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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme August 16th 2019

Back in Çeşme, the immigration process was slightly swifter and facilities much better. We found our new hotel, a Boutique (Butik) hotel in the back streets of the main shopping street. The charming couple that run the hotel were very keen to teach us some Turkish and found the language translation apps very useful in welcoming their guests. We had dinner in the main area of town, and a quick wander around. The next day we took a taxi to the nearby village of Alaçatı. Alaçatı is a picturesque village (that now seems to exist solely for tourism) about 9km away from Çeşme. Think white-washed houses with vivid blue doors and window sills, blooming pink Bougainville flowers and ample opportunities to take that perfect photo. It was a lovely walk around town – a little busy ... read more
Bougainville of Alaçatı
Çesme castle

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme March 23rd 2011

I truly wish I could tell you how beautiful this coastal area is, but we arrived after dark, and all we'll see tomorrow is what is alongside the road as we drive back to Izmir. We got glimpses of the sea as we drove from Izmir to Cesme. The sunset was spectacular but it was almost impossible to get a good pix fron the bus window as we curved through the mountains. Oh, well.....There may be other chances. Meanwhile we are walking and riding the bus, walking and riding the bus, and walking and riding the bus. We had 4 ruins or old churches we visited today. Or was there 5????? The last was the church of Policarp, who was the first Christian martyr. We looked through the fences at the ruins of the ancient city ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme July 9th 2010

As the night fell in Istanbul and my time with my new sisterly friends came to an end (for now), a dark cloud filled the sky over my head and it started to rain. Not just any rain, the torrential sideways kind of rain that pelts at your heart and leaves you wind-burned, chilly and soaked from your inside out. The weather man may have called for a few showers, but his prediction was way off... Lightning and thunder filled my ears and sight. Hurricane winds mixed with the coldest rain imaginable consumed me. It was a nasty storm, producing rogue waves the size of an oil tanker crashing over my stable deck as I got swept away in the current. With each passing wave, I was drowning and slipping further and further from reality, or ... read more
Perlanta Kite Beach... Turkey!

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme June 1st 2010

Geo: 38.3248, 26.3055 GÜN 34 Günlerden Salı Bugün programa göre varma günümüz. Biraz heyecanlıyız. Sabah kahvaltısından sonra yine rutin programlara daldık. Resimler derleniyor toparlanıyor ve düzeltiliyor. Arada bir gidip Türkler savaş açtı mı ? diye TV izleniyor. Yurttan sms yağıyor.Neredesiniz meraktayız diye. Her an, İsrail komandolarının bize saldırmalarını bekliyorlar galiba.. Akşam yemeğini yedikten sonra, toparlanmaya başladık. Ben limana varmadan önce, bir posta ,92 basamak inerek eşyalarımızın bir kısmını Şahbaz a taşıdım. Şahbaz kuzu kuzu en alt katta tam kapı önünde bekliyor. Çok güzel bir gün batımı izledik ve saat 20 :30 da Çeşme limanına yanaşmaya başladık. Bir önceki seyahat kadar ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme July 13th 2009

July 13th: Local Tour of Turkey Meets Pedestrian Cruise Ship Forced poor Mengu to drive two hours from Cesme to Ephesus on the scenis route that runs along the coast. More picturesque views of a coast line that is as jagged as a broken window. Mengu tells us that the coastline is longer on this side because of the many inlets created by the making of the mountains here. HHI: Level 4 - heat is moderated by a fresh breeze from the Aegean Sea. Fantastic. Ran a moderated gauntlet of shopkeeper's into the ticket office for Ephesus, an ancient harbor city of about 200,000 people. Tara and Megu apeased us by traveling with us to see the site, a year to the day of thir first visit to this locale. The place was deceptively large and ... read more
Map of Ephesus
Mock Gladiator Fight
Temple of Ephesus

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme July 9th 2009

Geo: 38.2825, 26.3746 GÜN 9 GÜNLERDEN PERŞEMBE: Çok güzel uyumuşuz ve çok güzel bir Ege sabahına uyandık... Kahvaltımız güzeldi ..Bugün burada dinlenmeğe karar verdik.. Bildiğiniz üzere Alaçatı son yılların yükselen yıldızı..... Ege Denizi kıyısı olan belde, tarihi taş evleri ve dünyanın rüzgar sörfüne en elverişli plajları ile ünlüdür. Son yıllarda taş evleri sayesinde çok fazla gelişmiştir. 15 eylül de düsman isgalinden kurtulmustur. 704 kilometrekarelik alanında birçok eğlence mekanı ve oteli barındıran Alaçatı, Ege Bölgesi'nin önemli tatil beldelerinden biridir.... read more
Gün doğuyor
marina geceleri

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme July 8th 2009

Geo: 38.2825, 26.3746 GÜN 8 GÜNLERDEN ÇARŞAMBA: Sabah erkenden yola çıktık ...Bugün Hedefimiz kısmetse Alaçatı ..Bugün yaklaşık 60 mil yolumuz var..Havamız mükemmel Foça kayalıklarını aşıp Ege'ye tekrar açılınca deli mavi tekrar bizi karşıladı...Karaburun' a doğru apaz bir seyirle çok güzel akıyoruz.. Karaburun' a yaklaşırken karmaşık duygular zihnimi kurcalıyor...Karaburun deyince beş dakika duracaksın burası vakti zamanında ilk Utopyanın yazıldığı yer...İlk Türk Spartacus'u buralarda çekiliyor...Sizi biraz oralara götürmek istiyorum...Kitaplar şöyle buyuruyor olayı.... «Şeyh Bedreddinin tevellüdü 770 etrafında olmak lâzım geleceğini kuvvetle tahmin etmek mümkündür.» ... read more
Şeyh Bedrettin
mavi mavi
sörf cenneti

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme June 26th 2009

Sadly the time came to say our goodbyes and leave Selcuk, at least for a time. The first part of the journey along the coast road was pretty and very enjoyable. Soon though, the coast turned into resort after resort with very little way of telling where one ended and the next one started. When the road went up the mountains away from the coast it did get pretty again, and the air full of the scent of thyme and oregano. After a while we linked with the Izmir - Cesme motorway which is a good motorway although it was very, very windy. Almost windy enough to blow Hilary off the back of the bike. Cesme is pretty and not nearly as crazy hectic as we had feared. We booked into the Ridvan Hotel - air ... read more
Harbour from Cesme balcony
Leaving Cesme
Storm at sea

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme March 25th 2009

This one is going to be short - I lost the long one just typed! So last day in Turkey - the ferry to Greece tonight was cancelled due to strong winds. Found a random hotel, not bad room or price, and I think I'm the only guest here, so no problem hoarding the one computer. March (at least this year) apparently isn't quite the perfect time for Turkey. Istanbul rained 4 out of 5 days. Cappadocia was freezing. Ephesus was warmer, but quite unpredictable with sun and rain and wind. In any case, Turkey was a bit harder to travel, partly due to weather, partly due to some little logistic mishaps which I've detailed before but somehow autosaving didn't work. So retry heading to Chios tomorrow (hopefully). Will load pics when I can find a ... read more
Paranoma from Top of Goreme Town
Churches in the Rocks
Ancient Frescos

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme September 26th 2008

Last week, I travelled to Cesme in Turkey with some friends for a relaxing one week holiday. We booked a villa for the week not far from the resort town of Cesme. We arrived late on a Sunday night, and were picked up by an excellent air-conditioned van and delivered to our villa. We settled in quickly and headed to bed early so we could make the most of our time... We all fell asleep eventually, though it wasn’t easy with the inside temperature pushing 30 degrees! The next morning we awoke early and were greeted by glorious sunlight... something we hadn’t seen in a while living in London. Not only was it sunny, it was also hot, really hot! Although it was only 9 am in the morning the temperature was already in the high ... read more
Cesme castle and view
The Virgin Mary
Medusa's Head

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