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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich March 19th 2008

This Week at Work The week started badly. I got "told off" (by a Hungarian... yeah as if getting 'told-off' at aged 38 was not enough, it came from a foreigner) for using a red pen to feedback to students. Apparently it upsets them. Frankly I think they’ll be a little more upset when they read that the ink says “ 26%.” Someone’s actually researched that. Yep, red pen makes students feel bad. Well, crap writing makes me want to shit on the carpet - research that. So, after two straight days of reading the ramblings of the grammatically inept it was time for a break. Wednesday - Day Off Having done nothing on "The Duke" since blinging the alloys last April I figured its about time I got my act together to start "the conversion." ... read more
Stripping down in preparation
Dave gets his tool out

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Nantwich January 26th 2008

A little closer to home this time! Having lived in this historic village for over 5 years, the weather was good enough this year for me to wander into town and join in the Holly Holy Day. Nantwich was the site of a crucial battle in the English Civil War when, in 1644, the Royalists lay siege to Parliamentarian Nantwich. By the end of 1643, Cheshire was in the hands of the Royalists with the exception of Nantwich, which was a Parliamentarian Garrison. For six weeks, the village was under siege until Sir Thomas Fairfax and his army of 5000 Parliamentarians arrived on the scene. Finally, on the 25th January 1644, a battle lasting for two hours culminated in the capture of the Royalist baggage train together with several senior Royalist officers and the siege was ... read more
The Pillory
Marching through the Village
Waiting for Orders

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