Julia Jones


Julia Jones

As a young independent traveller I have never lost that so called travel bug. I am now married with a child and a proper office job so my travelling has changed but my sense of adventure hasn't.

My son is nearly 11 years old and also enjoys travelling and seeing new places so we have taken many family hoildays and are planning our first road trip this year..

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels August 25th 2011

Well getting to the end of our first ever road trip and it has been amazing. I am proud that I have driven across Europe - think we up to about 3000 kms - with no major hiccups (getting lost and caught in traffic was expected..) I think Sam has learn so much without even realising - he is confident and even tries to say merci and danke... ! We had a bit of a heart to heart last night and he confessed that he feels lonely for children's company as he hasn't talked to any kids for over 3 weeks now. I hadn't expected that he would feel like that but can understand how he feels. Brussels is a cool city - we are staying right near the Grand Place - the main market square ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Schoneberg (Berlin) August 19th 2011

Both Sam and I had been looking forward to seeing Paul and I had wanted to have found the hotel, checked in and organised our things before meeting him at the airport. Not quite the way it worked... after about 5 hours of driving the streets with no German a map and dwindling patience - not to mention a very upset, anxious and fed up kid to assist me we gave up and went to get Paul. The absolute relief of having someone to take over made me cry when we met him at Arrivals. Not my usual controlling self and how nice to just let him take over - I should do that more often and stop thinking I have to prove myself!! Of course he willingly took the keys and we were checked in ... read more

Europe August 19th 2011

The plan for today was to go to Weimar for a coffee and then to head to the concentration camp at Buchenwald. I had mixed feelings about taking Sam there but he was interested and it is an interesting experience. Then we would head to Berlin, taking our time and either check in and get Paul, or go straight to the airport to meet him at 9.30pm. We were really excited about meeting Paul and the day started well with a swim before breakfast which we made in the room. As soon as we had parked the car in the underground car park in Weimar the heavens opened and we had to go back for waterproofs. Managed to wals to the market square and enjoyed a coffee in the Elephant hotel where the guidebook said was ... read more

Europe » Germany » Thuringia » Weimar August 18th 2011

A nice straightforward drive today and a lovely suprise when we entered the hotel - it was fantastic. The cheapest so far but with a swimming pool and sauna. The perfect relaxation after quite a lot of driving. The hotel was just off the motorway so easy to find in a nice rural setting and it also had bikes to hire for free so me and Sam went for a spin this evening but didn't quite make it into the town centre. Another gorgeous sunny day but at some point during the night we had a huge downpour. Feeling like we have made good progress and had a buzz when we saw signs for Berlin.... Lovely to know we will be there tomorrow and will be meeting Paul at the airport. ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne August 17th 2011

Woke up late to a lovely sunny hot morning.. no driving needed so we could relax and do some serious sight seeing!! Sam had already decided he wanted to go to the Chocolate museum and I wanted to visit the cathedral. Neither were disappointing. Had a lovely walk along the Rhine and stopped for a coffee and some people watching too. The chocolate museam is a great place for kids - it gives the history of chocolate coming to Europe as well as a factory to see the various stages of making chocolates. The taste from the chocolate fountain was good and the whole place smelt lovely. Hotel is OK - only about 20 minutes from the city so we have walked for miles today. Both exhausted and are now chilling in the hotel. For tomorrow's ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne August 16th 2011

That was a loooong drive! After leaving the hotel in Ypres we decided to drive around and have a look at some of the cemetries so we lost track of where we were... The cemetries we visited were smaller than we expected and much smaller than the ones I have seen on the TV. Though small they were still hard hitting and sad. There were many just for "a soldier" as the identity was not known so it is lovely that they have a grave. Interesting and I hope will bring history to life for Sam as he learns about it in school. The journey didn't start well - mostly because we didn't know where we were! We saw lots of small rural Belgian villages - interesting at first but frustrating - I kept telling Sam ... read more

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Ypres August 16th 2011

Well I managed my first ever drive on the wrong side of the road and after quite a long time - about 3 hours we reached Ypres. It took a lot of concentration and help from Sam who is a good navigator and reminded me where to look... at 8pm every evening there is a Last Post ceremony and while we got here about 8pm we checked into the hotel and just missed it. The gate is impressive and sad with all the names of the missing soldiers with no graves - 35000 in total. Need to go back into the car now and head gor Cologne so hope to update more later.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ramsgate August 15th 2011

Lovely night in the Premier Inn and journey went well. This morning the sun was shining so I wanted to go to the beach but Sam saw a sign for a Spitfire museam. not my idea of a nice way to spend the morning but he really loved it and it was an excellent display. Sam was really excited and loved the 2 bullets he bought for a bargain of 25p each! Ferry check in and crossing all went well and then the real test started driving from the port! Just followed everyone else which was Ok but completely forgot to look for road signs. Think we had a bit of a detour and saw lots of villages we hadn't intended to see but got the Ypres before t got dark. Passed the first test of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Dunstable August 14th 2011

Arrived back from Sofia yesterday with out delays unlike the way out.. mum met us at the airport and looked after us for the day, leaving Paul at the airport and the next time he sees us and the car we will be at Berlin airport to meet him! Not really a very interesting travel story... more like home even though I haven't lived there for 20 years! seems impossible to believe but Houghton Regis will always be home.. Tonight we are staying in Ramsgate to be close to the ferry port and to save the amount of driving in one day.... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia August 12th 2011

So we had misunderstood what was happening yesterday... because our legalised marriage certificate has been lost in the post we had to give power of attorney to the agent Mihail so that he can follow up the sale at the end of the month. Quite frustrating but at least we have cleared the flat and done all the legal paperwork now. We can come back at theend of the month but there is no need to. We could also have stayed in the flat for the whole week but have enjoyed the luxury of a hotel with a pool, gym and spa. Need to open a bank account today and just waiting for Mihail to pick us up to do this and then we are done and can relax in the sun by the pool.... read more

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