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Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra May 27th 2006

Our stay in Jordan would be short. To make possible the visit to Israel, we had to go and come back during the 30 days our Jordanian visa was valid. Two weeks for each country was all we had. Crossing the border we saw for the first time how religion could change things supposedly unchangeable. If you handle your passport the immigration officer is supposed to check if this passport is yours or not, right? WRONG! If you are a woman in a strict Muslim society you cannot show your face! The immigration officers has no right to see it and to compare with the picture provided in the passport. Woman pass through immigration completely covered. Just handle the passport, get the stamp and leave. Body search? Don't even think about it! All the men have ... read more
The two of us and the last crusade!!

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra May 14th 2006

One thing we've definitely learned from this trip is that border crossings are never fun, easy, or hassle-free. Border towns are universally hellish places, and our biggest nightmare is getting stuck in one. It takes special effort to get out of bed on the days when we're moving from one country to another. When we moved from Tiberias in Israel to Irbid in Jordan, we found the usual hassles on the Israelis side. A total lack of information at the bus station (we were told the wrong platform number by both people and the schedule board, so we missed the bus and waited two extra hours). The passport control people were bored and unfriendly (we did not help things with Chris' request that they not stamp her passport since it's new and she may want to ... read more
Smoking the Shesha
Amman's Roman theatre
Yes, it's salty

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra April 25th 2006

A Moment to Reflect Before continuing to narrate the fortunate health and safety of our travels over he past few weeks, I must ask that we pause in the midst of our own lives to be with the lives lost in Dahab. Contrary to the experience of those back home hearing the horrific new of the bombings in Dahab,on the Sinai peninsula in Egypt, we ourselves have yet to catch what the television media is reporting, as ours was and continues to be receiving information first hand. I feel it is of great importance to know what it means to us, receiving the news, as these tragedies and worse occur in the world every day and often so far from home we fail to receive it's impact. Dahab is a small town, dependent on tourism ... read more
On top
The Burning Bush

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra April 8th 2006

Geo: 30.8804, 36.4212Drove for a few minutes and arrived at the ancient city of Petra which was found more than 2000 years ago. Most of us got a short horse ride to the entry of the gorge. The ride was bumpy and I didn't like it. We walked through the gorge while Rabbi stopped every few metres to lecture us. Most of his information was going in one ear and out the other. Once we got to the end of the gorge we came to the treasury, it looked just the same as in all the travel brochures. There wasn't much of the building on the inside. Walking around we saw many tombs and temples all carved into rocks.... read more
02 Amphitheatre
03 Mind is now made up
04 Colourful rocks

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra March 28th 2006

I picked the wrong day to be daft. Crossing from Sinai to Israel then into Jordan and trying to catch a bus/cab/hitch to Petra in one day was ambitious, it helps to be on your best behaviour coming into Israel. I was little paranoid entering the security area, I was packing a knife in my pocket reading the huge weapons declaration sign trying to decide if it was important to declare a Swiss Army (its Israel right?) A Gucci sunglasses, M-16 toting, fantastically good looking young lady didn't like that I was apparently avoiding eye contact as she was matching my face to my passport. Stephen later told me that I looked guilty as hell and my attempts at flattery should have sent me into the tank. I posses no smoothness, I blame it on the ... read more
Sunrise from Mt Sinai
Dr. Jones!
Cake it on

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra March 21st 2006

With this blog, we say goodbye. We ended our journey with the most wonderful “treat” ever…Petra by Night. It is only done three nights per week and we were lucky enough to be able to do this before heading back to Amman to fly home. They light the entire As Siq and Treasury with over 1500 candles. You make the journey down the As Siq in complete silence so that you can reflect on the beauty and astonishing sights around you. The sky was so clear and the stars were out…it was truly magical! Once you arrive at the Treasury, you sit on mats on the ground and listen to some traditional Jordanian music played by the Bedouins (and they serve you their wonderful tea!). It starts with their “guitar” like instrument that is a rectangle ... read more
Treasury from the As Siq
The  As Siq
Beautiful Petra Mountains

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra March 19th 2006

Petra…a place where you instantly feel like a kid again. It was what you always dreamed about, being an explorer and finding a lost ancient city (I’m sure Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade doesn’t help this either!). That is exactly what Petra is, a lost ancient city carved out of rock. There is not much historical information on Petra. Only that it was created by the Nabateans around the 7th century BC. What happened to their large civilization is also unknown. They know there was a big earthquake around 500 AD that may have destroyed the civilization. We started our morning early (7am) and made our way down the As-Siq. This is the 1km “corridor” that leads to the famous treasury in Petra. It is a huge gorge that has been carved out with water ... read more
Details of the Treasury
Grrrr...Leave me Alone!
Indiana Jones

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra February 28th 2006

Hello all: Yes, it is July, and I went to Jordan at the end of February. So, yeah, I know I'm late with this one - I've been a little busy, okay??? Work sort of got in the way as report cards came right after mid-winter break, and then there was that whole getting engaged thing that took up some time in sorry! Oh, and I'm on holidays, so excuse any spelling mistakes. Anyway, I was in Jordan from February 28-March 4, just enough time to get a little taste of this amazing place. We arrived late on the evening of the 28th. I wasn't sure what to expect, as the only other Middle Eastern country that I have been in is, of course, Egypt, where I live. Jordan is very, very different - a ... read more
The view atop Mount Nebo
Where Jesus was baptised
Israel sighted!

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra February 4th 2006

Minutes before we were about to board our ferry from Nuweiba (Egypt) to the Jordanian port of Aqaba, we received a frantic text message from my parents telling us of a ferry sinking in the Red Sea and hoping we were OK. We were fortunately heading across the Red Sea in the opposite direction and in a much more modern and safe catamaran ferry (like the ones plying the Marlborough Sounds) . We crossed quickly, comfortably and without incident; taking only 1 hour as opposed to the estimated 5 - 36! hours for the slow ferry. Should anyone head out this way we would recommend avoiding the slow ferry as it is only USD11 cheaper than the fast ferry (USD50) and it is rumoured to be nasty. Immigration at the Jordanian border was a lolly sramble ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra December 3rd 2002

Petra - the mere names conjures thoughts of an ancient city carved out of the ochre cliffs in a hidden valley. It also conjures images of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and that terrific scene as they ride though the Siq and behold the imposing Treasury edifice. For all that I had read and heard about Petra, I really wasn't quite prepared for the magnificence of the place. The monuments carved into the mountains were only a small part of its beauty. The rest came through the striated colours of rock that surrounded you on every side, the differing colours of the sand, and the ever persistent Bedouin, who relentlessly tried to sell you souvenirs, and donkey or camel rides. On the first day, I walked through the Siq, a 1.2 kilometre long chasm which ... read more

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