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Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran May 28th 2014

My first day in Iran with my parents, aunt and cousin.... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran May 19th 2014

Darband was formerly a village close to Tajrish, Shemiran, and is now a neighbourhood inside Tehran's city limits. It is the beginning of a very popular hiking trail into the Alborz mountain Tochal, which towers over Tehran. A chair liftis also available for those not interested in hiking. To be far away from the center of this crowded commercial city, Darband is such a good experience for those tourists who prefer the nature rather than shopping or visiting touristy places in heart of the Capital city. The initial start of the trail at Darband is about 250 metres long and is dotted with a n... read more
A water bed
A restaurant

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran May 1st 2014

Nobody goes to Iran for a holiday, and particularly nobody takes their young kids with them on that holiday. Or so my colleagues had disapprovingly told me when I broke the news we were off on our next adventure. As did the lady at the Iran embassy that had been processing my visa. Well then, we were going to make history and show the world just how doable traveling around Iran is. And then revel in rubbing our awesome photos and kebab-filled bellies in their proverbial noses. The trip into Tehran was uneventful and we got our first dose of Northern Iranian scenery. You don't think about snow when you think about Iran, but the first thing you see as you pull out of the airport are the imposing Alborg mountains - Mt. Kilimanjaro-esque monolithic blobs ... read more
Tehran Bazaar
Inside a traditional tea house
Kebabs everywhere

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran March 8th 2014

I had been wanting to visit Iran for a very long time. Last year as I set out on my cycle trip around the world, Iran featured at the top of my 'must visit countries' list. I had met a few Iranians on my way through Europe and had made some tentative enquiries about what their country really was like. In the early stages, my limited knowledge of Iran was that portrayed in the media. On reaching Istanbul in Turkey, I tried to seek advice from the British consulate on whether everything in the media was being blown out of proportion. The consulate stuck with the party line telling me that they did not advise me to visit Iran. I had read an article on the internet produced by HM Border Agency, which I have to ... read more
Lunch with Noushin's Family
Sightseeing in Tehran
Sampling Kebab in Tehran

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran October 9th 2013

Esfahan to Tehran Couple of things I failed to mention yesterday. We drove past a mosque that had the odd name – The Mosque with the Shaking Minarets. Didn’t go in. Apparently if someone in one minaret can get one to sway (apparently relatively easy) the other sways as well. Emir said he can remember being at the top of one as a kid when it started swaying – some young lads in the other were making theirs sway. Now no one can go up the minarets. I guess too much damage could be done. The other thing involves a mosque as well. I had heard about this one and was looking forward to see it, and trying an experiment. The mosque in question is the Masjed-e Shah (now Masjed-e Imam). In the main ... read more
Esfahan to Damghan
Esfahan to Damghan
Esfahan to Damghan

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran September 29th 2013

Teheran var vild, hektisk, kaotisk, anderledes, meget spændende med meget venlige og imødekommende mennesker. Vi blev budt velkommen af præstestyret i lufthavnen paa store plakater, 2 x Khoumeni. Møntfoden var vanvittig, og vi blev indehavere af 2,9 mill rialer for blot 100 dollar. På hotelværelset var vi sikre paa retningen mod Mekka !! godt for det !! Fru Koudal var hele tiden behørigt indhyldet i gevanter, her ses i nydeligt aften dress. Smukt foto fra Goldenstaen Palace med chaddor klædte kvinder. Over alt i Tehran var der propoganda paa husgavlene, gerne i mange meters højde, både præstestyret, militær og ikke mindst USA. Billeder fra Tehran vartegn samt Milad Tower, hvorfra vi kunne se hele denne enorme by med 17 mill indbyggere ! På gaderne var der indsamlingsstandere til fattige, børn og ældre.... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran September 27th 2013

Iran Wednesday 25 September: All morning spent travelling. Picked up at hotel and taken to the airport in Istanbul. Check-in, Immigration no problems – smooth as. After that – well I won’t complain about Sydney International Terminal again. The arrivals area is friendly and airy, the people helpful. Sort of the opposite in the departure area. People (shop assistants in Duty Free) less than helpful and give erroneous advice. Would you believe that there is only one ATM in the whole departure area at Ataturk International Airport and that is hidden away in the HSBC VIP lounge. Doesn’t dispense USD – only TL, Euros and GBP. Had to withdraw in Euros. The Flight I was on was Turkish Airlines TK 0870 and was code share with Iran Air. The departure boards at ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran October 19th 2010

I'm just going to summarise Iran as oppose to a day to day account as there was quite alot of driving and to honest I can't really remember what happened! We left early in the morning for the border us ladies looking stunning in our full on muslim gear including headscarf and my gay wizard outfit! We said goodbye to our european bus driver Martin and crossed over into Iran which was surprisingly easy just more fingerprints and luckily no searches! Got our new bus and drivers and our Iranian guide who made us feel ridiculous as she was wearing jeans, a hoody and a scarf casually draped over her head! First night we stayed in Tabriz and to be honest not as scary as we all thought it would be and everyone here and in ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran March 22nd 1972

Day 40 - Wednesday 22nd March Heather is feeling better and so John and myself will try and buy tickets for the 7pm train to Mashad. The train station was situated at the southern side of Teheran. The journey to the train station was courtesy of a very old double-decker bus but only cost 2 rials. It was disturbing at one point as the majority of passengers came across to our side of the bus. Sadly someone had been knocked over and lay motionless in the road - nasty. We met two Americans who had just bought their tickets - good news to follow as they had the ticket requirements written in Persian. There was approximately 48 people in front of us in the queue, which was a relief because the bus stations were thronging with ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran March 21st 1972

Day 39 - Tuesday 21st March Yet another cold snowy wintry day. Heather is still feeling very unwell and so we will not be leaving Teheran today. As it is New Year, all of the tourist sites are closed and so nothing to do. The day's highlight was a long hot shower (extra fee !) but after it finished it was back to the cold bedroom. I finished my book and wrote some letters to friends in UK. At lunchtime we went to our regular cafe for an enjoyable soup but there seemed to be a slight atmosphere from the staff. Maybe they thought that we spent to little cash but sat at their tables for too long - both true. Once again, no coaches had managed to get through to Mashad due to the heavy ... read more

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