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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin March 2nd 2017

We are nearing the end of our trip to Cornwall. I worked out the main things I wanted to revisit and wanted Glenn to see. After today we will be on the other bits. I had pencilled in the Bodmin Railway a heritage steam train - closed. I had thought to take him to the museum of shipwrecks at Charlestown - closed until April. We could go to the Lizard and to Cape Cornwall but in this weather it was not that appealing. We possibly could visit St Ives - again not attractive in the pouring rain. I had no intention of visiting Lands End. So we were now in the process of wondering what to do next. Two more whole days - perhaps if I sleep on it something will come to mind. Before that ... read more
the door way to Lanhydrock
Just think how big an animal you need to fit on this spit
Lanhydrock church

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin February 19th 2017

Ok - let's do the maths. 63 days and counting . Counting to what - a long four week holiday to Greece. 9 weeks today we will be getting up early. The butterflies and the thumping great elephants charging round our stomachs will have kept us up all night as we lie there waiting for morning knowing we would be on our way in a few hours. By 7 we would have taken Suzy off the drive and would be on our way to our first stop of the day - breakfast , bacon butties and a pot of tea in a motorway service station. 9 weeks easy to count off on your fingers. 8 weekends. 8 Saturdays and 8 Sundays . 14 more working days. Still a lot to do though before we head off ... read more
Cashing in on Daphne

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin July 11th 2014

Saying ┬┤goodbye┬┤to my family and friends was a whole lot more emotional than I thought it would be, and I cried so much more than I thought I would! Especially at the station when I first boarded my train that would take me out into the big wide world, I turned back to look at the station and saw my family lined up to wish me off and the reality of what I was doing hit me, so I set off on my adventure feeling more scared and nervous than I had ever felt in my whole life. I arrived at Heathrow and waltzed through security with only one small hiccup (sorry Cathy but I had to have my hand luggage emptied because of the liquid quantity and unfortunately the really nice perfume you brought me ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin July 4th 2011

The sweet, sickly smell of decomposition made me gag. Its pungency hung thick in the air. There was no escaping it. To make matters worse, the aroma came from decaying human flesh, the human flesh of my wife. It's a topic of conversation I never envisaged having. "Excuse me love, but I believe your foot is slowly rotting away." We both knew it was happening. We both hoped by ignoring the issue, it would just disappear. As to be expected, it hadn't. Ever since the second day of our 1160 mile charity walk form Lands End to John o'Groats, my wife had been inundated with blister issues. Covering her feet with blister plasters seemed to have corrected the problems. But now taking the plasters off for the first time seven days later, I knew they were ... read more
Bodmin Moor Flora
South Penquite Farm
Wild Horses on Bodmin Moor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin July 3rd 2011

The sound was unmistakeable. Heaving, followed by a short silence, then the distinct splattering of vomit on grass. I doubted it was morning sickness my pregnant camping neighbour was suffering from. The empty cans of Stella strewn around the entrance to her camper van were a sure giveaway. As we started packing our tent away, I glared across at her with disdain. She didn't see me. On all fours, she was wiping away the last stringy contents of her stomach that were hanging from her chin. I was in a terrible mood. The drunken shenanigans of my expectant neighbour actually had very little to do with my current disposition. Even without her there I would have been feeling the same. The side of my tent had been used throughout the night as a rodent super-highway, and ... read more
Foxglove - The Camel Trail Flora
Blisland Parish Church
Flora on the Camel Trail

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin July 2nd 2011

"Hey're a fucking dick." I turned around to see a group of sneering, drunk youths. It wasn't even 10am and it was obvious those shouting the abuse had been up all night. I ignored them and kept walking. There was no point in saying anything. It was obvious they were looking for a confrontation. It was even more apparent that I would've been on the end of a serious beating if I'd even made eye contact. Ramblers. Hikers. Walkers. They don't have the best of reputations. I've never considered myself to be one, but it seems attempting any journey wearing hiking shoes and carrying a backpack classifies you in this category. Like being a bird-watcher, train-spotter or even a runner, this leads to being singled out for high levels of ridicule for no particular reason. ... read more
St. Columb Church
Cornish Cream Tea
Cornish Countryside

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin January 10th 2011

A beautiful country house and estate, south of Bodmin, have been managed by the National Trust. The best was to access the property is the footpath, which starts from the outside of the Bodmin Parkway Railway station. The footpath takes you to the woodlands where birches, Scottish pines, and oaks are grown and the River Fowey flows below. Following the footpath in parallel with the cyclist path, you will see a complex of grey-stone buildings, consisting of the gatehouse, manor house, and church. The gatehouse, featuring the two-storey building, is one of few 17th century buildings which has survived. After walking past the gatehouse, you will see the U-shaped Jacobean style manor house, which was originally built in the 1620s in the reign of the King James 1st. The big fire occurred in 1881, and it ... read more
Cottage Garden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin August 18th 2010

My itinerary is provisionally mapped out: Beginning in Atlanta, Georgia I will go from there to Savannah, crossing into South Carolina to spend some time in Charleston, before heading North to Raleigh to begin an exploration of North Carolina. In North Carolina I will spend time in Greensboro, Asheville and Charlotte, then head to Tennessee to visit Chattanooga, Knoxville, Pigeon Forge (Dollywood!), Cherokee, Nashville and Memphis (Graceland). From Memphis I will head to New Orleans before flying back to Atlanta to spend a few days in Athens, Georgia and finally exploring Atlanta itself before flying home. Well that's the plan, but it may change some along the way. I already have hosts set up in Charleston, Charlotte and Nashville, with other accommodation options still under discussion. This is my first time to the USA and I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin July 20th 2010

Geo: 50.4713, -4.71761July 20, 2010Plymouth to TintagelWoke up at 6:30 a.m. to heavy fog, mist, and a light rain. Went to breakfast early and didn't care for the eggs again. Had some bread, cereal, and juice. Still had about an hour before leaving, so I went back to my room to download pictures to my travel blog. We left from the front of the hotel right at 8:30 a.m. and got stuck in the traffic jam to Cornwall County (Plymouth is in Devon County) for about 10 minutes. We made our first stop at 9:40 in Bodmin Moor at the Jamaica Inn for about 40 minutes. It is the place known for romance and smuggling made famous by author, Daphne du Maurier. (She wrote the novel, Rebecca.) It was a dump! By now it was not ... read more
Morning at 6:30 a.m. in Plymouth
 Plymouth train bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bodmin June 15th 2010

15 June 2010 Lanhydrock and the Luxulyan Valley It would be unfair to say that we left the best 'til last because, on this holiday in Devon and Cornwall, we've seen some truly remarkable places and some great houses. However, I think Lanhydrock, set in a densely wooded valley of the River Fowey near Bodmin, must rank among the best. But was Castle Drogo () more unusual? Or did Heligan () have more interesting gardens? Did Coleton Fishacre () have more atmosphere? Or was The Eden Project () better presented? Or...? Oh, how can one possibly decide without offending someone? Now do you see why I'm between the proverbial (Lanhyd)rock and a hard place? Perhaps we enjoyed our visit to Lanhydrock so much because this wonderfully gr... read more
The pathway to the house
Fire precautions
The gatehouse

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