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March 2nd 2011
Published: April 12th 2011
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Around a quarter of the population of Wales speak Welsh as naturally as they do English - and there are a few thousand people who speak Welsh only. The basic vocabulary of present-day Welsh is Celtic, but it includes a sprinkling of Latin and English. It is a lyrical-sounding language, but very tongue-twisting for outsiders.

The Welsh alphabet omits the consonants j, k, q, v, x, and z. It has the one 'f' (pronounced 'v') and adds a double 'ff' (pronounced as the ordinary English 'f'); a double 'dd' (pronounced as 'th' in 'then'); a double 'll' (almost impossible for an outsider pronounce correctly; to get near to the sound, put the tongue at the back of the roof of the mouth and say 'hl').

Here's some words for you to try and pronounce!

*Cymru is the Welsh name for Wales
*Helo! - this is how you say "Hello" to your friends.
* Bore da. - this is how you say "Good morning" to someone.
* Noswaith dda. - this is how you say "Good evening" to someone.
* Croeso. - "Welcome"
* Nos da good night
You can try saying these maybe with your friends at school.

This website lets you hear how to pronounce Welsh with these words and more


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