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Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan June 14th 2015

Keskiviikko 10.6. Isfahan L pysyi hereillä koneeseen asti, vaikka lento lähti vasta klo 23. Nousussa kyllä tipahti ja nukkui koko matkan. J diilasi meille kaks penkkiriviä, joten lapset sai hyvin nukkumaan. Me ei silti nukuttu oikeastaan ollenkaan. Herätettiin huomiota koneessa ja portilla, ihmettelivät, että ollaan tulossa Iraniin. Yks iranilainen, Jenkeissä asuva tyttö antoi numeronsa ja sanoi, että voidaan soittaa, jos halutaan jotain apua. Juuri kellään ei ollut huivia portilla, ainoastaan joillakin vanhemmilla naisilla, vaan laittoivat ne koneen laskeuduttua. Passintarkastuksessa meitä, kuten kaikkia muitakin koneessa ollutta noin viittä länkkäriä, pyydettiin istumaan odottamaan ja meidän passit lähti jonnekin yläkertaan. Eri miehet niitä kävi heiluttelemassa ja pohdittiin, näkyykö mulla jotain liikaa tai mistä kiikastaa. Väsy painoi. Lopult... read more
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Middle East » Iran November 23rd 2014

Hello.............. It is long time that i did not update my blog, maybe i am not enough motivated but today I am on my good mood :D and I am going to talk about some facts that you have to know in advance before heading to Iran! As we all may believe, human beings are all same having the same properties but in different shapes of personality which are mainly achieved based of the place of living (family values, environment ,society, etc)! Am I wrong?! So yes, it is important to know abit about a country and its people in advance! If it is your first travel to middle east countries, perhaps some items are totally new for you, if not there are many similarities between countries located in this geographic area. Here you are. Enjoy ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran November 1st 2014

Dying to reach the shore We Have To Lose Our Minds To Come To Our Senses by: Steven Javaherian Sometimes it feels like we have to lose our minds, to come to our senses. These thoughts are triggered in me today as I mourn the recent loss of a very dear friend. Her name was Mitra She left us prematurely, and seemingly totally unfair. It angers me to admit to myself that life is unfair. But I know it is. Unless I am in denial. I ask myself whether suffering has to be part of life; hence, deemed necessary and fair? I ask myself; Does the glory of birth justify the gloom of losing and death? I ask myself; Why love ––if losing hurt so much? No clear answer. This is where I begin to lose ... read more
Two Waves

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 25th 2014

I arrived in Tehran a couple of days ago. I got settled in my apartment located on Northern side of Tehran. In my wandering around so far I find Tehran to be calm and the traffic flowing smoothly. The parks are beautifully landscaped and are being enjoyed by a lot of people for promenade and exercising. There are traffic cameras installed everywhere to control and assure the motorist's orderly driving, and it is very effective. The usual air pollution in Tehran has somewhat improved since the last time I was here. I believe it is mostly due to using a better quality of gasoline imported by the government. The weather is nice and crisp after the heavy rainfall of a few days ago. Of course we know there are places within this 12 million population city ... read more
Tabiat pedestrian park bridge in Tehran
Evening View of Tabiat park bridge in Tehran
an amazing bridge structure

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 19th 2014

Having gotten through 29 113 words and 695 photos WELL DONE! Here is the recap of the details. Trip Length- 26 days Itinerary (slightly different to starting out itinerary)- Tehran- Golestan Hotel 2 nights Mt Tochal Trek- Shirpala Mountain Hut 1night Tehran- Golestan Hotel 1 night Mt Damavand Trek- 3 nights Tehran- Hotel Shahr 1 night, Hafez Hotel 1night Shiraz- Golshan Traditional Hotel 2 nights Deh Mord Village- Home Stay 1 night Yazd- Kohan Traditional Hotel 2 nights Garmeh- Ateshooni Guesthouse 2 nights Dasht-e Kavir- Desert Camping 2 nights Esfehan- Dibai House 4 nights Kashan- Ehsan Traditional Hotel 1 night Tehran- Hafez Hotel 1 night Accommodation Tehran Hotel- Golestan My rating- **** Cost/night- $40 USD Inclusions- twin room (western toilet), breakf... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 16th 2014

My very last day. The last day generally sucks. This one will be a long one as the flight out of IKA isn't until 2225 tonight, I'm going to fill my day with last minute stuff and not sit around moping. There is saffron ice cream out there! I still need a few souvenirs- my "go to" advisors, Fatima and Mehrabi, once again come to my rescue. Armed with another brilliant hand drawn map I head off to a couple of places selling handicrafts. I enjoy my last walk around the streets of Tehran; it's bustling, the traffic is crazy, the pedestrian crossings are optional, the moneychanger guys are out and about; it's a great city. I end up in 1 of the recommended shops and strike a deal on some more plates- evil eye design ... read more
Fatima at Hafez Hotel
Last carrot/saffron icecream
Lavender Bakery

Middle East » Iran » North » Kashan October 15th 2014

My morning's sightseeing Masjed-e Agha Borg; free entry and almost directly opposite Ehsan. It was wide open and virtually deserted. Another imposing mosque- very open air. I have pretty much run out of adjectives to describe the mosaic works- this one is as impressive as most. One thing that is a bit different here is that a lot of the mosaics are nature based- lots of bird depictions, lots of flowers. There is also some renovation work going on- pillars look to be being restored with painting and tile work. Another point of difference is the sunken courtyard- it is apparently a males only zone, there is also a 1st floor level so it looks to be a 3 level mosque. I was pretty keen to try to access the roof but couldn't find anyone to ... read more
Masjed-e Agha Bozorg
Masjed-e Agha Bozorg
Masjed-e Agha Bozorg

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz October 14th 2014

From Ramsar traveled East, back up towards mountains. Mr Yazd has many contacts, one is building a villa in hills West of Lahijan. So we stayed in Hamish's place who works for an airline in Tehran. Villa was warm and dry, but still bit of a building project. In-a-Jungle bit of an optimistic description, more woods or scrub, still very different to other city stops. Tabriz was nearly last stop in Iran, some how this place feels Turkish, which is just 300km to west. Well educated people, but girls are now segregated on buses (section at back of bus), but do travel with the men in a taxi. Getting colder, now 18°C on bike, where was well over 40°C only 8 days earlier, Romania could well be 15°C lower again - brr!. Maku just 20km from ... read more
Lunch in Lahijan
Hamish's villa
inside Villa

Middle East » Iran » North » Kashan October 14th 2014

Last night's Tango equals this mornings very friendly international communal breakfast. We all seem to have emerged for breakfast at the same time. The Ambassador and her partner and Brigitta and Jasmine are heading off on a day trip and I have arranged a car to get me to Kashan via Abyaneh and Natanz. A bus would be a cheap option but this way I get to see another 2 places on my list and get to Kashan in time to see some of it. I managed to get the last room at Ehsan Historical House (a tiny (=cheap)one on the roof- "am I ok with climbing ladders" the receptionist asked- sounds cool IMO) after ringing around a couple of places that are completely full. I tell Jasmine about it and it transpires that this is ... read more
Masjed-e Jameh Natanz
Masjed-e Jameh Natanz
Masjed-e Jameh Natanz

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan October 13th 2014

It's a Shia Islamic holiday today called Eid-al Ghadir- "the day in which the Holy Prophet of Islam, by divine command in his last sermon, designated Imam Ali, the first Shia Imam, as his immediate successor"- couldn't have said it any better than that- thank you Wikipedia. The concert of last night and fireworks of the last few nights have been part of the celebrations. Today Esfehan is going to be very quiet- no bazaar, no banks, no shops etc. It is a day for celebrations with family at home. Perfect day for me to spend in the Armenian Quarter (Jolfa)! According to some sources, back in 1607 Shah Abbas I was responsible for driving 150 0000 Armenian Christians from Jolfa in Armenia to Esfahan to establish New Jolfa, according to others he rescued them from ... read more
Vank Cathedral
Vank Cathedral
Vank Cathedral

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