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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston May 30th 2015

The Big Scottish Tour begins on 28 May with an uneventful drive to Hill Farm just off the M42 to drop off the caravan for one night and then to the Greasleys in Bournville to drop off Ethan. Spent the night there. 29 May left the next morning to collect the caravan and set off up the M42/M6 Toll. We arrived at Red Rock Fisheries CL just outside Preston about 2 pm. It is a very nice site popular for fishing as it has a lovely lake. But it is so close to the M6 and the traffic noise is horrible. The review on the web said it was quiet and tranquil. I can only think that whoever wrote it was profoundly deaf. We took a short drive into Preston and walked along the River Ribble ... read more
River Ribble
Campsite at Whins near Dumfries

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston May 7th 2012

I'm writing this as more of a tester really, to see if everything works...but i may as well fill you in on how we're feeling whilst I'm here! As of today it is 13 days until we officially start our adventure...THE WAIT IS KILLING US! Honestly, it is agonising. We're just doing the last minute preparations and then it's off to India! (from Preston via Manchester and London) ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston April 3rd 2012

Saving the necessary funds is easier said than done! Looks like credit will very much be my friend this summer. As for the route, we've decided against Barcelona and anywhere west of the Italian Alps. A shame, but necessary to ensure we don't flout strict drink-drive laws. Boring but can't have the trip ruined! So Berlin a real possibility along with NW Poland before crossing back over towards Munich & Berchtesgaden to continue the rest of the route before heading up western Germany following Switzerland to head back to the UK on the 4th August.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston December 4th 2011

I thought I'd start off with my party a week before I go so I had a goodbye party last night so my friends could come and see me before I leave. Mum made a delicious pavlova and ordered a cake with a kangaroo and a koala- which was yummy! Loads of people came and brought food, cards, presents and Aussie dollars! I was spoiled!! Only 6 days left until I fly out and I still have lots of packing to do! Think I'm on top of everything- flights booked, insurance bought and visa sorted!!! I just need to get to the airport on time!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston August 31st 2011

The long, long wait is almost over! This moment seemed like a distant dream when 18 months ago Rach and I, sat in the Blackbull, pen and napkin in hand tipsily jotted down an unrealistic list of far flung destinations that we were to journey to by plane, train and automobile. After seemingly a lifetime of planning, re-planning and re-re planning we are now less than an hour away from embarking on our somewhat more realistic yet still ambitious adventure around the world, encompasing 10 countries on 4 continents meaning numerous new stamps in the passport! The bags are packed (minus hair straighteners and high heal shoes), the first part of the journey from Preston to Heathrow is complete and as we sit here watching the planes take off and land the nerves and excitment have ... read more
Jet Airways flight 9W0119V

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston June 18th 2011

I was having a perfectly nice dream. I sat there, drinking tea, listening to nothing but birdsong. No traffic, no scrap man looking for a legitimate living out of begging, no van outside the house blasting Portugese hip-hop from his stereo. Just tea and birdsong. Then it was destroyed by a big, shiny robot with a vaguely female, but mostly robotic sounding voice. “The time is four. Forty-five. Ayyyyy Emmmm”. In one move, which I was possibly taught in one of my short-lived karate lessons at the age of eight, I woke, swung round and struck the robot right on the snooze button. Then I took in the surroundings and noticed something didn’t seem right. It was the light. It was, after all, 4.45 in the morning, a time I have as little experience with as ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston June 16th 2011

Continuing from last blog: Sunday - straightforward journey to the airport in Kuala Lumpur then onto the hotel in Hong Kong - it was going on for 11pm by the time we got there but we were very pleasantly surprised to find we'd been upgraded to a deluxe room! That never happens to us! What it actually meant was that we got a bigger room, replica of our previous one at the Island Pacific, but with a harbour view and king size bed, so very nice indeed, and on the 15th floor so really good views. Being in Hong Kong at that time meant it was no problem shopping, so we get the customary bottles of Tsing Tao from Circle K round the corner and rounded the evening off (or rather, early morning) with two cold ... read more
Lazing by the water!
Buildings through the waterfall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston February 11th 2011

Having never started a travel blog before and being paranoid that it probably wont work, we thought that we would give it a try while still in the preparation mode. So a few notes about how that's going: Bags packed: nil Spanish words learnt: 20 words Spanish phrases committed to memory:Give me beer. Please help me, i've lost my boyfriend in the airport. Dog care organised: vaguely Units of alcohol consumed: substantial...buggar it no work for nearly 5 weeks And so the rest of the weekend we hope to get some more things organised and we'll hopefully get some photos on here too. Adios Nat n Lee xx ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston December 24th 2009

Thursday 24.12.2009 Day 70 Preston It snowed again last night but we had to sort out our car stuff before going back to the Eu so we went to the motor register in Preston. We tried to park in their car park but there was so much snow that we could park and there look to be cars that had been stuck there over night and they were trying to dig there selves out. We parked in a super market close by but had to walk though knee high snow to get back to the motor register lucky our car was sorted out within an hour and we got back to our resort safely. ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Preston May 7th 2009

So y'all, I am really truly sorry to have been so bad with the blog for the last month or more. I can't really catch up on the whole time in this one sitting, at least the 3 or 4 weeks before Spring Break or Easter Holiday they call it. Jori, one of my travel buddies for the holiday break, is writing about our adventures. As she is already putting forth that effort to do so and she is most likely a better writer than me, I will just repost it here! Yay for you! You may recognize a bit of her style and writing from when I quoted her in a section of one of my blogs before...I think about Coventry? Who knows anymore?! I can try to fill you in on what happened since....well ... read more
out and about round Preston, what a goofy night
movie night! yes, Disney 100 Dalmations was the movie of choice
toga night with Alisha (left) and Vanessa (middle)!!

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