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17th January 2014

On my list... visit is Prague, I haven't gotten there yet but it sure looks amazing and I'm really looking forward to going there myself!
16th January 2014

The beauty of it all. We have not made it to Prague yet but it is on the short list. Great stuff.
15th January 2014

I might...
Well, this entry might trigger some questions on my mind about my reasons for travelling, but what I am sure is that regardless the reason, everytime I travel, I feel free and when I go back to the place I travelled from, I have new thoughts and unconsciously make some changes in my projects. Thanks for taking me to Sophie's World :) Nice
14th January 2014

il est tard et j'ai envie de parler...
Oui, moi aussi je me suis souvent demandé pourquoi je ressentais tant le besoin de voyager, tout le temps. Dès que je rentre, après quelque temps je ne tiens plus en place, je pense déjà à la prochaine destination. Je ne viens pas d'une petite ville. Je suis née à Paris et j'ai grandi en très proche banlieue parisienne. Et pourtant, j'ai le sentiment que Paris est trop petite pour moi. Trop vieille. Trop statique. Il manque quelque chose ici. Je ne sais toujours pas quoi, mais je sais que ce n'est pas ici. Je crois qu''en fait c'est un moyen de s'enfuir. Parce que si c'est tout ce qu''il y a, grandir, travailler, acheter une maison, si la vie se limite vraiment à ça, ce serait insupportable. Il doit y avoir autre chose. Je crois que c'est ça qu''on cherche quand on voyage. On veut comprendre ce qu'est cet autre chose qui nous manque. Mais j'ai aussi l'impression qu''à force de voyager, on se perd. Comme tu le dis, parfois quand les gens vous demandent d'où vous venez, vous ne savez plus quoi répondre. Où est ma maison? Où est ce que je me sens chez moi? Est ce que c'est un endroit? Ou un état d'esprit? Parfois j'ai le sentiment de n'être moi même que quand je suis loin de la maison. Peut être que c'est parce les gens me rappellent constamment, consciemment ou pas, que je n'ai pas l'air française, que je viens d'ailleurs. Alors qu'en fait, c'est en France que j'ai grandi. Du coup maintenant quand on me demande d'où je viens, je ne réponds plus. J'évite. Je ne sais pas d'où je viens, je ne sais pas où je vais, mais je suis sûre d'une chose: c'est ailleurs.
14th January 2014

Je suis tout a fait d'accord! I could write pages after pages about that subject.
13th January 2014

Coming or going
Interesting story. Running from or heading to..... memories of home and a life well lived.
3rd August 2013

Doesn't time fly?
It's a long, long time since I was last in wonderful Amsterdam - but it doesn't seem to have changed one little bit! Your photos brought back some happy memories.
2nd August 2013

Ok...but when was it??
Because next time....I give you Tif and Leslie to babysit for an evening...ok...I'm kidding! And yes...we do blog on the same city the same day...but I do it 8 hours ahead of was fun!
2nd August 2013

Sounds like you squeezed every ounce of pleasure you could out of Amsterdam...ah, it only one could remember. Glad you boys are out exploring. Keep those blogs coming.
9th June 2013

Precious moment
A whisp of what could have been. An interesting tale. Glad you are enjoying Brussels.
From Blog: Celebration
6th June 2013

Once again....well written and lovely
Keep 'em coming!
From Blog: Celebration
8th June 2013

From Blog: Celebration
6th June 2013

Intéressant et bien écrit
Nicolas, from your 2009 blog "I m sorry I dont speak English" to this one, your command of our sometimes stupid English language has continually improved - as has your command of the camera! An interesting piece of writing and great photos. Garde le sourire!
From Blog: Celebration
6th June 2013

The funny thing about that is that I spent my entire life in an english school and my dad don't speak any other language. My very early blogs were a joke. I didn't care about them and was just posting pictures to make some people happy back home, but thanks mate. Appreciate.
From Blog: Celebration
6th June 2013

Nice shot!
Looks like a painting! Lovely.
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28th December 2012

Once again...
Very well written. I actually read this entry twice and think I enjoyed it more the second time.
29th December 2012

Thank you very much. Appreciate the comment.
20th November 2012

Alive and kicking
Still kicking the words around! I hope she's listening. Some great photos.
From Blog: I'm not dead
19th November 2012

Great writing. Keep it coming.
From Blog: I'm not dead
19th November 2012

Once again, just stunning photography! And lovely prose as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
From Blog: I'm not dead
19th November 2012

Glad to hear you aren't dead...
and your latest posting is appreciated. I like poetry in this context.
From Blog: I'm not dead
27th July 2012

Really nice pictures!
26th July 2012

Compliments! :-)
Officially you are my favorite blogger! I Have you consider writing a book? :) And the photos are simply stuuning! Go Nick! :D
25th July 2012

Georgous, impressive pics again! :)
25th July 2012
Tower Bridge

Your presentation of photos is great...nice to be able to be a little different. Great London blog...great for the Olympics...Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...Oi, Oi Oi!

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