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November 18th 2006
Published: November 21st 2006
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Obligatory photoObligatory photoObligatory photo

The Treasury from the Siq exit
Here I am in Petra finally - the site of Indiana Jones fame.

It all starts with an 800m ride on an old, grumpy and smelly nag to the entrance of the Siq (canyon). Then it's a leisurely stroll down the 1.2km Siq until you arrive at the most well known wonder of wonders - the Treasury.

But it doesn't stop there. Further along there are countless edifices and tombs carved into the rockface. The Bedouin people used to live in the caves until they were moved out to a nearby town in recent years. I'll let the pikkies speak for themselves.

Next destination was Wadi Rum, where we did a jeep safari into the Jordanian desert and camped overnight in a Bedouin tent. This was "Lawrence of Arabia" country, where he made his unexpected tactical manoeuvre of taking Aqaba from behind. They also shot some of the movie scenes here. The desert colours were spectacular.

That night the booze flowed freely to celebrate Will's birthday. Young Will (36) decided to entertain us by dropping his dacks and mooning us, giving a speech and thanking his colleagues at some random software company he used to work at, and then proceeding to get totally paralytic and ending the night by lying in his own vomit. The most hilarious night ever.

Whilst I've had a great time in Jordan, it would not be my first choice for a return destination.

Additional photos below
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Treasury interiorTreasury interior
Treasury interior

Very Holy Grail-ish
Horse & carriageHorse & carriage
Horse & carriage

You aren't allowed to ride horses through the Siq anymore. But disabled or lazy people can pay for a carriage ride instead

One of many carved into the cliff face
El Deir MonasteryEl Deir Monastery
El Deir Monastery

Dates to the 2nd century AD
Bedouin campBedouin camp
Bedouin camp

Our desert campsite. Setting up balloons for Will's birthday bash
Bedouin hostsBedouin hosts
Bedouin hosts

The band - Mohammed 2, Junior (another Mohammed?), Mohammed 1, and Mohammed 3

22nd November 2006

wow thats some traveling you are doing
i was surfing the web studing for my next trip to Machupichu ,peru and seen your last travel blog of petra . its a place i would like to go some day . how did you find petra, Jordan for traveling. such as saftey and dificulty in getting around ? also wow is your trip ever cool i looked at all the places you have been and that shurly is something you will never forget . good luck on your travels and take care
23rd November 2006

very nice travel log
I like to travel as well. I have been longing to travel to Jordan for some time. Now you give me even more motivation to travel there. Very nice photos. I don't have a blog here, you can find me here Take care
30th November 2006

Brings back good memories
Hi gus, Am enjoying reading your travelblogs - we did an overland trip from Cairo - Istanbul with Kumuka a couple of months ago so we went to most of the same amazing places. Petra and Wadi Rum were two of the highlights of our trip. cheers, Scott McKinnon

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