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Middle East » Iran May 12th 2014

I love this beautiful village and road to reach the waterfall. it was fantastic. If you are going to stay in Tehran for 10 days or more, i recommend you to visit this beautiful village specially during May-June or autumn. going to waterfall, will take around 3 hours and the road to reach it, is one of the best. a mixture of green area, mountain, wind, birds singing, colorful flowers, butterflies and etc. There is a nice local restaurant up near the waterfall and they have tea (Chai) made by mineral water of this mountain and also they have Dizi (for lunch) and egg (for breakfast). It will take around 1 hours or less to drive to this village from Tehran. it is good to be there at 7 am and enjoy the area till afternoon. ... read more

Middle East » Iran May 11th 2014

Nowruz marks the first day of spring or Equinox as and the beginning of the year in the Persian calendar. It is celebrated on the day of the astronomical Northward equinox, which usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day depending on where it is observed. in Iran we have 2 weeks holiday for Nowruz and during this time, in every house,shop, parks, street and etc, you can see the seven 'S's table (Sofreh-e-Haft-Sin). The haft seen table includes seven... read more
seen in Shiraz
our Nowruz 1393 table!
in front of a restaurant in Shiraz

Middle East » Iran May 11th 2014

"Dasht-e-Havij" or Carrot Plain (2,400 meters above sea level) is a scenic area enjoying pleasant weather in north of Afjeh village, about 1 hour drive from Tehran. and then hiking to the plain will take around 3-4 hours. Mountaineers travel to Dasht-e Havij for reaching the peaks of Qolle Rizan, Parsoun, Atashkouh and Mehrchal. In the spring, this plain is covered by short living flowers that spread their scent and color in the area. on the way back, there is a nice tea-house serving tea, breakfast and Dizi. Also, in the village you may find many organic dairy products which are really tasty! *If you have any question, I'll be happy to provide more details. ** These are all photos taken by me and I am not a good photographer! :D Sorry for that.... read more
sit down here in this beautiful place and look at the sky
This area was full of ladybugs and butterflies
Afjeh village covered with villas!

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd May 11th 2014

A look at the bride of the Kavir, YAZD, IRAN, April 2014 I recomend you to stay in Yazd minimum for 3 days as there are many nice places to visit over there. Plus, one day for going to Chak-Chak (a village and it is the most sacred of the mountain shrines of Zoroastrianism) and another one day for seeing Meybod. Moreover you can get a tour of saying in desert for 1-2 days and once i tried it 4 years ago and it was such a fantastic experience. there are also many nice old residential houses which are converted to hotel these years and it is a good option to stay there instead of ordinary hotels. ***** i will update this post and will explain more about this city if you are interested :) *If ... read more
An old house,you also see many of these houses using as Hotel in Yazd
Fatherhood's land

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran May 10th 2014

Today was sadly our last day in Iran and was supposed to be a fairly dull day. Wake up, eat breakfast, drive to the airport late at night and board the plane. However, Ali and Hojat were kind enough to offer to take us into Tehran to spend the day. One last Iranian experience. We started the morning with a quick stop at Barg-e Fin (Fin Garden), one of Iran's most beautiful Persian style gardens. Of course, this was our 100th garden for the trip, so we prepared to be slightly underwhelmed. It did turn out to be a very pretty garden though, and to top it off, it had a great story of Amir Kabir. He was a well-loved chancellor that got a bit too much love from the people. The jealous Nasir od-Din, the ... read more
Barg-e Fin (Fin Garden)
Barg-e Fin (Fin Garden)
Rose water distiller

Middle East » Iran » North » Kashan May 9th 2014

Today was all about houses. Visiting old mountain houses in the city of Abayaneh, touring rich merchant houses in Kashan, and reclining with a belly-filling plate of Kebab in house-turned-restaurant. The home is an important part of Iranian culture, and today we hoped to get an insight into what those homes looked like ... well, what they used to look like, since we were visiting historic homes. Abayaneh is a Zoroastrian village up in the mountains that is fast dwindling into a retirement home. The young folks have long left the red-mud village and headed into the city, leaving behind ailing parents who eke out a living entertaining tourists with their quaint old village. Folks still dress in traditional Zoroastrian garb (or at least they do when the tourists are watching) and live in traditional red ... read more
Abayaneh local in traditional Zoroastrain garb
Kashan - enjoying lounging in our traditional hotel

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan May 8th 2014

Today we were going to go to church. In Iran. Go figure. And no, we weren't going to go in a discreet car into a discreet building to meet with discreet people to do discrete worship. Today we were off to the Armenian quarter, home of displaced Armenians and a christian part of Iran for centuries. The Armenians have had a long history with then Persia and now Iran. However in the 1600s, their presence became more defined when the Shah setup a dedicated area called New Julfa for the Armenians. The Armenians were shrewd businessmen and became influencial in Iran. Today 5 seats in the Iranian parliament are reserved for Armenians - a minority group that has remained Christian though in many other ways has assimilated with Persian culture. Armenians supposedly enjoy a lot of ... read more
Inside Vank Church
Nothing like Pistachio juice and other nutty juices to bring friends together
Friends at a random bakery

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan May 7th 2014

Esfahani rulers had too much money. That's my conclusion. How many palaces and fancy mosques do you really need. And how many gardens is too many. To the Safavid dynasty who ruled in the 1600s, it seems enough was never enough. We started our morning at Chehel Sotoun, which is easy to confuse with Vidal Sassoon but has nothing to do with hair products. This was the palace used by Shah Abbas II for entertaining his guests and thus was designed to impress the pants off guests when they first arrived. However, its not opulence alone that impresses an Iranian dignitary, but rather careful and intellectual design. Chehel Sotoun means forty pillars literally, and when you walk in you see a long Taj-Mahal-esque pool terminated by a large pavillion with twenty pillars. Twenty, not forty. So ... read more
Imam Mosque - Naqsh-e Jahan Square
Chehel Sotoun
Ali Qapu - a view of the square from the 3rd floor

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan May 6th 2014

Another day and another early start tromping across the countryside in our van, this time from Yazd to Esfahan. By now the kids had acclimatized to our driver and guide and rather than the shy-head-down-whispered good mornings, they were now greeting our friends with big cheery "Hello Amu!" (which means uncle in Farsi). Enroute we stopped at Nain, famed for its unique carpet styles and Iran's oldest mosque (8th century). There was also a supposedly interesting citadel though it really was more of a pile of lumpy mud with sporadic outcrops that looked like towers. Perhaps the most memorable part of Nain was when we spied our arch nemeses - a French family that was also travelling with kids. We liked being the only foreigners daring enough to bring small kids to Iran (because its sooooo ... read more
Families around Naqsh-e Jahan square
Naqsh-e Jahan square
Naqsh-e Jahan square

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd May 5th 2014

Yazd has a very precise claim to fame - the oldest continually inhabited place in the world. Folks have been hanging around here for more than 3000 years, though the actual city of Yazd eventuated only 1900 years ago. Given its in the middle of the desert and near one of the hottest places on earth, one wonders why they didn't run away to the pleasant ski resorts of Northern Iran. Instead, they've spent the last 3000 years coming up with some ingenious ways for keeping cool. But more of that later in this entry. Our day started with a short drive from Zein-o-din caravanserai to Yazd. We were bummed and depressed as we had been hoping to spend the prior night star gazing with a telescope in the light-pollution-devoid desert. However the thick clouds had ... read more
Tower of Silence
Yazd Old City
Yazd Jameh Mosque

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