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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Dunstable January 6th 2012

Hi Guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Whilst most of this actually happened back in England, for continuity purposes I will tell you anyway! So I will begin where I left off - Preparations for Christmas. I bought German pressies for my family, with Dad getting a Cuckoo clock shaped bauble, and Mum getting a Bremen calendar. I went to the Tourism Christmas Party - and ended up being the only non-German, partying with the Germans from all the different years - even they didn't know each other....The next day was the Erasmus Christmas Party, the party I was supposed to go to! However, as this is Germany, there's non stop work, so I had lectures all day over the last weekend before Christmas - they sure know how to have fun! We then ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Dunstable August 18th 2011

Hi Guys! So as most of you know, I am moving to Germany for the year to study. I will be posting notes like this throughout the year, and even though I haven't left yet (and still have a month here!) I already have some info, so I have started now. I have finally sorted out my course, my accommodation and now my flights! I am leaving on 22nd September and living in Bremen. If you want to see my address, it will be: Georg-Droste-Stra├če 5 28201 Bremen When I have more exciting information and pictures and stuff I shall let you know! Kevin.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Dunstable August 14th 2011

Arrived back from Sofia yesterday with out delays unlike the way out.. mum met us at the airport and looked after us for the day, leaving Paul at the airport and the next time he sees us and the car we will be at Berlin airport to meet him! Not really a very interesting travel story... more like home even though I haven't lived there for 20 years! seems impossible to believe but Houghton Regis will always be home.. Tonight we are staying in Ramsgate to be close to the ferry port and to save the amount of driving in one day.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Dunstable June 22nd 2010

Getting excited now! Not long until we get on the plane and get down under! Still have a mountain of clothes to pack, well me although I'm trying to offload most of my things to Liam! We got our Australian Dollars today, the exchange rate has gone down, unfortunately. Liam is getting nervous about the flight, stocking up on Kalms, rescue remedy and sedatives. Tomorrow is last minute packing and getting everything together, then up at 6.30am Thursday. Next time we update this we'll have a bit more to say as we'll be in Australiaaaaaa!!!... read more

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