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January 3rd 2015
Published: January 8th 2015
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Hello all...

Sorry for the delay in updates...it's been pretty busy since arriving here in Turkey and coupled with the laziness of the internet company to get me hooked up at home. So where to start....

i woke up Christmas morning not feeling too great in Moscow, I had an afternoon flight with Pegasus airlines from domodedevo (forgot how to spell it) airport in the south of Moscow, I hadn't seen too much snow my whole time there in Moscow, but of course right on cue a blizzard hit that morning making a taxi ride take 2 hours as roads were swamped with trucks and cars that slid off the road and the snow plows couldn't keep up with the snowfall. I had horrible diarrhea and nausea all morning and the two hour taxi ride was to say the least a cheek clenching adventure. I finally arrived at the airport a couple of hours ahead of my flight only to find it had been delayed 3 hours. Now I was really starting to feel wakeful heading to the bathroom several times with unbearable stomach cramps followed by what can only be described as "water butt" lol. After several of these trips I started feeling a bit better, tired out, but better.... That didn't last long as then it turned into vomiting a few times. By 6 o'clock i went to see if check in was available only to see again It was delayed another hour.....

By 10pm we finally were boarding which was a huge relief as the flight wasn't cancelled so we were up up and away. It was a comfortable flight I even got a few minutes sleep lol. After a 3 hour flight we landed safely in Istanbul around midnight and immigration was pretty straightforward with having my e-visa already printed out I was on to get my luggage and exit. I wasn't sure if Numan was still waiting around, but to my surprise and delight he was standing at the gate with a paper and my name on it. We walked to his car and stopped to have a smoke and chit chat, what a great guy! We were on our way for the 4 hour drive to my new home with a few stops for gas and something to eat for him we made it to my apt around 4:30am.

I immediately knocked out and woke up at 8:30am lol yes 8:30am because Kieran , a teacher at the school was coming by to show me around the town and the school. The school is great with awesome people who have been soooooo helpful and fun. I have been dreaming of having a traditional Turkish breakfast since I learned I got this job so I treated Kieran to a nice breakfast to say thanks.

I started classes on the 27th because other teachers were on holiday so I covered their classes. It was a great intro as I really liked the classes and students along with the facilities. I have been settling in quite well here and exploring a little bit. I bought some new clothes that first day with Kieran as I needed a REAL winter coat as opposed to the windbreaker I was using in Moscow lol, also bought some boots, gloves and a couple shirts.

I have been exploring the spice market, little cafes and hole in the wall eateries. I promise I will get some more pics up soon it's just been hectic since I started and haven't had time. I'll be in this great university town of about a million people until July so plenty of time.

Thanks everyone who follows me and enjoys my blogs or pics! Along with the comments it's much appreciated!

Can't wait until spring where I have 2 weeks vaca so I will be exploring more of Turkey with such places as Ephesus and assist along with cappadocia so stay tuned. Also still deciding my next long adventure when I finish my contract here in July. I'm really leaning towards India/Sri Lanka and Myanmar, but we'll see 😊

Buen viaje all!!


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8th January 2015

How great that you found a job in Turkey! I loved the country--wonderful people, food, sites, history--the whole nine yards. Best wishes for a great stay and trips all around the country!
9th January 2015

Hi tara
Hey there! Thanks so much for the comment! How's everything with u? I love it here in turkey the food is just amazing and the people are very cool! I'll get to a few places in the spring that are on my top 15 sites to see list so I'm excited about that! Most of all finding a good school to work at is a total score! :) still in South America?
9th January 2015

Still in Peru!
Hey Greg, yes, I'm still enjoying South America, and have found a little home here in Arequipa, Peru. Hoping to catch up on my blogs sometime and head home up north, but no rush. So glad you found a good school--it really makes all the difference. Hope you make it to all the regular, famous places in Turkey as well as the wonderful, backpacker Olympos with its treehouses, ancient ruins and fabulous beaches. Best wishes!
10th January 2015

Settling in there in South America is pretty awesome! I actually miss it a lot, it's the best part of the world I've traveled in to this point and debating going back this summer. Thanks for the comments :)
10th January 2015

How exciting!
Congratulations on the new job Greg! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures around Istanbul and Turkey.
10th January 2015

Thanks guys!
Yes turkey is so far really good! I like it here the new gig, the food and being in a smaller city has all been amazing. I am really looking forward to reading your India blogs for some info as I'm still debating my options, but in case I choose India the info would be very helpful! Enjoy!!!! 👍👌😆
10th January 2015

Clinching adventure
There are times when a flight delay is a good thing as it gives your body some time it needs. Congratulations on the new job. We are eager to hear your impressions of Turkey. Looks like you are off to a wonderful start. Please write often as your fans will be waiting.!
10th January 2015
Dolma! And Turkish yogurt

Love it
Being a foodie I love the food photos. Eager to see more.
10th January 2015
Dolma! And Turkish yogurt

Simply awesome...
Hi guys, first let me say thsnks do much for always keeping in touch and leaving comments! Second, the food here is superb I mean honestly it's in my top 3 food countries I've been to so far and sooooo much more food to explore. I really had no clue how good Turkish food was until I came here it's just amazing and count on me always posting pics of food here because I'm a true foodie wherever I go! Thanks do much again!!!
10th January 2015

LOL Water butt!
I can just imagine the difference between the reception in Russia compared to Turkey! Glad you have settled into your next assignment in Turkey well. Plus your accommodations look great, it would be so cool to explore like you have the little hole-in-walls and spice markets. Have fun!
11th January 2015

Thanks Andrea
Yea the water butt was nooooo joke lol it drained me...literally lol. Yes Turkey is amazing so far I love it and I haven't even explored yet, just the small city I'm in and the school work for here along with the people and food has just been amazing compared to moscow. My little apt is quite nice as well and best of all its a 5 min walk to the center I work at so more 8 hour metro days on top of teaching!! How's everything with you? Still in Africa exploring?

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