October 19th 2010
Published: October 19th 2010
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Hey folks,

I am writing this blog from Ireland again, sorry for the delay, finding Internet is not always easy. Two weeks ago, we experienced the biggest party on earth, visited wonderful castles, walked in the greatest city park and drank way too many of one of the best beers in the world.

We spend six days in Munich. The first one was a day trip from Wien and what a day trip that was. We left Wien way earlier that I have never woke up in my life. I guess that if you tell your boyfriend to wake up to go to the biggest party on earth he might get up very fast. After five hours of train, we finally arrived in Munich. Saying that the festival took over the city is a very small word. Once you step out the train the first thing you see is girls wearing crazy traditional dress, man drinking beers and banners pointing the direction of the park everywhere.

We walked for less than 15 minutes to the Park and I swear, I stood up, not walking for at least five minutes, looking around me to the many tents, kiosks, attractions...girls and the drunk guys lying on the grass in front of the main entrance (11AM). After the mini culture shock, I start walking to the first tent I can see planning on drinking a beer in the next ten minutes. Nah, this is not walking like this. You first need to find a seat, which took me an hour. After, you need to wait for the waiter to stop talking with some chicks and then wait for him to come with 15 mass. However, as soon as you start drinking listening to traditional German music, all the wait feels like nothing and you just enjoy the perfect moment. I think the best thing at the Oktoberfest, beside getting drunk, is watching the many generations of the same family sitting at the same table enjoying all the same thing. Even the ladies working in the tents are way to old to work in a restaurant according to the American standard. I simply love it. We drank in three tents and met all kinds of people. We ate in the first one and Chloe did not really like the white sausages that were served. However, all good things come to an end and we had to leave for the train station and catch the last train going back to Wien.

After two more days in Wien, we came back to Munich for the remaining five days we were allowed in the Schengen. We took a Ryanair flight from Nowhere city the 11th for Dublin. The last five days in Germany were really good and writing this blog makes me thing at how much I like this country. We did a free tour of the city again and the guide brought us to a nice pub at the end of the tour. We spend a day doing all the bier garden of the EnglishGarten. The Chinesse tower is the best one on a sunny day. The place is packed and it is great to listen at the musicians playing from the tower. The EnglishGarten is simply amazing. The park is five times bigger than Hyde Park and Central Park together. I am thinking at how much more sport I would do if I had a park like this in my city. There is even a surf area, where surfers from all over the world comes to surf in a small river. We also spend a lot of time walking in the rural area of the city and ate in the many Bierhall.

We also did a day trip to Fussen to visit the world re-known Neuwenstein Castle. You can get to Fussen by train in two hours and from the train station you can catch a city bus to the castles for three Euros Return. At the bottom of the castles you can choose if you only want to visit the Neuwenstein Castle or both of them. You can also choose not to visit them and only walk the many hiking trails. We visited both Castle and grant ourselves to a Horse ride to the first one. The castles are simply beautiful. It is a shame the Neuwenstein castle is not finish. All the rooms are simply extravagant. You will never see a room more beautiful that this. Only bad thing was the weather. It was the foggiest day ever. It was hard to see more than ten meters in front of you. So, no panorama picture of the castles.

I could write fifteen entries on Munich and his surrunding. It is one of the best cities I have visited. I love this place. I hope I will go back to the Oktoberfest again.

Next blog, Ireland!!!



The Hostel:

Munich: Jeagers hostel: Worst quality price hostel I have been in, in Munich. Spend more time in the way better Wombats and Euro hostel next beaside. Poor staff, poor rooms, expensive. Go somewhere else.

Ah Munich. L'Oktoberfest, c'était relativement agréable, mais beaucoup trop achalandé et touristique au bout du compte. Imaginez la population de Munich passe d'un million quelques a 7 milions durant le festival qui fêtait ses 200 ans cette année! Je ne suis pas sûre d'avoir aimé ce trop plein de gens saouls qui parlaient fort et qui dansaient sur les tables, le trajet de 5 heures de Viennes à Munich en train, l'envie de pisser et par dessus tout le trop plein de saucisses blanches bavaroises. C'est très dur pour le foie. En fait, l'alcool est considéré comme de la nourriture. Nous avons par contre trainé longuement dans les «bier garten», qui sont, selon moi, tout à fait extraordinaires. C'est un endroit où on sort en famille boire une bière ou manger une bonne bouffe. Ceux que nous avons fréquentés étaient situés principalement en plein coeur du English Garten, un parc immense et plein de vie.
Munich est une belle ville. Tout semble ancien, mais en réalité on a fait un effort monumental pour tout reconstruire ce qui a été détruit par le bombardements de la deuxième guerre mondiale juste avant les jeux olympiques de 1972. Il y a beaucoup à découvrir.

Il y a tant à faire. À partir de Munich, il est possible de faire plusieurs petits «day trips». Les majestueuses Alpes sont non loin de là. Je glisserai surement un mot sur mon escapade de princesse et croyez le ou non aucune princesse n'y a véçu, même pas la Belle au Bois Dormant. Nous sommes allés dans les Alpes allemandes pour visiter le vrai chateau de Walt Disney (Nieuwenstein). Le Roi Ludwig II l'a fait construire en l'honneur du compositeur Wagner. Chaque salle complètée était décorée de façon extravageante au thème d'opéras de Wagner. Seulement 1/3 du chateau était completé à l'interieur. Vraiment pas pire pour 1/3 de chateau!

C'était tellement brumeux; impossible de voir 10 mètres en avant. On se sentait dans un chateau dans les nuages. Digne d'un compte de fées! Nos photos sont plutôt ordinaires, mais en revange notre randonnée en montagne était tout simplement géniale.

Je vous souhaite d'avoir la chance de voir la Bavière.

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