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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dumfriesshire » Lockerbie September 8th 2017

After a posh breakfast (also reflective if price), I retrieved my panniers from my room and my bike from behind the reception, and was on my way. The usual weather, ...wet roads from recent rain, and intermittent rain (heavy at times) as the day progressed. Occasionally, the sun broke out to revieve my short lived optimism.. Much of the route followed the old highway (I believe), alongside the M74. As such, much of the day was spent with hissing tires on wet pavement, and grumbling trucks lumbering by. The old road did have an adjacent marked bike lane. While paved, it was randomly patched and, where not patched, the bitumen has long left, leaving stone nuggets to rattle and impair any fluid momentum. I did stop at a roadside truck stop, that had a few locals ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dumfriesshire » Kirkcudbright June 23rd 2014

Ich bin ein begeisterter Radfahrer und verbringen die meiste Zeit fahren hier und da. Ich mag besonders Rutschen Berge, die ist, warum ich einen Fahrradurlaub in Schottland haben mit meinen Freunden Fritz und Doris. Am ersten Tag unserer Reise nahmen wir den Zug von Aachen nach Rotterdam und dann mit der Fähre nach Hull. Von Hull fuhren wir auf unseren Zyklen der kleinen Stadt in der Nähe von Hexham, die Hadrians Mauer ist. Wir haben eine angenehme Nacht und einem guten Frühstück im Beaumont Hotel. Wir haben gut geschlafen und am Morgen genossen wir einen herrlichen Blick auf Hadrians Wall in der Morgensonne. Zweiter Tag fuhren wir nach Gretna Green, die einen kurzen Abendessen in der Stadt von Haltwhistle, die berühmt für den exakten Mittelpunkt des Vereinigten Königreichs ist. Gretna Green war ein toller Ort zum ... read more

I had heard about a special garden near Dumfries, called the garden of Cosmic Speculation, which only opens one day a year. I really wanted to see it, and last Sunday was the day it opened this year. So Alex and I decided to make it a mini break and spend a couple of days in Carlisle, before heading to Dumfries. Of course, we were able to meet Sophie and Martha too, as its only 90 minutes from Glasgow. Sadly Tom had to work that day so couldn't come. It was a chilly, damp day unfortunately, but the place was still incredible, and it just means another trip on a sunnier day! I'd have had to re visit anyway as there's too much to take in in one go. Both Sophie and Alex got better photos ... read more
centurian meets Alex
Eddie Stobart depot
lovely nature reserve

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dumfriesshire » Dumfries October 3rd 2013

The weather hadn’t improved from overnight and there was light rain falling again as we emerged for the day. We were fortunate to catch daughter Leigh on Skype as we were having breakfast but unbeknown to us as we started the call this was to become a drama that we never expected to happen to us. Up until this morning on the BBA V2 we have taken great care in the use of our toaster making toast while we have been in hotels where the smoke sensors can be more sensitive than in an apartment. However, the Travelodge hotels have very few 3 pin plugs in their rooms and they are usually in the centre of the room, often right under the smoke alarm. We carried on talking and eating and putting down a last piece ... read more
The offending piece of toast after the event
Cemetery at Cumbernauld
Main Street,Cumbernauld village

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dumfriesshire September 30th 2012

Queen of the South was one of those mythical places - a memory from childhood that only ever came up on the football results on a Saturday afternoon. It was joined by Raith and Albion Rovers. Where was Raith? I could not find them on a map? Of course I learned as I got older - they were in Dumfries, Kirkaldy and Coatbridge respectively, but I never got any closer until 1992. I can remember it vividly. It was the last day of free petrol in my company car. Where should I go? It clearly needed a final test drive. Queen of the South, Dumfries. Dumfries meant no more than a fanzine creatively named A Nightmare on Terregles Street, but would it be one? It turned out to be nothing of the sort. And so to ... read more
Devorgilla Bridge
Devorgilla Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dumfriesshire September 20th 2012

During the last part of my trip, it was so incredibly hectic and jam-packed that I had no time (or internet access) to write. While being denied the internet actually allowed me to enjoy my time even more, I failed to remember to finish up telling the stories of this adventure, so now I must do so! After having spent the first week bopping around Northern England with the Kirby's and friends, we departed for a week in Scotland. Ann booked a wonderful cottage in Crossmichael, Scotland for the entire week and we were extremely happy with it. It was beautifully decorated and had the most spectacular view of Scottish countryside. We had an excellent week touring Loch Ness (which was the first thing that I was able to cross off of my bucket list!), roaming ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dumfriesshire » Gretna Green September 15th 2010

This morning was the wonderful scenic Lake Districts - visited Gracemere and paid homage at the grave of William Wordsworth. "I wandered lonely as a cloud a host of golden daffodils." This is the area where the SMITH and GATE family come from. However we did not visit any towns where Lesley's ancesters lived. Cross the border at Gretna Green - a lone piper, heeland coows and Belted Galloways. Emily checks for the Dickson Tartan - a part of the Keith clan. Lesley checks for the Andison Clan Tartan. (Clan Anderson the closest spelling). Arrived in impressive Glasgow - main square full of statues of famous Scots.... read more
Gretna Green

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dumfriesshire » Gretna August 2nd 2010

Long drive today from London to Gretna, Scotland. Wow-just to see SCOTLAND on the travel sign. It was really something. The landscape is beautiful. Rolling green hills and sheep everywhere! There are many service stations on the travel route. Once we got out of London (which is a terrible rats nest of roads and nothing runs straight), it was much easier. Arne did all the London driving and got us well onto M1. I was able to drive the rest of the way, continuing on the M6 to our B + B. The B + B is called Barrasgate House and it's very nice. The kids are in bunks and we're all in the same room with an attached sunroom. Private bathroom as well. Our hosts are very quiet and let Jon and Nicole play with ... read more

Geo: 55.0058, -3.06223Gretna Green, Scotland2:15-5:15 p.m.The scenery hadn't changed much. Rolling hills, sheep, cows, sheep, dry stone walls (stone walls that are stones stacked so tightly and securely that no mortar is used), and of course sheep. We also went past the location of the Lockerbie plane crash which was next to the freeway. As for the weather, the sun played peek-a-boo all day and the wind was blowing. Gretna Green is a tiny town that is famous for runaway weddings in days of old. English couples on the run from fathers could get married by the blacksmith. People could still get married by the blacksmith up until the 1950's. I have always read about it in the Barbara Cartland romances. They had a sign in book for visitors, I wrote: Finally made it here….alas came ... read more
low level resovoir near Grasmere
Grasmere to Gretna Green
Grasmere to Gretna Green

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dumfriesshire » Langholm April 7th 2009

Day 26 Langholm - Innerleithen 45 miles (816) ... read more
Scottish Blackface
Eskdalemuir Samye Ling

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