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llUnfortunately, we did not find the Loch Ness monster (aka Nessie) today, but we did have fun looking! We went on a Nessie hunter boat cruise on the Loch (our boat captain sounded a wee bit like Sean Connery!), and learned: 1. The water is black-ish appearing because of the soil around the loch. There is a lot of peat in the soil (maybe Nessie likes peaty whiskey?) 2. Loch Ness is about 50 feet higher than sea level, about mile wide, 23 miles long and DEEP - about 750 feet deep at the deepest point. To illustrate the depth, our boat captain kept moving the boat closer to shore and reading out the depth we approached the shore. Basically, there's a very minimal shoreline, and then a fairly steep drop very close to shore. 3. ... read more

Hello all you crazy kids! We have spent the past 4 days meandering through Scotland, searching for the origins of golf and the elusive Nessie. She's tricky to catch! We spent 3 nights in Edinburgh, in the world's best B&B. We wandered the Royal Mile, visited the Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, where the Queen chills when she's in Scotland. Our last day, we hiked up a mountainside to Arthur's Seat. When I say hiked, I mean mountain climbed. The trails were unmarked, and we chose our path poorly, as the path ceased to exist halfway up the mountain. Ry and Em, you'd be so proud! It was quite lovely at the top and well worth our efforts! Next, we rented a car (yikes!) and headed to St. Andrews for a day. We saw the golf ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Drumnadrochit November 14th 2008

Following the vast quantities of beer consumed at Oktoberfest, it was time to let my liver recover, and actually spend 5 days of a week at work. Thankfully I couldn’t stick to it for too long, and 5 weeks after Oktoberfest, I was off for 9 days in Scotland for a sport weekend followed by a 6 day tour through the Isle of Skye and the Highlands. But first, in the 5 weeks before Scotland, I made sure I got plenty done around London as well. I made it up to Leeds for another couple of games (3-1 and 3-0 wins), before going to my first ever Leeds away match at Southend-on-sea, which turned out to be a disappointing 1-0 loss. I came back into London late on the Tuesday night and it had been snowing! ... read more
View over Edinburgh
View over Edinburgh #2
All Blacks at Murrayfield

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Invergarry Still I got up and straightened up the room so I could take a photo of how nice it was. I’m such a weirdo! We went down to breakfast and while we were eating the manager brought down our luggage - woo hoo! He even helped me put it in the car while mom paid for our sandwiches from yesterday. I really liked this hotel and wouldn’t mind staying here several days to explore the area. The room was gorgeous and big and so was the bathroom. The staff was super nice and friendly as well. Urquhart Castle We were on the A82 road by 9am and got to Drumnadrochit and Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness by 9:30. There was a tour bus waiting already for the 9:30 opening time. It was so windy and ... read more
Urquhart Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Drumnadrochit September 4th 2008

Day three of my trip was another early start. Doing the West Highland Way and the Great Glen Way I always stuggle to sleep for any lenght of time. Most nights I am restless and I always seem to start very early in the morning. This day was no different and the thing I remeber most about it was that this was the start of the big climb. This was a sharp climb outside the village of Invermoriston which was about 4miles from the campsite I stayed in. This was the highest part of the entire route and It was very hard going with a large backpack. I met a few people that morning who staying in B&B's in Invermoriston and had there luggage carried to the next B&B in Fort Agustus. At this point it ... read more

Dear Diary Scotland rocks! Everyone is so much nicer here. More helpful, happier, and not just 'pretending to be nice' to get a bigger tip. Had some jetlag problems the last couple of days, but had some big sleeps, so we're back on track now I think. Went and saw St Andrews, and the (original) golf course. Stayed at a nice B&B up the roasd in Edzell, where we got about 14 hours sleep (!). Yesterday we went to Dufftown - not where Homer gets his beer, but where the Grant family have their distillery for making Glenfiddich. Did a tour and had a 'wee dram' at the end, which was nice. Nearly bought a bottle of '50 year old' from the gift shop, but realised I left the $5000 pounds (A$12000?) in my other pants!!!!! ... read more
What the???

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Drumnadrochit December 29th 2007

Our Christmas holiday started on the 21st of December, even though we had already been travelling around for the last 3 weeks. This trip however, was pretty much just going to be sitting around eating and drinking. We left Cardiff Friday night and headed up to Drumnadrochit in Scotland which is on Loch Ness. Our mode of transport was Jason and Kirstyn’s new Volkswagen camper, Clancy. After a very comfortable 15hr drive in Clancy and a short stop at a very crowded Morrisons in Fort William (to stock up for our Christmas feast) we arrived at our destination. Drumnadrochit is a very small, sleepy village and our cottage is nicer than we expected, with a great kitchen and even a bath! We arrived to some very cold weather with most things iced over including the river ... read more
Icy River
Christmas Dinner
Flaming Pudding

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Drumnadrochit December 25th 2007

Hooray! We finished our jobs on Friday the 21st December, what a feeling to be unemployed and free again. We decided to avoid the projected 9million people on the roads on the infamous 'Black Friday' before xmas and leave late that night for our Scottish adventure. After last minute seat belt instalments the night before in the cold, Clancy was ready and raring to go... whilst somewhat slow, Clancy tackled the night journey well and provided ample space for all our gear and room to stretch out and try to sleep. The fifteen hour drive that followed proved to test our skills at staying awake at the wheel...aided by lots of chocolate, cokes and a little singing with Madonna, we made it to Glasgow in the wee hours of the morning and managed to get suitably ... read more
You can't keep the kids off Nessy
Whisky Scottish Style
The first and only flakes of Snow for Xmas

We had a great night's sleep and breakfast across the street was, as they say here, brilliant. We headed out to Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness after breakfast and checkout. We have no hopes of seeing Nessie...honestly, if all the guys on Nessie tours with fish finders can't find her we're not going to waste our time lol. However, Loch Ness is breathtaking and Urquhart, even half in ruins, is gorgeous. Ali and I, once again, go our separate ways in Urquhart but the way it's set up we can almost always see each other. I got a little bit artistic and tried taking some interesting photos here. I'm not a good photographer but it's hard to take a "bad" picture here. Scotland is so incredibly beautiful. The morning starts out overcast but ... read more

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