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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Eskisehir January 3rd 2015

Hello all... Sorry for the delay in's been pretty busy since arriving here in Turkey and coupled with the laziness of the internet company to get me hooked up at home. So where to start.... i woke up Christmas morning not feeling too great in Moscow, I had an afternoon flight with Pegasus airlines from domodedevo (forgot how to spell it) airport in the south of Moscow, I hadn't seen too much snow my whole time there in Moscow, but of course right on cue a blizzard hit that morning making a taxi ride take 2 hours as roads were swamped with trucks and cars that slid off the road and the snow plows couldn't keep up with the snowfall. I had horrible diarrhea and nausea all morning and the two hour taxi ride was ... read more
Bathroom 1
Living room

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Eskisehir June 25th 2005

I've spent nearly 10 months in Turkey. It's time to say Good-bye now.Maybe not Good-bye....maybe just See you later. You never know what life's got in store for you...but for now I know it's Good-bye. It's not easy leaving. It's not easy leaving behind people I've grown to be very fond of, to care for a lot, to call 'friends' for a life-time...My teaching experience here's also meant the world to me and I enjoyed every second of it. I have grown both professionally and personally and I love the fact that I've done such a great job living on my own in a foreign country, far away from home. I'm sorry to leave Waldo behind, Umut, Fatma, they are all so dear to me, friends that I will treasure forever,wherever life might take me... ... read more
Teaching staff @ Onder Dil
Onder Dil Farewell party
Good-bye, Onder Dil

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Eskisehir February 10th 2005

It was my sweet Waldo's birthday. He went through a great deal of trouble cooking for all of us and we had a great party!! :) Umut came along, Fabian and Rahmit, and my best friend, Fatma, who is also one of my students. Cheers!... read more
let's get the party started!!
Waldo cooking for us
Carmen & her boy-friend

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Eskisehir November 26th 2004

My first experience abroad has been so far undoubtedly, a success. So far, so good :) I get to teach in a highly respectable private school in Eskisehir, improve my teaching skills, make loads of friends and travel now and then to different parts of Turkey. What better treatment could I expect from life? :) I love smoking nargile, the one with apple flavour is my favourite, love playing backgammon, so popular here, though I still need to improve and so far am a rubbish player :((. This is a short entry, just posting some pictures. Enjoy!... read more
Eskisehir- center
strolling away
evening out with @

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Eskisehir October 23rd 2004

Teaching English as a Foreign Language can be fun if you enjoy it. And I certainly enjoy it!! I love teaching, and I think I am good at it. At first I was scared and to be honest I wasn't sure I could do it! I wasn't sure I could cope with teaching using only English, especially to Elementary groups. The system the school uses is extremely good, and we work in tandem with native Turkish teachers. It works like this: Turkish teachers explain English grammar in Turkish in 1-2 hour classes, and after the break there is a foreign or native English teacher taking over and carrying on with the same topic, but focusing mostly on vocabulary and practical grammar, through exercises, conversation and so on. So it works swimmingly!! The Turkish teachers are very ... read more
Carmen and I having lunch with fellow @ trainees
Aiesec Eskisehir office
@ members and us, the trainees

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Eskisehir October 7th 2004

We finally got to meet the Aiesec Chapter in Eskisehir, a happy bunch who asked us to put together a country presentation. Part of our Aiesec experience was to act as Cultural Ambassadors on behalf of our country. We were expected to deliver a speech and create a detailed power-point presentation of Romania containing information on our country's geography, history, and main cultural monuments and attractions. At that time in Eskisehir there were several other trainees, Waldo, from Mexico, Fabian from Germany, Andresa from Brazil. Rahmit from India also came later on, after our arrival. Romania Country Presentation was a huge success, over 20 Aiesec members and trainees came along. A bunch of students from Onder Dil interested in cultural diversity were also invited to attend. We tried to make our presentation informative and interactive, but ... read more
making dovlacei, Romanian easy-to-make dish
Romania Country Presentation
our audience

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Eskisehir September 28th 2004

Aiesec Eskisehir was in charge with providing the trainees with accommodation, and what they offered us actually suited us quite well. It was a flat about 10 minutes away from Onder Dil, the Language School where we were going to teach. Our flatmates were two Turkish guys, rather dashing :PP, who could, unfortunately, speak very little English. Carmen and I spent the first 2 days scrubbing the place up and making it feel it was rather scruffy. Fatih, one of the students living with us took us one day to Onder Dil. This was actually Aiesec's job to introduce us to the school principal and show us around, but they never showed up. Apparently Fatih had studied at Onder Dil, so he was familiar with the school and even knew the principal. So, there ... read more
Onder Dil staff
Mr. Koksal, Onder Dil Principal
some of the administrative staff

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