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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Portreath June 28th 2011

Confidence. It's a funny thing. One moment you can be riding the crest of a wave, feeling unbeatable and exuding unbelievable self-belief. The next, after the smallest of mishaps or setbacks, those niggling self-doubts start to snowball out of control like a swine flu epidemic. Before you know it you're questioning your own ability to put one foot in front of the other, impossible to climb out of the bottomless pit of negativity, despair and depression. Today's walk from Phillack to Portreath followed this line of thought to a tee. After yesterday's short hike along easy pavements, followed by an over-indulgence on pasties and pints, we woke feeling like we could take on the world. A bacon and sausage bap, the breakfast of kings, only added to our supreme confidence levels. From our campsite, situated on ... read more
Godrevey Lighthouse
Hell's Mouth
Godrevey Lighthouse

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Portreath September 27th 2008

Drum roll please...yup, this is it, completely out of sync and chronologically challenged...the missing month (ok probably a little more than that if I'm perfectly honest but...ok, I can't lie, not my kind of vice, this is long overdue and I know it). The thing with writing about my trip to Cornwall is that there is so much pressure with this one. See, this one, I promised to print out, pics and all and send to Jenny, the lovely Jenny, hence the pressure to get it right! So, here goes... First of all, did you know that the Cornish word/name for Cornwall is Kernow? Yup, which, incidentally, every time I think that, reminds me of Cheryl Kernogh...sad, but true. Anyway, one cold and stormy night...ok, scratch that, it wasn't either, but I really need to remember ... read more
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