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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock September 8th 2013

A trip to the open spaces and fresh air of the Cotswolds probably could not have come at a better time. I had just had a really difficult week at work and big city life can get to you sometimes - this was the perfect opportunity to get away and clear my head. England has some of the most beautiful countryside you will see and you don't have to travel far to escape to it. I could've done without the early start though. I booked our hire car to be picked up from Heathrow because it was far enough out of the city to avoid the horrendous London inner city traffic and because there was a lot of rental car choice and availability out there. The catch was a 6.30am start as I tubed into the ... read more
Broadway Tower
Classic Cotswolds Cottage
Cotswold Countryside

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock August 15th 2012

6 weeks to go The weather has improved somewhat this week and we have started to have some good weather. Although not hot the rain has gone and has been replaced by sunshine. It has given us chance to get out into the garden. The late summer plants the orange Crocosmia, the large white daisies and Japanese Anemones are now blossoming. Dog roses ramble through the hedgerows and large white morning glory rambles from branch to branch. Another book has been purchased – a Rough Guide to the Czech Republic which looks like another country worth visiting. Lowdhams have acknowledged our black hole email and it seems the deputy manager writes to the manager, the manager writes to the sales manager who writes to Swift who then write to Thetford so still we wait. Hard to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock June 13th 2012

For 10 days before we left England in the middle of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, the sun stayed with us. We enjoyed the Lake District and then continued south through heavily wooded country. We continued to visit as many National Trust properties as we could and found our way to Sizergh Castle and Lower Sizergh Barn farm shop and their farm trail. Continuing on to Wenlock Edge, we hiked the Wenlock Edge, a narrow escarpment that enabled us to see for miles. We however were never able to find the Pub that was promised. We did finally use our motor scooter to visit the Iron Bridge, the first cast iron bridge built in the world (1779). Our visit to Croome Court, highlighted the intricate architecture and vast natural gardens. We learned how the craftsmen created the ... read more
a wing of Blenheim Castle
Alnwick Castle
Bamburgh Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock January 26th 2010

Geo: 51.847, -1.3535Well we needed to travel up to Bristol to finalise the paperwork for the shorty's boat journey back to Aus.Yes Darren got his way, it is coming home. Status, tyres stuffed, windscreen cracked (held together with 100 mile hr tape), gearbox making questionable noises, numerous rattles, rear springs sagged, battery on its way out again (why did we not fill out the warranty card) Oh yes that would be because we could not read the card, but regardless it is coming home. I guess on the positive it should keep him out of trouble in the barn for ages. Sorry I got side tracked, so after Bristol we decided to do a lap of the Cotswolds. Arguably one of the more scenic parts of the UK. Once in the comfort of shorty (heater does ... read more
Grizzly Adams at  the palace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock May 26th 2008

Greeting from a wet but warmish London Bank holiday, Monday 26 May. We are off to Malta tomorrow but lets fill you in on some of the recent highlights. We started celebrating Anita's birthday with a night out at the London Palladium watching The Sound of Music, It was nice, not dynamic but very slick, professional and as with live musical very powerful. We had a cheapish dinner at a popular sort of Wagamama type resturant called Cha Cha Moon. Itwas just off Carnaby Street, in a very happening part of London. On Saturday we drove with friends around the Cotswolds. It is very quaint and very English and covers about 4 counties west of London. We also went to Blenheim Castle which is close to Woodstock. We also visited the old part of Oxford, where ... read more
The Cotwolds
our Home

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock May 6th 2007

Day 9: Sun, May 6th Today we headed away from the East Anglia area, towards the west side, for our 2 days in the Cotswolds. The Cotswold is a large area, full of small picturesque towns. The kind with green rolling fields, and lots of thatched roof cottages. From Mildenhall, it was kind of a long drive. One of the longest we’ve had so far. Our first stop was Blenheim Palace located in the town of Woodstock. We didn’t pay to tour the Palace, because it’s way too-overpriced, and I just wanted to see the gardens. The palace is home to the Duke of Marlburough/Churchill family. Winston Churchill was born here, and they had an exhibit about him in the courtyard that we were able to go to, which was very interesting. One of my main ... read more
The Grounds
The Maze!
It was so much fun

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock July 1st 2006

Hi everyone So with England out of the World Cup I thought I'd better get on with the task in hand and start walking again. However due to the lack of internet cafes in the Cotswolds I am having trouble updating my blog regularly. I am standing up at a computer behind the bar at my B&B to write this so forgive me if it is brief! I started walking again on Sunday night and have walked Monday and today as well and I am now just north of Bleinham Palace in the Cotswolds. I have slowed the pace to about 7-8 miles a day and walking only in the morning and that seems to be working great. I will send out full updates when I get to a computer with a chair. Also just to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock April 18th 2005

Blenheim Palace located in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds town of Woodstock, is a masterpiece of English Baroque architecture. It was started in 1705 and finished in 1722. Blenheim Palace is set in 2,100 acres of spectacular parkland and surrounded by sweeping lawns and formal gardens. The Palace name "Blenheim" comes from the Battle of Blenheim, which was fought in August 1704, where John Churchill, the first duke of Marlborough gained victory over the French. For his battle success, the first duke of Marlborough was rewarded by Queen Anne, gave him Woodstock and said she would build him a house called Blenheim. ... read more
Holly at Blenheim
There is no finer view in England
Blenheim Palace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock April 17th 2005

The Duke of Marlborough is Woodstock's best kept Inn! Nestled just minutes away from the "hustle & bustle" of the historic town of Woodstock home to Blenheim Palace, is this gem of Great British Inns. Our hosts Jan and Derek were kind and welcoming. Jan a friendly gal with a ready smile who likes to fly to New York City on shopping junkets hit it off instantly with Holly; I could not get the two to stop talking about scrapbooking. Derek a happy fellow with a keen sense of humour and a quick wit kept both Holly and I laughing and on our toes. These two are very nice people and if you are in Woodstock, pay them a visit - you'll be glad you did. ... read more
Holly at the breakfast table
Jan, Derek and Holly
Holly, Derek, Jan & Al

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