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Middle East » Oman » Sur January 2nd 2020

I set off along the coast from the rocky headland where my hotel was located at the leisurely time of 9am. The nice smooth road with very light traffic hugged the azure Arabian Sea for several kilometres so I watched as the fishing boats laboured out through the chop. After a while the road veered inland and that was the last I saw of the sea for a couple of hours. So much for my coastal ride! The scenery reverted to the fail safe option in Oman - variations on the arid and rocky theme. I passed through dry rocky gorges, descended onto arid boulder strewn planes, wound my way through landscapes akin to deserted quarries or recent commandeered building sites. On the map a forest a was identified, so I had been looking forward to ... read more
Look out point overlooking the inlet
Decrepit dhow in Sur
My turn around point near Ar Ruways

Middle East » Oman » Sur December 27th 2018

Am Donnerstag wurden wir von 5 Jeeps abgeholt auf die wir uns verteilten und mit denen wir zur Hafenstadt Sur gefahren sind. Dabei haben wir den ersten Stopp in einer Hafenstadt am Strand gemacht. Dort haben wir auch einen besonderen Tee getrunken. Dann sind wir weiter in ein Wadi, welches wir besucht haben. Dorthin hätten wir nicht mit dem Bus fahren können. Anschließend haben wir in einem Bergdorf gepicknickt. Am späten Nachmittag sind wir schließlich in Sur angekommen. Hier haben wir zuerst vor einem Museum gehalten und danach in einer Werft für Dhaus. Von dort sind wir weiter am Ufer spaziert. Am Ende haben wir von einer höheren Lage nochmals die Aussicht auf die Stadt genossen, bevor wir zum Hotel gefahren sind.... read more
Besuch eines Wadis.
Besuch einer Werft.
Spaziergang am Strand in Sur.

Middle East » Oman » Sur December 25th 2017

Texto en castellano debajo del francés... J 6, 18 novembre : Grand jour pour le pays… Anniversaire du Sultan et donc fête nationale ! Nous quittons le désert pour nous rendre à Sur afin d’y observer la fabrication des boutres. Jamil nous arrêtera aussi à Jaalan Bani Bu Ali afin d’y voir la Mosquée aux 52 coupoles, un deuxième point que nous aurions pu éviter mais peut-être s’est-il fait plaisir… Le Turtle Nature Reserve de Ras Al Jinz, centre scientifique, nous accueille ce soir afin d’y observer « dans une obscurité totale » les tortues venues pondre… Nous avons la chance d’en voir deux ou trois ainsi qu’un tout petit bébé tortue qui mettra au moins vingt ans à atteindre la taille des tortues rencontrées. Le voyage commence à sentir la fin... nous reprendrons la route ... read more
fini la ponte...
je cache mes oeufs !

Middle East » Oman » Sur April 13th 2016

The short plane hop from Qatar brought me to the Sultunate of Oman. Oman is a stable and peaceful country of four and a half million and situated in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. Once I was at the airport, I tried taking out some cash but no ATM would work. Luckily I was carrying some USD currency so I exchanged some of that. Then I couldn't get online with the airport internet because it required a password that you could only get via text message. I wasn't traveling with a smartphone, and it was really causing some issues in terms of travel ease. Five years ago, no one had a smart phone on the road. But now the times have changed and although it's great to be disconnected, I could tell it was going ... read more
Al Amerat
Al Aksharah

Middle East » Oman » Sur May 24th 2015

We awoke early the next day ready to head south on our Oman road trip. Leaving Muscat we drove south on the highway through the extensive Hajar Mountain range before arriving at the Bimmah Sinkhole. It's essentially a huge hole in the ground created by the collapse of the limestone surface and filled with inviting turquoise water. Trunks on, I wandered in watching little fish dart around not knowing that as soon as I stopped moving they'd start nibbling away! Kind of like what those fish pedicure things are like I suppose, it was ticklish but a little unnerving! So the sinkhole essentially has a waist high plateau before plunging down to who knows how deep. You can't see the bottom, just an endless blue down into the depths. No-one has been able to measure how ... read more
Bimmah Sinkhole
Wadi Shab
Wadi Shab

Middle East » Oman » Sur November 23rd 2011

Prayer time in the United Arab Emirates started at 12:30pm, just as we sauntered up to the passport control window located on one side of the tiny box of a building on the border with Oman. No one was there; a stamp and ink pad lay haphazardly to one side of a stack of unfinished paperwork, the one light bulb dim, a ballpoint pen dangling half off the countertop. Then we spotted the body on the far side of the little room. He was on his knees, facing Mecca and deep in prayer. We had to wait to be stamped out of the country – a classic Arab wait – for the one man inside this building to finish his Salat, the obligatory Muslim prayer. A few minutes later, the officer rolled up his mat with ... read more
All alone somewhere in the middle of Oman
Wadi Shab
Dunes and Nat's car

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