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Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Belfast October 19th 2018

Friday October 19 - After breakfast, we headed out to Belfast and arrived by 11:30am. It’s only 90 minutes away by highway. We parked in the apartment complex where we’d be staying, and walked into town from there, which took about 40 minutes. Belfast has a complex and somewhat violent recent past (think Bloody Sunday, where 14 unarmed civil rights protesters were shot by the British Army), but I was surprised at how many murals painted walls of buildings we passed by, alluding to not forgetting what had happened. It did not feel like a city at peace. We walked around downtown during the day, then took a free tour of city hall that happened to start when we arrived at 3pm. Next we headed over to a nearby mall to look at the building, discovered ... read more
Belfast Mural
Belfast Mural

Got lost trying to find a bar because of the awful directions from the guy in the hostel. We got back and found some aussies to party with. They took us to this place called filthy mcnastys which was really empty. Until a whole bunch of college students rocked up for their formal after party. We had a great night partying with our new friends and a bunch of randoms. The next morning was a bit of a struggle as we hauled our hungover asses up at 8 in the morning for a tour at 10. We did a big day of Game of Thrones locations, crossing a rope bridge on to the island of Carrick-a-rede and most of all the giants causeway. It was so freaking pretty!! These rock formations created from lava and gradually ... read more
The Wall in Belfast
Aussie Aussie Aussie

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Belfast December 18th 2014

I always wanted to go to Belfast and to see what this place is all about, well I always wanted to go to Europe and see a castle, and chase some sheep. They say it's always green year round here, which I had a hard time imagining this to be, but it is! It rains like every flippin day for this to be so! Anytime I travel to a new destination I get that -travelbuzz- feeling for the unexpected that awaits me, however I was a bit disappointed for the scenery was reminding. Being spoiled in Morocco, for every turn was an exotic adventure, made Northern Ireland look like just another city to be saw like home. None-the-less it was fun, I stayed with friends in the country side called county down. Sheep roamed their back ... read more
County Down

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Belfast October 19th 2014

Well, since the two-day double decker bus tour in Derry was a bust, and because I felt as though I had seen everything I wanted to in that city, I decided to look into taking the train to and from Belfast for the day so I could squeeze in another city. I decided to go for it, and was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the Londonderry train station that the fare was much lower than I had expected! I then took the train to Belfast, which took about two hours and featured stunning views of the Irish countryside. Upon arrival in Belfast, I found a place to grab lunch and then headed to the tourism office to (hopefully) purchase a ticket for a bus tour. These bus tours were still running, and I was able ... read more
St. Anne's Cathedral
Tallest Celtic Cross in Ireland

Today was absolutely amazing. I started the morning off waking up early again so I could get to my tour to the Giant’s Causeway with Paddy Wagon. The tour guide today was named John and he was extremely funny. The Giants Causeway is in Northern Ireland which is a completely different country than the Republic of Ireland. So when we were crossing the border, John told us we would need our passports, a customs form, and five euros to enter. Of course he was just kidding but many people took it seriously and came to ask him about a form. He told them to see his secretary and then announced that we had all just crossed the border. Got to love Irishmen. Our first stop to the Causeway was at the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. It cost ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Belfast August 11th 2013

Beflfast, Giants Causeway, Bushmills at 26/02/2013... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Belfast December 27th 2012

I ran around for years, looking for answers that were buried deep under blood and hate, dirt and shame. Still today, I struggled to control my sense and can't fully understand. I remember the ritual like it was yesterday. You were once again leaving. During a couple of seconds which felt like hours. My world was stopping. My eyes were getting wet, but I couldn't look away. I knew only too well what was coming, but couldn't do better, but look at you as you were leaving. Questions were popping inside my heads and getting lost through a chaos of sadness and incomprehension. I was acting tough and I kept telling people that you were a good man and you were doing this for the better good, but I was burning from inside. Not long before, ... read more
Bushmills ish

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Belfast June 18th 2012

(Note: There are more photos on pages 2 & 3 of most of the blog entries!) Friday 15th Car from Biarritz to Bordeaux; Plane from Bordeaux to Dublin; Bus from Dublin to Belfast = 11 hours. Flight delayed 30 mins, and then a screw-up with the Irish bus company, who hadn't enough places on the Express bus for all the punters coming home from various European football matches. So I ended up on whatever the opposite of Express is, and got into Belfast at 9:30 pm, instead of the predicted 6:00 pm! >:/ Met at the bus station by the fabulous Ian and Janet Corry, and whisked off for Billecart champagne, a great Spanish red, and an excellent dinner in a restaurant called Cayenne. Home by midnight to sample some of their poteen, sloe gin, and ... read more
The central bell-call board
Metropolitan Art Centre

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Belfast July 17th 2011

Reached Edinburgh Haymarket station after a trip of about 10 hours on July 14th.Changing train in London was quite easy for King s Cross is only opposite the international terminal.London-Edinburgh is about 4,5 hours ,Funny thing in the train is that opening the outside door goes as follows: open the window of the door, reach out for the handle outside and open the door.During the trip lots of naked sheep in the meadows. Arrived at the Guards hotel at 19.00 hours.A 12 room hotel that s connected to the Scottish Guards club, club for all ex members of the scottish guards male and female. My room was a 4x4x4 m room so volume enough. However no window at all. Went down and asked for a window.One of the ex majors, there are a lot of ex ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Belfast July 17th 2011

Took yesterday the 6.40 from Haymarket to Glasgow Central and had a connection to Stranvaer at the same station at 8.07.At Stranvaer the ferry of the Stena line is next to the station. The trip Glasgow Stranvaer takes about 3 hours and you see a lot of green, hills, meadows and a lot of unknown stations like Perswick international airport an hour from Glasgow. A small airport however with huge parking lots .The day started with rain but slowly slowly it became dry. On the way there are also meadows with only completely black cows. When these are the Angus cows the meat tastes better than it looks like when still alive. Other small stations like Maybole and Barhill where people get on and off the train and finally Stranvaer.Was able to take an earlier ferry ... read more

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