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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Inveraray June 13th 2018

We headed up the scenic west coast of Kintyre on Tues 12 June. Still beautiful sunshine. Passing through the picturesque village of Tarbert, we took a right hand turn towards Inveraray. We know how the vegetation is trimmed on the sides of the road. The lorries do it! We followed behind a logging hauler for quite a long while. At times, it was raining leaves lol! We arrived in Inveraray too early to check in so, after stretching our legs, we decided to visit the jail. Inveraray Jail is now a museum but, back in the 1800s, it housed prisoners, men, women and children in extremely dire conditions. It comprises of the Old Prison and the New Prison. Very graphic presentations so not many photos - too gruesome. We then moved onto Inveraray Castle a ten ... read more
Inveraray Castle
Cruising on Loch Lomond
Having a drink with new friends.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Inveraray August 17th 2016

Road to Glasgow Woke up at the crack of dawn and took of tea across the road to soak up the early morning stillness of the harbour. A fishing boat was unloading and on further inpection and chat to the fisherman found two trays of lobsters heading into the back of a truck destined to arrive in Hong Kong the next day. Come to think about it I think I saw their cousin in a fish tank over there last week. Tarbert is a lovely sleepy little fishing village off the tourist track and we are thankful that Kirsten led us here. This morning we went on a short boat trip our onto the Loch Fyne. We saw seals, mussel farms and salmon farm and off course castles. We sped past a very large modern building ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Inveraray August 11th 2016

Nach einer modrigen Nacht mit kurzer Plauderpause von S und D und einem schnellen Frühstück im Hostel wandern wir los zum Turm Dun Na - vorbei an Kothaufen aller Art, leckeren Waldhimbeeren und Schaaafen. Wir bemerken entzückt, wie der Wind sich in den Bäumen bewegt und erfreuen uns der Aussicht und Natur - Pilze, Moose, Farne. Wald eben. Schottischer Wald. Und Regen, Regen, Regen. Oben angekommen eine tolle Übersicht über das Dorf Inverary und den See, kurze Unterstellpause im Turminneren. Beim Losgehen wascheltsvoll runter, alle werden klatschnass und frieren trotz körperlicher Bewegung durch. Verzweifelt kommen wir am Auto an, wollen uns im Hostel umziehen - die Hostels in Schottland haben meistens von 10-16/17.00 geschlossen, trotz Code und Schlüssel. Toll. So sitzen wir im Auto, googeln Kleidungsshops, sitzen wieder im Auto. Fahren wieder auf unseren ursprünglichen Parkpla ... read more
Moosiger Baum
walk, tourists, walk!
Nebel über Inveraray

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Inveraray August 10th 2016

Verspäteter Blog post, weil.... wir waren offensichtlich Spam... für 24 Stunden. Nach einem eher mauen Frühstück im Hostelcafé geht's ab, um Edinburghs Natur zu erkunden. Wie immer sind wir am Weg lucky und sehen amazing Dudel von den Pipes and Drums im schottischen Landsitz der Queen, gratis, durchs Tor. Im Weg stehen nur die dicken, weißen Pferdehintern. Experten (P und A) behaupten, diese Pferde seien größer als andere. Arthurs Seat mit Actionfotos, 90 Minuten Wanderung, alles gut. Der fiese Kaffeekonzern nennt P Patrick, was uns ja eher nach Irland führen würde. Nach einer Massage und einer sehr anstrengenden Wanderung mit den Koffern nach Newtown, einem Taubenschiss auf As Ärmel und einer langen Straßenbahnfahrt im Stau später, verbringen wir eine Stunde bei der Autovermietung, weil zuerst die Schlange lang ist, dann weil unser Auto mit Fehler am ... read more
Cuddle on top of Edi
Jumping S
Das waren wir nun 24h lang.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Inveraray August 3rd 2014

Omstreeks 16u vertrokken we met de auto richting Rotterdam. Huh? Rotterdam? We gingen toch naar Schotland zullen jullie lezertjes nu denken! Ja, maar met de auto is het moeilijk rijden over water, dus moeten we op een overzetboot! En die vertrok in Rotterdam. :) Altijd lekker eten op den boot en dat was ook deze keer niet anders! We wisten niet wat eerst nemen! Maar die lekkere ribbekes mochten niet ontbreken op een bord! Daarna even uitwaaien op het buitendeck en uitblazen in de bar. Gezellig gezellig gezellig! :) De nacht was rustig en we hebben goed geslapen op de boot in onze kajuit. Toen ik binnenkwam (De oudjes sliepen al) verwachtte ik drie stoomboten te horen, maar toen dit niet het geval was, checkte ik bij iedereen toch even de ademhaling. Vreemd genoeg was het ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Inveraray July 18th 2013

I remember during my childhood back in the late 50’s passing the seemingly deserted village of Auchindrain and later as it and the surrounding rolling hills disappeared beneath the onward march of forestry so different from the Gaelic Achadh an Droighinn or field of the Blackthorn Tree. On a beautiful spring day during my journey northward to the Isle of Lewis and calling on friends in Campbeltown I took time to stop off and wander around this remarkable and wonderfully preserved tenancy farm township a type of settlement that was once common in Scotland. This was me in my element slipping effortlessly back in time with my sketchbook in hand. The buildings have been beautifully restored and presented both inside and out to give a real sense of being back in my childhood days when the ... read more
Stoner's house
New Barn
Stoner's and Martin's house

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Inveraray August 4th 2010

We headed into Glasgow and were met with a big old dirty town, it was great! A relief after the manicured Lakes region. We stayed in the West End which has recently been 'coolified', i.e. big warehouses were converted to apartments and funky little coffee shops are springing up everywhere. I loved it, as it reminded me of Smith street back in Melbourne, or Brunswick street as it was 20 years ago. Everyone who trots around Glasgow does so with a certain air of coolness that cannot be obtained unless you are a Glaswegian, but somehow never managed to come across as pretentious; I really liked it. Glasgow has recently being touted as a city of “art and culture” (again more Melbourne vibes), and is home to some fantastic art galleries. Even if you're not much ... read more
Welcome to the Highlands!
Clan Campbell Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Inveraray April 12th 2009

Route map: Day 3 started with an amazing dawn looking over towards the low hills on the south of the Crinan Canal, steeped in some eery low clouds. 3rd day fatigue was setting in, especially as clean clothes were wearing thin, but onwards we rode. Our first destination was out north along the flat flood plain to Kilmartin. There we breakfasted proper (did we have bacon rolls?) at the church cafe, and had a nice wander around the churchyard, admiring some very old Celtic tombstones. From Kilmartin the route wended its way uphill to the start of Loch Awe. Loch Awe is a long loch and on the day we passed extremely calm. The reflection off the surface of the water was almost magical, especially looking through the trees that separated the bank from the road. ... read more
Celtic gravestone detail
At the top, resting
Looking towards Crinan Ferry at breakfast

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Inveraray June 15th 2006

Geo: 55.9933, -4.69484Today Jude and I went on a day trip out of Edinburgh. Along the way we saw castles, an angus bull and went to Loch Lamond.... read more
02 Inside
03 Inside
04 Me

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