. The lunch consisted of traditional food from that area of the world and included: Krupuk - shrimp crackers; Gado Gado - green salad topped with tofu, steamed green beans and hard boiled eggs accompanied by a creamy ... read more

North America » Bermuda » Hamilton May 18th 2016

Day 12 - Monday, May 16, 2016 - At Sea in morning - Hamilton, Bermuda in afternoon- Weather forecast: mostly sunny - temperature: 23°C/73°F - actual temperature: 26°C/79°F - winds 40 knots, 9 Beaufort The morning until 10:00 we were out of sight of any land and then in the distance Bermuda emerged from the sea. The pilot came out and we approached the harbour where Hamilton rests from the St. George end of the island. The approach was like threading a needle with a very clear set of boundaries marked off with buoys. We had retired to the Crow’s Nest to watch the approach and I went up on Deck 13, actually the roof over the Crow’s Nest, to watch the proceedings. I had to leave my hat behind as it was extremely windy. While ... read more
Tricky channel
Slave statue
Coral as a garden feature

North America » Bermuda » Southampton August 18th 2015

"You only have one life, so dream big" 260 days ago I left Bermuda and set off to backpack around the world with my sisters without the slightest idea of the journey that lay ahead for us and how it would all unfold. Now I end where I began, standing with my backpack outside the Bermuda airport, having learned lessons that cannot be taught, with life experiences that have changed me forever and memories that will never fade. I have left my footprints on 5 continents and in that time I have: earned my PADI Advanced Open Water certificate on the Great Barrier Reef; scuba dived in 3 different oceans jumped out of a plane at 14,000 ft, free falling over the picturesque view that is the Whitsundays; cage dived with great white sharks in South ... read more
Biking in Siem Rep - Cambodia
Getting a new perspective
Rice Fields

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