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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Coventry October 30th 2005

Well somehow i've managed to brave the steam driven 56k modem and the speedy p100 to bring you this blog - which i'm sure you'll either love (thanks mum) or hate (cheers everyone else). At the moment we are still trying to sort out all kinds of things which we really should have looked into a long time ago - still i guess thats pretty much the norm.....hmm. Anyway we've had the jabs and got the tabs (malaria), spent a hilarious day (the first of many i assume) in London, q-ing to get into another q etc, trying to get all of the visas sorted (anyone wanting the definition of opposites simply vist the New Zealand embassy and then the India one). I suppose reasonably soon we should start to think about where we might actually ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham October 12th 2005

Wednesday; our trip to Birmingham. Alison and Peter hired us a car for a few days, which was awesome! We had a Renault Megan (the ‘Baby Got back’ car). The car was great, and brand new! It had about 17 miles on the odometer. Mick had previously won an Ebay auction, and was now going to pick up his loot from Birminham, so we set off on a day trip. The weather was pretty miserable that day, and we arrived down there about school out time (traffic). We had by now discovered that the best driving combination was me at the wheel (because I am the better driver!) and Mick doing the navigating (because I am the better driver!). This system had worked well in America also. Any wreakers (they call them scrappers in England) we ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham October 6th 2005

Well, this is my first entry into travelblog, hopefully it will work. At the moment I'm laid up on the sofa at home with a gammy knee and a cold. It's less than two weeks now until I am due to leave, I'm not worried about the cold, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the knee will have recovered in time - word of advice to anyone wanting to go travel the world, don't have your knee operated on just weeks before you're due to go. As long as it doesn't stop me from taking advantage of the plethora of winter activities... Anyway, I'm not sure how this thing works, or how updates get sent to people that I actually want to read it, so I'm not going to write any more in case in ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Coventry September 25th 2005

I eventually got home on friday night, and now I'm at uni! How mad is that?! New Zealand was amazing though, and I's love to go back again one day! ie when I am no longer a poor student!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Coventry April 15th 2005

On our drive to the northern City of York, we made a quick stop at Coventry and headed straight to the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, Church of St. Michael. The ruins of St Michael’s are the consequence of violence in our own century. On the night of 14 November 1940, the city of Coventry was devastated by bombs dropped by the Luftwaffe. The Cathedral burned with the city, having been hit by several incendiary devices. The new cathedral was consecrated on 25 May 1962, in the presence of HM The Queen. The ruins remain hallowed ground and together the two create one living Cathedral. ... read more
Statue of Reconciliation
Ecce Homo - "Behold the Man"
Cathedral Ruins

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Birmingham March 7th 2005

Wednesday morning I was lying all warm and comfy in my bed. All of the sudden the horrible sound of the phone made me get out of my warm cinnamon roll bed(little Simpson’s reference there for those of you who didn’t catch it). It was Amber and she was going to go to Birmingham to go to the Cadbury factory with some people from her marketing class. I was content on sleeping and then writing my paper, but Amber wouldn’t have it and made me get my ass out of bed! We did the usual of waiting for the bus in the cold! Let me tell you how tired I am of that someday! The whole reason I was going to the chocolate factory was to bathe in the chocolate river! Ah... We get on the ... read more
Devil Cocoa Beans! Don't look at them too long they might kill you!
Damn Beans have their own Ville!
Scary cars we had to ride. Like the sign says exit! That means run the hell out of there!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Wolverhampton November 3rd 2004

I have dreamt of this trip now since I was a child, Landrover s publicity team did a great job of persuading me that 4x4 s and adventure in exoctic far out countries went together. I knew one day I would be facing this challenge head on and that all my paths, destiny if you like pointed me in this direction. The strength of desire has come and gone over the years alas my nemisis has remained this trip. For ten years now I have been able to do this trip and twice now it has been cancelled, once over Goerge W Bushe s over reaction to the trade centre bombings and once over a over reaction to my plannned exersion believing that we were meant for greater things together I turned around and came home. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Wolverhampton October 13th 2004

Hey Guys, Im afraid this is a bit more of a soppy and personal one, soz! Firstly, thanks guys for the great b-day/leaving bash. I had a fantastic time (which im pretty sure that you all may have noticed) and i was extremely plastered (just for a change, he he). Everyone keeps asking me if you guys were drunk and if you all had a good time and to be honest i ain't got a clue, but hey i was and i enjoyed it :o). Im glad that you all could make it (even though it took ages to get here) im really grateful. Im so blessed to have such fun and INTERESTING (as you can see from later pics) people as my friends. You all mean something to me in your own special little ways ... read more
Lornie pops

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Wolverhampton October 12th 2004

Hiya all, To anyone who reads this that does'nt know me i will just give you a quick fill in. Im Michelle and im just about to set off on my adventure to the other side of the world to sunny Australia. I am 24 and i have just graduated from university with a degree in Fine Art. I wasnt quite sure on what i wanted to do as a career and with no boyfriend to marry i decided to go on an adventure to bide me some time. I've always fancied going to Australia and being an Artist i have been interested in the culture of new places. I have lived in England all my life so nothing interesting to report there im afraid. I have never backpacked before so this for me is a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Sutton Coldfield January 15th 2000

Welcome to our Travel Diary. Yes! Its really happening. Its not a pipe dream or just an idea - Dan and Lucy are actually going travelling (Im sure i just heard a champagne cork pop). Stay tuned for an entry about our initial plans. Bye for now Dan and Lucy... read more

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