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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Carmarthen April 12th 2017

Woolly says – I kept a fearful eye on the gloomy clouds above as my paws clung onto the dashboard. I’d planned everything, the snacks, the route, the snacks, the entry times, the snacks, but the weather was threatening to ruin my plans. On my quest to find things floral in Wales I had decided that the National Botanic Gardens of Wales should have plenty to offer. The Middleton Estate had a long and rich history spanning over 400 years, from its creation in the early 1600s by Christopher Middleton, Vicar of Llanarthne, to its current reincarnation as the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Built in the grounds of the Middleton Estate, the gardens were started in the mid 1990’s from a former design of Sir William Paxton. As we bumped into the car park I ... read more
It's HUGE!
Last of the bulbs

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Carmarthen September 13th 2016

Geo: 51.8564, -4.31054We left the Manor House after a comfortable night in the attic and headed for the hills. We went from Crickhowell to Brecon to Libanum where we went for a ramble on the moors. Earl and Ken, there were lots of sheep and some pretty yellow flowers, we have got some seeds to bring home for you to plant on the farms. The national park has roads and villages all through it and plenty of people exploring. There were little tracks cut through the bracken. Very different to the national parks in New Zealand.We carried on to the National Wool museum (surprise surprise). It was an old woollen mill at on the Cambrian mountain range with all the machinery still in pace and used for demonstrations. Unfortunately there were none today and they wouldn't ... read more
Sheeps on Brecon Beacons
Pretty Yellow Flowers
A Grown-up Spinning Wheel

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Carmarthen August 27th 2014

Wales 2012 I ventured into something new for this trip. A working holiday, as it was my first, I didn't go very far lol. I simply jumped onto a direct train from London King'sCross to Cardiff, from there it wasn't that far. My job on this holiday was to care for a pack of 13 dogs on Pen Parc Farm (mostly malamutes). Walking, cleaning, feeding and playing with them for 2 weeks straight :) it was tougher then it sounds due to their size and strength but a lot of fun and exercise. I learned from the whole experience. A good start to my working holiday adventures.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Carmarthen March 2nd 2011

Around a quarter of the population of Wales speak Welsh as naturally as they do English - and there are a few thousand people who speak Welsh only. The basic vocabulary of present-day Welsh is Celtic, but it includes a sprinkling of Latin and English. It is a lyrical-sounding language, but very tongue-twisting for outsiders. The Welsh alphabet omits the consonants j, k, q, v, x, and z. It has the one 'f' (pronounced 'v') and adds a double 'ff' (pronounced as the ordinary English 'f'); a double 'dd' (pronounced as 'th' in 'then'); a double 'll' (almost impossible for an outsider pronounce correctly; to get near to the sound, put the tongue at the back of the roof of the mouth and say 'hl'). Here's some words for you to try and pronounce! *Cymru is ... read more

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