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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa January 1st 2020

Nach dem Frühstück heute bin ich etwa 100 Meter vom Hotel zu einem Platz, von dem aus kostenlose Shuttle-Busse zum Otogar (Busbahnhof) fahren. Darauf hat mich gestern der Reiseführer aufmerksam gemacht. Dort angekommen habe ich beim Warten einen Kaffee getrunken und meiner Familie ein frohes neues Jahr gewünscht. Dann bin ich in einen Bus mit dem Schild "Bursa" eingestiegen, aber es war der falsche. Zum Glück habe ich das noch bemerkt und bin zusammen mit anderen Reisenden in einen Bus mit dem Schild "Istanbul" eingestiegen, aber eben dieser Bus machte dann später einen Stopp in Bursa. Auf dem Weg hat es etwas geregnet und wir sind die neue 3-spurige Autobahn Izmir - Bursa - Istanbul gefahren. Also eine weitere wichtige Infrastrukturinvestition. Erdogan geht auch in anderen Bereichen vor, so wurde z.B. in den letzten Tagen ein ... read more
Warten auf den Bus am Busbahnhof.
Auf dem Weg nach Bursa.
Auf dem Weg nach Bursa.

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa August 11th 2019

We left our beloved Istanbul and took the ferry across the Sea of Marmara to Bursa. In just under two hours we were at the Mudanya port, about 30km from Bursa. We couldn't work out the buses so we took a taxi to our boutique hotel. I had been to Bursa in 2006 with Intrepid on my first trip to Turkey - from what I remember Bursa is a historical city that was on the silk road. Today, Bursa is famous for its silk. Seljuk-style mosques and the famous Iskender Kebap (which many restaurants renamed it the Bursa Iskender). When I planned our trip, I neglected to check the public holidays – Kurban Bayramı (eid-al-adha in the Arabic speaking world) fell on the day we were due to leave Bursa for Çeşme. Usually, there is a ... read more
Covered gold Bazzar
Ulu Cami
Ulu Cami

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa May 14th 2013

ANKARA TO BURSA, TURKEY—Tuesday, May 14, 2013 KentHotel, Ankara, Turkey It continued raining off and on today as we left the city of Ankara. We spent a lot of time in traffic this morning working our way out of the downtown area and into the countryside passing newish apartment buildings, government buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, businesses, a major university, and many, many, mosques---the usual, in sprawling suburbs. King Midas’ Tomb After driving about 50 miles, we drove into a small community in the middle of nowhere to tour a museum and to visit a tomb purported to be of King Midas. King Midas was a real person or persons (there may have been three different Kings named Midas) and lots of myths and legends surround him. In this area there are several large mounds of dirt ... read more
1305-278 Entrance to the Tomb of King Midas
1305-279 Cedar cryot  of King Midas (more like a cabin) re-enforced with steel
1305-280 Small museum built on ancient city ruins across the street from the tomb

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa June 16th 2012

HE SAID... We woke at 5.15am to catch up on our trip notes and pack our bags for the trip from Istanbul to Bursa. We headed to breakfast at 7.30am, checked out at 8.15am and jumped on a mini-bus to the ferry terminal. We cautiously navigated the ferry’s shifting gang plank (it had already upended an elderly Kurdish lady) and tried to find our allocated seats. Having no luck whatsoever, we just grabbed a few spare seats and hoped the ticket holders didn’t turn up. We were on our way to Bursa. We arrived on the southern side of the Sea of Marmara at 11am. We jumped onto a local bus and wound our way up the coastal hills to a metro station, caught a crowded train to the heart of Bursa and then walked through ... read more
bursa bazaar
bursa bazaar
iskender kebap

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa May 26th 2012

Lengthy 400km drive south stopping off at the ancient Roman town of Sardis, which prior to the Roman occupation, was capital of the Lydian empire. We crawled over the ruins and remains of the Temple of Artemis, a Roman synagogue, bath, gymnasium and library. All very atsmospheric. Then on to Pamukkale, which is famous for its"cotton castle" being a dazzling white array of shaped travertine terraces. Adjoining the terraces is the remains of the ancient city of Hierapolis which was founded in the Hellenistic times. It was eventually ceded to the Romans but unfortunately the city was destroyed by an earthquake in AD60. It was eventually rebuilt but fell into decline with the fall of the Roman Empire.... read more
Remains of Temple of Artemis, Sardis
Lynne at Sardis
John at Sardis

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa May 26th 2012

After arriving in Istanbul the day before, we depart early in the morning for Bursa, but unfortunately catch the early morning rush hour. Istanbul, a city of over 10 million is on its way to work and we are caught up in the rush hour scramble. We leave Europe for Asia over the Bosphorus Suspension Bridge which was designed and built by the Brits and opened in 1973 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. Our trip south involves a short ferry trip across part of the Sea of Marmara. We are on the way to Bursa, which in 1326AD became the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. We reached Bursa by noon and had lunch in the centre of the silk market followed, in the afternoon, by visits to the ... read more
Turkish National Flag
Bursa Spice Market
Queueing for entry to the mosque

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa January 1st 2012

Traveling and living abroad is a lot about firsts. For my first New Years in Turkey I decided to also make it my first time snowboarding in Turkey. There are several resorts in the country, although the ones that sound really good are in the east, near the town of Van. I asked around at work to see where the other teachers and students go skiing. They almost unanimously voted for Uludağ. (Note on Turkish: the ğ is a silent letter that draws out the preceding vowel.) It’s one of the closest to Istanbul and my students agreed that if I want a place that has more than just easy beginner slopes, then Uludağ is it. They were right about it being close to Istanbul. It was a fun trip although it took longer than I ... read more
Snowboarding the Trees
New Ski Buddies
Hands Free

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa May 31st 2011

Drove into the ancient kingdom of Phrygia and first stop at Gordion. Here was the burial mound of its most famous King Midas, of golden touch fame. Also the place where Alexander the Great cut the proverbial Gordion knot. Then onto Bursa, famous fo its old mosque, covered bazaar and silk market... read more
Bursa mosque
Prayer time at Bursa mosque
Coveed bazaar and silk market Bursa

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa May 22nd 2011

Just a little update on what we've been up to over the last couple of weekends. : Kulturpark (Culture Park): Last Sunday, we started the day off with breakfast at a patisserie around the corner. The selection of sweet and savoury delights was overwhelming! It all looked soooo good! We ended up choosing 2 savoury treats a sausage filled bread and an olive filled bread and 2 sweet treats which included a delicious cherry muffin and a chocolate biscuit. Obviously we completed the breakfast with the class Turkish tea or cay! Later on in the day we took a little trip to the park near where we live. The weather was nice so we decided to make the most of it and have a picnic in the park. After Mika's dismay at having to pay 50 ... read more
Sun, sea and spits :)

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa May 8th 2011

So I thought I'd write a quick blog about my first Turkish derby experience....almost! A few days before the match I went with Asli to the stadium to buy my ticket for the match. At the ticket booth there was a ticket tout selling loads of cheaper tickets in the hardcore end of the stadium with the 'Texas' spporter groups (don't know why they're called that). So after sussing him out and deciding the tickets were legit, I bought one off him for 35tl; about £14. I thought that was a pretty good price for a derby match, especially with Besiktas having players like Guti, Simao, Quaresma etc. I was happy. So on match day I left Asli at home and started the short walk to the stadium. I got there about 90 mins before the ... read more

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