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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby July 17th 2018

"Are we there yet ?" Morning had barely broken as we heard plaintive cry from our travelling companion Sion . He continued over breakfast . "Are we there yet? Are we starting out?" At the best of times he is not the most patient of company when he gets going. Today he was worse than usual . Between each toast mouthful he mumbled "Isn't it time to go yet?" " We will be late" How could we break it to him that it was only 45 minutes to Derby city centre and we were not meeting Jo , Zoe and his best friend Woolly Mammoth until 11.00 Plenty of time but we could see he was getting very impatient pacing the floor , tut tutting and looking at his watch. I almost thought to get a ... read more
Pickfords House one of the firegrates
Sion on his visit to Pickfords house
the Agatha Christie displays

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby July 10th 2018

Woolly says - Many opportunities come into my world and none are better than being able to catch up with my bestie Sion, combined with visiting a new place, what's not to enjoy! As the car wheels lapped up the miles and the sun streamed into the car I thought it was time to fill the women in our our destination. Derby gained city status in 1977, a former home to the Romans who called the then town, Derventio, it was a place that grew rapidly in the industrial era and with the advent of the railway system it became a centre of the British rail industry. To make the most of our time we had decided to arrive the night before, having found our lodgings and left the car safely parked I put Zoe in ... read more
Wonderful building
In and around Derby City
Pickford House

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby October 29th 2017

The last year or so has seen the quest for self determination come to the fore. The UK decided in a rather confused referendum to leave Europe behind. Scotland in turn thought and continues to think about leaving the rest of the UK behind. The last week has seen Catalonia vote to leave Spain and Spain subsequently renounce the decision. Theses events have of course been fought out with a ballot box. In 1745, a whole bigger picture threatened to engulf the union between England and Scotland. It was played out in Derby. On a metal banner hidden on the side of a modern building by the River Derwent, a metal banner proclaims "Prince Charles Edward Stuart arrived in Derby on 6th December 1745 and held a Council of War at Exeter House on this site". ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby March 1st 2016

Another year has come and gone and this 60 something has had another burpday as Sion would say if he were in conversation with this best friend Woolly Mammoth. The head still thinks its about 16 or thereabouts but the body is beginning to hate this cold weather and what seems like never ending winter . Oh Greece ..................oh sun wherefore art thou? Today of all days I feel the need to get Suzy on the road and head off into the blue yonder where the sun shines every day. Where every day has a new view to behold. Where each morning I wake up to sunshine, to croissants, espresso coffees, where I am in food heaven all the time. Gnocci, cream cakes, sangria , churro and chocolate . Suzy is in the process of being ... read more
the hall front
The grand salon
Kedleston hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby January 15th 2016

We arrived in Derby around 4:00pm and quickly checked in to our apartment and then set the GPS to take us Roy Hampton's home in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. Roy and his wife Carol had kindly invited us for dinner. Roy is my Grandmother's nephew. And what a dinner it was ! Three courses, four if you wanted cheese and biscuits. We were looking forward to a home cooked meal but we were well and truly stuffed. Roy showed me some old photos and he caught up on the news from our family in Australia. It was a lovely evening, and left at around 11:00pm. We were very well looked after. The next day, we walked into the city centre of Derby to have breakfast. It's an old town with quaint architecture and arcades. The Derby Cathederal can ... read more
Derby Cathederal
Great Aunt Violet

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby August 16th 2015

In the age where a high end racing machine can comfortably exceed the price of a small car, Britain has come of age a a cycling nation. I remember sitting in a cafe in Ypres, Flanders, sometime in 1993 and we got talking to a guy who had stopped for his mid-morning break and a coffee. You don't really think cyclists are anything out of the ordinary in Belgium - it is flat, everybody rides a bike. However, this guy was different. He was Harry Lodge, British professional and a member of the Belgian based team, Collstrup - Assur Carpets racing team. Where have you come from this morning? Brussels. He was having a gentle, easy day of training. We had a British professional. I recall being surprised. Fast forward to 2012 and we had moved ... read more
Derby Velodrome
Shanaze Reed
Team GB

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby December 25th 2014

I cant believe how quickly the time has passed and that in less than 4 weeks Tom and i will be setting off on the journey of a lifetime. Have had some really useful Christmas presents: rucksack/day sack, some Aussie dollars, microfibre towel, folding bowl, knife fork spoon set, merrell shoes, some bridgedale socks and zip off trousers. Our wonderful "Children" bought a keyboard for the ipad to make blogging easier. Its all starting to feel very real! We are all vaccinated and are stocking up on essential meds which will occupy a fair amount of rucksack space. I think packing is going to be the first challenge - I am never good at travelling light- but by far the biggest challenge will be saying goodbye to our children and the dogs. Thank heavens for Face ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby March 5th 2014

58 days and counting. 8 weeks and the odd day before we head off for our first continental trip of 2014. It has felt a long time coming. Since we moved into our new home at the beginning of December trips have gone on hold and we have concentrated on putting in a new bathroom and are in the middle of completing a new kitchen. Whilst we have wanted to go out for trips to pass the time away the house has taken over and the trips unless essential put on the back burner. How sad is that? Suzy has been standing forlorn in the back garden. Somehow she doesnt feel in our face any more as she no longer sits on our front drive right under our lounge window. Instead she is up on the ... read more
The M1
On the way to Derby
and its the birthday boy

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby January 5th 2011

East Midlands Airport Welcome to East Midlands Airport one of the best regional airport in Great Britain and one of the busiest. "Floating airports" are being designed which could be located out at sea and which would use designs such as pneumatic stabilized platform technology. EMA also runs thriving businesses in property development and management, car parking, airport security, fire fighting, engineering, advertising and motor transport with budget and family hotels: East Midlands Airport hotels . A military airport is known as an airbase or air station. The terms aerodrome, airdrome, airfield, and airstrip may also be used to refer to airports, and the terms heliport, seaplane base, and STOLport refer to airports dedicated exclusively to helicopters, seaplanes, or short take-off and landing aircraft. If you want t... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby June 15th 2010

Torsdag d. 10/6 Mariam ankom til London kl. 15 og vi tog sammen toget til Derby. Vi gik rundt der et par timer, fik noget mad og ventede på at John kom. Omkring 19.30 mødte vi John og kørte ud til Donnington Park, hvor Download bliver holdt. Vi var heldige og fik plads til vores telte i Black Camp som var forholdsvis tæt på scenerne. Download er bygger op med camps opkaldt efter forskellige farver, The village, som er boder og forlystelser og så Arenaen som er scene området. Fredag d. 11/6 Vi startede med at se Unearth, et metal band der efter min smag var lidt for meget skrigeri, og lidt ligegydligt. Bagefter så vi Anathema som spillede mere melodisk dystert musik og var faktisk ok fedt. Så så vi Killswitch Engage, jeg kendte dem ... read more
mig og John
Mariam og mig

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