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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich October 23rd 2018

My brother-in-law Steve works for National Maritime Museum in London and is able to offer us the family entry to Cutty Sark, the historic vessel standing in the heart of Greenwich. We met up with Steve and his son Bryn at Waterstones, and Steve took us to the café in the Cutty Sark. A spider has been found at Bryn’s school lately, and because of this, his school has been closed; that’s why he was able to join us. Cutty Sark is a survivor of the clippers that crossed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the 19th century. We firstly looked round the 1st floor desk where boxes of tea were safely loaded from harbours and kept whilst being travelled. I could recognise some of the Chinese characters which are the same meaning as Japanese. It ... read more
top deck of the majestic vessel
Cutty Sark
bellies surronded by autumnal leaves

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich June 27th 2017

After meeting up with my parents and John & Mary (Mark’s parents) at Premier Inn Stratford, we headed for Greenwich by Dockland Light Railway. My parents found it intriguing to see unmanned stations, skyscrapers around Canary Wharf and stylish residential houses, many of which have been converted from warehouses. It was a lunch time when we arrived at Cutty Sark station. We popped in one of the Italian restaurants near the station. John & Mary were so kind that they treated the traditional Italian lunch to us. The display of the majestic vessel was visible from the street where we had come out from the restaurant. I told my parents, ‘This big ship used to convey a heap of tea from the Southeast Asia via Pacific. This ship was burnt down in 2007, but has been ... read more
The Meridian - historic line
View from Old Royal Observaroty

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich June 12th 2016

I’ve always had this romantic idea of Greenwich, the home of the prime meridian, the arbiter of time throughout the world. Imagine what things would be like without Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian. Not only would you not be able to pinpoint your location on earth, think about the difficulty of doing business between, say, New York and Geneva, and the nightmare of coordinating flight schedules around the world. I made my way from central London to Greenwich by boat, definitely the fastest and most fun ways to get anywhere along the Thames. Adjacent to the pier in Greenwich is the Cutty Sark, once the fastest sailing ship to ply the long routes from England to bring tea from China, and later, wool from Australia. Now it is permanently dry-docked and turned into a ... read more
the red ball
Prime Meridian
prime meridian

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich April 22nd 2016

A quandry. I didn't stay in touch with many people from University, but the advent of social media (I joined FB just after my Central American adventure) meant I was able to catch up with some that I really cared for but hadn't seen on a regular basis like I have my Best Man & Deputy Best Man, who have been very welcome participants in my life for 25 years. It's been great seeing families & careers & the whole shebang, even remotely. We were a fairly disparate bunch, but had one thing in common, a shared University Hall & the fact that we were generally first to run the social events, be found rigging lights or cleaning lines, or decorating into the early hours the night before a party, then enjoying it, then having a ... read more
2-Greenwich Park
3-Royal Observatory

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich March 28th 2015

Have arrived in London and made a long cab ride across peak hour traffic on the last day of school before Easter holiday - hectic!! Spent the day with our wonderful friends Leanne and Glyn and their boy Griff. Tess and Leanne are school friends, so a big high to the 'Rita's Reds' back home. A quick bus ride and we were walking across Blackheath parks, down past the Greenwich observatory and to the Old Royal Naval College. Greenwich marks the Prime Meridian, the point everyone bases their navigation of longitude from, such a British thing to claim everything revolves around them but probably understandable when you consider the volume of sea trade at the time. The Old Royal Naval College is now largely a university so the area has a great vibe with markets and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich August 19th 2014

Today we climbed up Tower Bridge which is one of the most famous bridges in the world. Most people think that Tower Bridge is London Bridge because it is so beautiful and London Bridge is very ordinary looking. Tower Bridge is a bascule bridge which means it lifts up when a tall ship needs to pass under. We walked across the top of it and later we saw it lift up. It only takes 60 seconds for the bridge to lift up. Then we sailed east up the Thames to Greenwich. This is where Isaac Newton lived. In Greenwich there is the Meridian Line which is the line that divides the world into east and west. I stood over the line with one foot in the east and the other foot in the west. Finally we ... read more
What horrors lie beneath London Bridge?
Tower Bridge behind me.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich July 1st 2014

We'd built the entire trip around out opening night tickets to Monty Python Live at the O2 Arena. To be a little more precise, we'd built the whole trip around tickets to the only night of Monty Python Live before additional dates were announced. Today was the day - we were off to the show. The day didn't begin at all well as the fire alarm in the Travelodge Crystal Palace at 0530. We wearily made our way down the fire escape from the seventh floor, arriving at ground level a minute before the fire brigade showed up. They cleared the building and confirmed that there was no fire. We had only just made it back to our room when the alarm went off again... and stayed on... until 0600 when we'd had enough. We figured ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich July 30th 2012

A day at the Olympic park was certainly a day to remember. This summer, London has been buzzing with Olympic fever in every corner. Needless to say I was very excited to be part of it, and heading to the games themselves. With tickets in hand, I went with my Mum to the Olympic park in Stratford. The journey was fine and not overcrowded. Previously there had been many concerns over the transport capabilities of London, in particular the London Underground, but in my experience, it was fine. The heroic army were there upon arrival at the park to do the security checks before we went into the park itself. The Olympic stadium was directly in front, behind a giant welcome gate and to the side was the oddly shaped orbit which is a viewing platform. ... read more
Flowers in bloom
Entering the Olympic Park
The Orbit

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich October 9th 2011

This was the first time I ever took a Riverboat service on the Thames river while in London! It's just basically a riverboat that takes you up and down the Thames and is another alternative in London's awesome public transportation system. It also has different stops for you to get on and off of and we had a day pass that was around 9 GBP which is really good especially because the tube or bus in 1.90 GBP per trip if you have an oyster card or 4 GBP/ trip without an oyster card. Anyways these boats have really cushiony seats just like a coach bus has. There is a bar/coffee bar on the boat so you can have snacks and a beverage and also toilet services. Some people even had their pets along with them. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich September 21st 2011

With only a one day lay-over in London (how crazy is that?) we decided to orient ourselves by taking a bus tour. This turned out to be an excellent idea as we got to see many, many of the places we'd heard of--though admittedly only from the roof of the bus! So I just forgot about taking pictures as things whizzed by, and concentrated on looking and listening to our entertaining guides. Our bus got stopped and hung up for a while at Trafalgar Square because the place was being set up for the celebration that night, when it would be acclaimed that exactly 365 days remained till the Olympics opened in London, and London would be READY. We got to see this on the news later back at the hotel. Our particular bus tour included ... read more
Royal Naval College Hall
Window tops
Royal Naval College Dining Hall mural

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