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Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Erzurum May 16th 2014

Der heutige Tag war eher ein langer Fahrtag, über mehrere Pässe, manchmal lagen Schneeflecken ganz in der Nähe. Ganz zu Anfang des Tages stand die Überquerung des Atatürk Stausees. Er bedeckt einige hundert Weiler und Dörfer. Etwa 55.000 bis 65.000 Menschen mussten zuvor in die Umgebung umgesiedelt werden, und natürlich gibt es große ökologische Probleme... Die Fähre wurde ganz voll gestopft, wobei das Problem war, dass sie nur auf einer Seite offen war - man musste rückwärts reinfahren. Die Motorräder kamen ganz vorne hin. Am Vormittag wurde ich von der Polizei aufgehalten, aber ich meisterte die Situation. Ich nahm den Helm ab, strahlte sie an, schüttelte meine Haare aus, wartete bis sich das Erstaunen gelegt hatte, und verstand garnichts was sie sagten. (Ich hattte eigentlich keinen Zweifel, dass es ihnen nicht gefallen hatte, dass ich statt ... read more
Viele Hirten waren unterwegs
Der Atatürk Stausee

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Erzurum May 16th 2014

Erzurum A nice day for riding with good mountain views and green plains and rolling hills. The country side doesn't look much different from the central and western US. Erzurum is a ski town in the winter, complete with 5 ski jumps and a couple of fancy hotels. We had to stop a least a dozzen times towait for herds of cows or goats to cross the road. We are working our way to Georgia and Azerbaijan and the beginning of Asia.... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Erzurum August 6th 2013

Tues 30th July - Tues 6th of August Erzurum, Turkey CAR PROBLEMS Local Mercedes specialist fixed the two front wheels because they were a bit wobbly, and checked the brakes. Also fixed the problem I had with stopping the engine by pulling a wire. It turned out to be a problem with a switch and not a vacuum problem. There were 2 holes on the cover of the rear differential and when the car moved, oil was coming out of these holes. The mechanic wanted to remove the cover to fix these holes. I stopped him in time to ask him to try my putty like material that hardens into a metal like material. It worked. The holes were covered and we avoided a potentially messy job. The bonnet release mechanism broke and it has been ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Erzurum July 30th 2013

Tues 30th July 2013 Set off from Elazig to Erzurum which is about 200 miles journey. half way through the journey heard this strange grinding noise from the car. Stopped to have a look and found out one of the linkage bar that connect the two rear wheels has broken after the accident, but not repaired. I tied a thick electrical cable around the metal bar to another metal bar for support to stop it hanging loose and grinding against the metal rim of the wheel. The rear differential was leaking of oil, also due to the accident - again not repaired properly in Malatya. I drove quickly to Erzurum to find a garage to repair the car. In Erzurum, i asked a stranger where is the nearest garage and he kindly pointed me to the ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Erzurum September 10th 2011

Our original plans were to travel the Black Sea Coast to Trabzon and then go inland to Erzurum to start our Eastern Adventure. However even with 6 weeks in Turkey there still would not of been enough time to see all that we wanted so unfortunately something had to go and we sacrificed the Black Sea Coast We had made an internet booking for our flight with Onuair, one of Turkey's budget airlines , the Booking confirmation came back in Turkish so we were winging it a bit. The shuttle picked us up from our hostel to take us to Ataturk airport. First mistake our shuttle only went as far as the International Terminal and the domestic is a distance away. When we arrived the driver said that he had been a soldier in Erzurum and ... read more
Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque
Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque
Wedding Car

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Erzurum August 13th 2007

Last day ın Istanbul was...tired. My physical situation was the worst and also my temper... so I went out to look for a photocopyıng place and let me tell u what..there's NONE! They have paper ones but I cant copy from a book! WTF?! so wıth my bad temper and under the hot weather....I decıded to go underground to the Basilica Cistern..... Very cool and nıce!! a lıttle expensıve to get ın but ıts ok =) Felt sıck and decıded to head back to the hostel.....end of Istanbul...._ On my way met this guy who me and Jess kept running into yesterday and wanted to come have lunch with us...he was freaky!...I didnt recognize him at first but he came to talk to me again! I was in such a bad mood I freaked him out ... read more
Medrese again...
traditional turkish home?!

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Erzurum March 17th 1972

Day 35 - Friday 17th March The coach left at a few minutes before 6am. We were given seats at the back. The coach managed a pretty impressive speed and the driver was excellent. The scenery to the border was still snow covered mountains and small poor looking villages of mainly mud huts. The road was virtually empty of traffic. At the border everything was unloaded from the coach and our passports and health certificates were scrutinised by the Turkish side. The Iranian border guards declared that Michael's visa was invalid which was annoying as all three (Michael, Heather and mine) had been issued at the very same time by the Embassy in London. After a lively discussion, they eventually stamped the visa and let him through. The customs area checked our luggage and added "camera" ... read more

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