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October 19th 2010
Published: October 29th 2010
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I'm just going to summarise Iran as oppose to a day to day account as there was quite alot of driving and to honest I can't really remember what happened!
We left early in the morning for the border us ladies looking stunning in our full on muslim gear including headscarf and my gay wizard outfit! We said goodbye to our european bus driver Martin and crossed over into Iran which was surprisingly easy just more fingerprints and luckily no searches! Got our new bus and drivers and our Iranian guide who made us feel ridiculous as she was wearing jeans, a hoody and a scarf casually draped over her head! First night we stayed in Tabriz and to be honest not as scary as we all thought it would be and everyone here and in every other town is so friendly as they see so few tourists and are fascinated by what were doing there. Iran is a beautiful country with some interesting scenery but we did do a lot of driving and there were a lot of brown rocks and dry landscapes to look at which is less interesting after the 100th hour! It quickly becomes apparent that the persians are in no rush for anything and the journeys can be frustrating especially with frequent police stops! The girls quickly adapted our iranian wear from head to toe black to looser tops over trousers and we chopped our full length dress things to above the knee with leggings feeling a little less stupid we started to enjoy the country. After Tabriz we went to Zanjan followed by Tehran. On day 22 we drove to Esfahan which so far is one of my highlights. I loved it especially the 33 arch bridge over the river and the bazaar in the square. Had a chilled out time by the river spotting swimming snakes and rats out in the sunshine. However it was slightly annoying that in the first proper sun and heat we had we had to be covered up so the tan is severely lacking! All in all really liked Iran apart from one slight problem. The meat. Vegetarianism is an alien concept and after several mishaps involving ordering a pizza with no meat and getting one covered in ham and the next night ordering chips and getting crisps...covered in ham I decided to give up and live off packet crisps, ice cream and biscuits. Day 24 we drove back to Tehran ready for our late flight the next day to Amritsar, India.


29th October 2010

About bloody time!
Hey biatch! Great to hear from you and your goings on!!! Your mutti popped dans le co-ey and said you lost your phone a while ago- dick! Never mind though, at least we know you is safe, and the blogs keeping up well even through shitty internet connections, proud of you haha. Asia sounds great...Thiran is in Asia right?? And good work on religious and cultural garment alteration, the fashion degree working for you in practical circumstances i would guess you had never dreamed! Are you doing anything for halloween on the coach? The girls are out on sat for a drinky, practically the first time we've been out since you left. I bet you've had more to drink than us! Good girl! Anyhoo, I'm talking bollocks, mainly because that's what I'd be doing if you were here.So I don't feel too bad! Though I will leave now and let you get on with your life. Hope you have a fab time till we hear from you next. Love love love x x x x

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