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Middle East » Iran » North June 13th 2014

Rudkhan Castle, a thousand steps to the heart of the forest: The Rudkhan Castle River originates in the surrounding heights and flows from south to north. This stream company you all the way while hiking to reach to the top! Going to castle is a mixture of climbing and visiting a historical site and to reach there you need to go up via stairs (=1024 steps!) to the gate of castle for around 3 km. After crossing a mountainous winding route with dense forests, the first thing that one notices about the castle is its big entrance gate. Rudkhan Castle sits at the two peaks of a mountain at elevations of 715 and 670 metres and contains strong fortifications and battlements at a length of 1,550 metres. Rudkhan Castle is one of the most splendidly preserved ... read more
you see the castle only in the last steps, before that it is completely invisible
The place of king and his family
On the way, all green

Middle East » Iran » North June 11th 2014

Ramsar, an Iranian bride to remember Ramsar is a coastal city in north of Iran beside the Caspian Sea which has the mountain neighboring it.It is known as the bathing resort of the Caspian and by far the most beautiful site of the whole coast, it is unique in terms of scenery including forest, forested hills, and proximity to the Caspian beach. The town also offers hot springs, the green forests of the Alborz Mountains and the vacation palace of the last Shah, which is currently the Ramsar Hotel. Some points in Ramsar have the highest concentrations of natural radioactivity of the world, due to the activity of hot springs. Wooded hills roll down nearly to the beach itself while the powerful outlines of the Alborz mountains range from an impressive background. The museum, which was ... read more
Caspian sea
Local market
A restaurant

Middle East » Iran » North June 5th 2014

Masal is a county in the northern province of Gilan. The county is surrounded by the beauties of nature and it is situated at high elevations on the Talesh mountainside in the midst of soaring forests. There are many summer resort villages over there just around 30 minutes from Masal city and this time we went to Olasbelanga. Masal county has more than 70 thousand hectares of forest and grassland and this green roof is a beautiful hiking trail, which every year attracts many enthusiasts. It is one of the lovely view that I have seen! Such a beautiful scene while you are above the clouds! There are a few hotels and restaurants. you can find fresh milk, cheese, meat getting ready for Kabab or even local bread :D You face different climate there, sometimes mist ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North June 4th 2014

After 2 weeks of travelling in the coast of Caspian sea and north of Iran, now i am here with new photos. first of all, i start with the historical town of Masouleh: an attractive nature and a wonderful architecture with an antiquity of more than 1000 years, is situated at a distance of 35 km from Fouman and 60 km from Rasht. You can take a taxi from Fouman to go to Masooleh which will cost around 3 euro! he buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Masouleh does not allow any motor vehicles to enter, due to its unique layout. It is the only village in Iran with such a prohibition. Besides, There are waterfalls, small rivers and springs, that ... read more
me enjoying on th roof of Bazar in Masouleh
A house in Masouleh
A view of city

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran May 28th 2014

My first day in Iran with my parents, aunt and cousin.... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran May 19th 2014

Darband was formerly a village close to Tajrish, Shemiran, and is now a neighbourhood inside Tehran's city limits. It is the beginning of a very popular hiking trail into the Alborz mountain Tochal, which towers over Tehran. A chair liftis also available for those not interested in hiking. To be far away from the center of this crowded commercial city, Darband is such a good experience for those tourists who prefer the nature rather than shopping or visiting touristy places in heart of the Capital city. The initial start of the trail at Darband is about 250 metres long and is dotted with a n... read more
A water bed
A restaurant

Middle East » Iran » North » Kashan May 17th 2014

Sialk Hill (Tappeh-e-Sialk) Kashan, the city of contrast between the parched immensities of the deserts and the greenery of the well-tended oasis. There are many old beautiful houses and also Fin garden there. You need at least 2 days to visit Kashan. Sialk hills are located in the Kashan. it is almost inside the city and you can take a taxi for 1-2 euro to go there. Sialk Hill, is the remains of an ancient city, with the world's oldest zigurat in the world from 7500 year ago belonging to the Elamite civilization. The site is still under excavation. Based on archeological investigations carried out by both the French and Iranian teams, 6 cultural periods were differentiated in ancient hills of Sialk. The remains of people who used to live there can be seen. In the ... read more
She was 10 years old!
Pottery vessles
The view of Kashan city

Middle East » Iran May 16th 2014

Whenever I go to a country (or city), I try to eat just their traditional foods! So if you are like me, then this post is good for you, if not, just ignore it ;-) P.S. this post will be updated whenever i travel to different cities to find out the tasty local foods! First of all, some tips which you should be aware of them: *It is not that common to have appetizer, main course and dessert separately, normally at house and also in the parties, you can see all in one table at the same time so don’t be surprised! *Due to the range of culinary traditions across the Iranian provinces, food in Iran is extremely diverse. So each city or even village has its own traditional food although you may find all common ... read more
Saffron rice with chicken
tea (Chai) is black tea for us!

Middle East » Iran May 16th 2014

Mount Tochal is a mountain in the Alborzrange and a ski resort adjacent to Tehran. The mountain has a 12 km long ridgeline. The highest peak, also called Mount Tochal, is at an elevation of 3,964 m (13,005 feet) Tochal is a popular recreational region for Tehran's residents especially on Iranian weekends (Thursdays& Fridays). Tochal has a long gondola lift which begins from Velenjak valley (north of Tehran) at 1900m and ends in the last station at 3740m near the main ridge of Tochal. This gondola lift is used for accessing ski resorts and other recreational centers on the mountain. The gondola lift has four stationsand there are restaurant and a rescue centerin every station. You can use buses or walk the way to get to first station. Or else, it almost take you 7 to ... read more
Tochal gondola lift
An easier way to go down! :D
at station 5

Middle East » Iran May 15th 2014

Persian Rose-Water Festival (Golab giri) is one of the special ceremonies which is held in Iran since 2500 years ago and it is flower-picking and process of extracting rose-water. Every year during the second half of May, festival of Rose and Rose-Water is being held in Kashan country, Isfahan province, Iran. There are many of these traditional workshops for making rose-water and you can visit all for free. they explain about the instructions and you can have some water-rose tests free of charge. ** These are photos taken by me and I am not a good photographer! :D Sorry for that.... read more
Surrounding mountains encircle it like a ring and protect its rose gardens against the heat of the desert
Each year, the Ka'ba of the world Muslims is washed with the pure fragrant rose-water produced in Kashan country
A rose-filled hat! Locals in this are very friendly and they talk about their gardens, traditions and offer you to pick up free red-rose! The cultivated lands are estimated by the experts at 850 hectares and on the average three tons of rose are harvested

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