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September 25th 2008
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This week I was assigned to the teens program. With only 7 teens on the manifest, I was worried about the whole program being cancelled, so I actively sought out those teens. I went up to the “Sail Away” party out on the pool deck, as we left Philadelphia, and met two teens that I gave info to. Another joined us on her own accord the first night, and then with the help of me making fliers to drop off at the rooms of all the teens on my list, I managed to scrounge up another. All week I’ve had 4 teens come out to programs, although sometimes only getting 1 or 2 of them. Unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel a lot of the programs, as they required big numbers and we just don’t have them… right now. Working with the teens has been fun though. Although I’ve been disconnected from the Kids Korner and the other children and staff, I’ve had privileges working with the teens as well - like being able to eat in the regular passenger areas with them often. It also means I get to go to the show every night. It also means a late start to the day, but later evenings working as well.

Ship life is continuing to be everything that I expected it to be. There’s always lots of drama from staff relationships to gossip. I’m trying to stay on the outskirts of the bad drama. I’ve had a chance to meet more people this week. Being out with the teens at the deck parties means that I’ve had a chance to spend more time dancing and laughing with the cruise staff and entertainment staff as well. One morning I was on swiping duty, so as I swept passengers’ cards to get off the ship for the day, I got to know some of the security officers as well. I’ve made friends with everyone from my cabin stewards to bar staff to dancers to hotel staff to the cruise director. It’s been fun. I think that’s the nice thing about the small ship; you do get to know everyone fairly well. It’s sad though, as there’s always someone going. This week I made friends with one of the cruise hosts and he’s leaving Saturday! Life on a ship I suppose.

This week I didn’t get off the ship. The first day in port, Nicole, Steph, and I went up to the sundeck and tanned. The second day was FAR too hot, and we spent most of it hanging out in our cabins. We had intentions of going to a different beach on Wednesday, but it was raining, so Nicole, Steph, Kate, and I snuggled up in bed and “watched” a movie (we all fell asleep).

Next week is our last week in Bermuda. I’m determined to get to one of the nice beaches on the South shore, as it’s listed in the ‘book of 1000 places to visit before you die’ that Alisa gave me for Christmas. I gotta check it off!

I hope you’re all enjoying the fall weather of home. I’ll be joining ya in another week when we change itineraries and are doing the Canada and New England route.


26th September 2008

Hey Sarah! Wow...I'm living all my past memories of shiplife through you at the moment...haha...from low kid-counts and zero teens to meeting new people from the crew to the passengers in random places doing random duties (all good and clean though;) and of course taking in the sun on the top deck to grabbing some downtime in the cabin sleeping and trying to watch movies...haha. :) Not to bring on an icky warning but as I watched our lovely news, I had heard that Tropical Storm Kyle is brewing south of Bermuda...I know your itinerary switches to our neck of the woods soon but please continue with only smooth sailing and tell your new Captain steer clear of any rocky seas. ;) Please take care and keep having fun most of's truly wonderful that you have already established a core group of good friends. :) And yes, it's smart to remove yourself from the 'shipmances and dramas'...most of the time...haha...;) Miss ya!! xoxox
26th September 2008

glad to see the book is coming in handy for someone because i know i won't be using it for awhile! glad to hear you are meeting a lot of people. p.s. if you don't find your "alisa" on the ship, you will always find the original on the computer. ;)
26th September 2008

Well, although not as warm as it is there ("too hot to lay and tan") it has been BEAUTIFUL and in the 20s here all week! No fall weather here doubt we'll do what Ontario does and skip right to winter soon :-S Hope you're having a blast and you get out to that beach!
1st October 2008

Hurricane in New Brunswick
Hey Sarah, Good thing you didn't come to NB this past weekend, we were expecting a hurricane - although it didn't amount to much at all, I wouldn't have wanted to be on the water for it! I'm sure you heard about Hurricane Kyle - and maybe experienced some of it? Well, we didn't really get anything here......kind of disapointing!! When are you coming to NB?? Pamela
1st October 2008

You Better get off your ship on the 6th!!!
Hey Sarah! I think I will be here in Halifax on the 6th. So you better get off your ship on the 6th, or get me on, jajaja. At the moment I believe I will be leaving on the 7th, so I would love to see you when you enter my northern port in October. email me!!! xoxox
2nd October 2008

Hey Sarah- Glad to hear things are going well for you on your new adventure. Makes me long to travel again too. Though I will be back in Chile, my 2nd home, for Chirstmas and cannot wait for that. Guess I will blog it! Good luck to you and keep exploring!

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