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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich September 12th 2017

"Are we there yet?" The sad voice in the back of the car shouted . No Sion we are not. We have only just left home. We have a drive of over two and a half hours to go, a trip to the hairdressers and then we will be there. It's a dismal day . The heating has come on again this morning suggesting that Summer is almost over and Autumn is well on its way. We drive a few hundred yards down the road - "Are we there yet?" - No have a pistachio and look out of the window . Count sheep . It is going to be a long drive . To distract we talk about our upcoming holiday . We go through the list of things to do. Have I been to ... read more
All the equipment needed if there ever was a nuclear war
Seems somewhat prophetic
Inside the bunker

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich September 11th 2017

Day 11: Manchester to Nantwich. Woke up early (too common), with just me in the B & B, and a young Scot, upstairs, who had started a new job here and was awaiting an apartment. I could hear the rain before I peeked through the blinds. Weather check done, I decided I would be cycling on anyway, as the weather report hinted at the sun poking out later in the day. After a quick breakfast, I loaded the bike, and then I proceeded with my Manchester exit. This proved more difficult than it should have been. Again, rain splattered GPS, rain splattered glasses, and busy, noisy, wet traffic. Something on my GPS setup wasn't right as the routing arrows looked like tangled spagetti, and the UK streets rarely seem to finish in the direction they start ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich November 9th 2013

Day 4 of our life on the road. The homelessness continues and we find ourselves thinking that it will go on forever. Singing Wherever I lay my hat is becoming monotonous. The weather is poor with torrential rain obscuring the Clywydian Hills. The site is virtually empty. The weekenders left on Sunday night or Monday morning leaving us on our own down the bottom end of the site. Our electricity went off causing a little excitement and we had to wait until the farmer turned up to find the fault in the field and put it right. The rest of our day was spent in Asda shopping, visiting Flintshire Caravans to buy more toilet paper and blue stuff for the cassette. How exciting is that! But still a job that needs doing. Our highlights so far ... read more
Nantwich church
Nantwich church
Nantwich church

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich May 28th 2012

I'm very lucky to travel ... I'm also very lucky to live in a town frequented by tourists! Hope you enjoy a little flavour of a trip around town!... read more
Our Lake
Peaceful Walk Around the Lake
Some of our Wild Blossom

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich March 22nd 2012

THE LOG OF THE TRISTRAM SPRAGUE – PART TWO: FEBRUARY TO MAY 2002 Nantwich Basin February 27 Jamie carried out a 500 hour service on the engine. No problems except the stop solenoid would not stop the engine! We spent most of the day in town buying supplies. We have already loaded about £400 of stores. Polished the car ready to leave it behind! Collected a takeaway Chinese from town..could be leaving Nantwich tomorrow? Very pleasant place and area, but we will now be pleased to leave. Won’t miss Otter the coal bandit! February 28 Early start. Ian soon fixed the stop solenoid. There is a fuse by the starter motor which had blown. Picked up a few last items from the chandlery, paid the bill for services and fuelled up. Gave the staff of the ... read more
The Shroppie Fly pub on New Year's Day
Breaking out of the ice!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich January 21st 2012

The Holly Holy Day. Nantwich was the site of a crucial battle in the English Civil War when, in 1644, the Royalists lay siege to Parliamentarian Nantwich. By the end of 1643, Cheshire was in the hands of the Royalists with the exception of Nantwich, which was a Parliamentarian Garrison. For six weeks, the village was under siege until Sir Thomas Fairfax and his army of 5000 Parliamentarians arrived on the scene. Finally, on the 25th January 1644, a battle lasting for two hours culminated in the capture of the Royalist baggage train together with several senior Royalist officers and the siege was lifted. Fairfax's success led him to command the New Model Army just over a year later but in celebration of the lifting of the siege, the locals wore sprigs of holly in the ... read more
Hangers on!
Just ordinary folk on their way to battle
Just ordinary folk on their way to battle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich July 22nd 2011

Just had a test ride and should manage 24km/h. The Itinerary thus far: Crewe stn - Dover Priory (train) Dover Priory - Calais (ferry) Calais- Brussels (cycle 196km) Brussels - Nürnburg (train) Nürnburg - Vienna (cycle 520km) Vienna - Lake Ballaton (cycle 214km) Lake Balaton - Ozora (cycle 77km)... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich May 21st 2009

We had heard of the Anderton Boat Lift but had never seen it in action or visited the site. It was very well sign posted and when we arrived, we discovered there was a whole Information Centre dedicated to explaining the mechanics of the Anderton Boat Lift, giving the history of the local site. It was very well led out and the historical exhibition and explanatory "hands on" notes were excellent. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the boat lift was not operational (had we arrived a week later it would have been) but the day did have it compensations in that there were fewer visitors around and we had therefore access to all of the facilities without any queuing. But do check the opening times and when the lift is available before you go by going to: ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich May 2nd 2009

another lovely day in the UK... who says it always rains?!?!?! drove to visit Greg's parents, made a few stops along the way....... read more
cotswald: Birdlip
cotswald: Birdlip

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich February 1st 2009

Bangin Sounds Unfortunately I didn't take any pics of the speakers going in, though it was a right mission. Had to take the side panels off to jig saw the holes in, which also meant taking the units out to get the driver's side panel off. As the recesses were not deep enough to house me bangin speakers I had to make an extension ring for both sides. Fortunately I'd left enough excess in the carpet to wrap neatly under the speakers. Finally had to trail the cables under the roof and down the passenger side door frame. With plenty of help from Steve, we managed to get the job done in about 7 hours. Well worth it though! Curtains Sourced some sweet curtains on ebay from a good man called Reza from Van-X in Stoke. ... read more
Trimming the rail
Throat peg

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