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Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv » Maidan Nezalezhnosti December 13th 2014

Kyiv, Ukraine Wednesday – left directly from school – QSI International School of Minsk - 19 of us teachers flew Belavia from Minsk, Belarus to Kyiv, Ukraine – 1 hour 1 hour time change back money change at the airport would only change $100 because they only had very small bills 15 hryvnia/$1US – Ukrainian money I received all 20 hryvnia bills each a little more than $1 fat pile – I could barely squeeze them in my wallet arrive by school bus to “luxurious” 7 Days Hotel small double bed and 1 cot request for a bigger bed so Kevin and I could sleep together met with “all reserved” back to ‘non-smoking’ room – carpet covered in cigarette burns but relatively comfortable supermarket on 1st floor breakfast on 2nd floor with a health club buildings ... read more
Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv
Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv November 10th 2014

My loving Kyiv – full of beautiful parks, sightseeings, nice restaurants, happy people and a lot of “must do” and “must see” activities. But! All of these seem to be ordinary if your soul is searching for adventure. Autumn time… There is still a summer smell in the air, but ebbing from day to day and you try to catch the last sun rays of that season, wearing a comfortable shoes, taking camera and going to play a quest along this yellow-green Kyiv streets. It is not necessary to go to museums and galleries for looking some pieces of art, if you know streets, thay are near, under the sky and absolutely free! I hasten to share my sculptural Kyiv... "Unburned Match" (Author Vladimir Belokon', Artema Str., 37-41) The main idea of this sculpture is to ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv December 7th 2013

When I came back to Kyiv, the 1st morning was a training for my world trip coming soon: my friends were working so I had to figure out by myself how to get to the city (with their indications), where to get off the bus, change money, buy a sim card, walk around to find new interesting places and try to meet local people or fellow travellers. And I have to say that it gave me such a confidence boost for my world trip because I managed to get to the city, get off at the right stop, change money and buy a sim card for a great deal (5€ for illimited access to internet, illimited sms and illimited calls for a year within MTS network!). The other point which gave me more confidence is to ... read more
Pirogovo - traditionnal music
Saint Sophie's Cathedral
Andre Church

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv May 7th 2013

My knowledge of Kyiv Before going to Kyiv and even Ukraine I had little knowledge of the area, similarly to Copenhagen which turned out to be quite the adventure. what limited insight I possessed could not have prepared me for the short stay we had in store. So you can imagine my lack of knowledge I shall list what I thought I knew. Ukraine was part of the USSR There was a horrendous famine in the early part of the 20th century Independence was gained following the dissolution of the Soviet Union Ukraine has historically been crapped on by the German's and the Russians Kyiv was sacked by the Mongol's in 1240 resulting in a Mongol victory The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Lenin Reactor #4 exploded during tests on April 26th 1986 releasing 400 ... read more
The main station
Window cleaning Kyiv style
Health & Safety Kyiv style

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv March 26th 2012

Hey guys! So this is part 2 of my Eastern Europe Adventures: Having first visited Krakow, later that night we took the coach to Lviv in Ukraine, which despite only a 5 hour trip by road, involved more than 3 hours crossing the border - half an hour to queue, 45 minutes to check our passports on the Polish side, another half hour in no man's land, an hour checking passports in Ukraine, and then just when we thought it was finally time to go through, half an hour to search the coach. Even more fun was when the military style border guard in Ukraine, who had clearly never seen a British passport before spent two minutes staring at me and the passport, and then came back 45 minutes later, called me, and I had to ... read more
Lviv Opera House
Golden Cathedrals

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv October 18th 2011

Everything in Kiev is Grand Our start in Kiev wasn’t the best we could hope for. We did not get the overnight express we counted on and we had to settle down for a different, less 'luxurious' one. Later on we learnt that train number can tell a lot. Any small number, preferably with double zero in front is the best. The one we wanted was 092N so not bad at all and we came to Kiev on the 134 one. It was not bad at all as for 3rd class, we slept through out the night with no problems at all. The only negative point about this train was that it arrived in the afternoon and we had to hang around until we were able to head to our Couch Surfing place for the next ... read more
Upper Lavra Cathedral
St. Andrew
Say a little prayer...

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv August 11th 2011

When in Kiev… have Chicken Kiev What a great city. It is kept very clean by old women with brooms made of sticks sweeping the streets and scrapping gum off the pavement at 6am and 6pm. It was a very walkable city with 3 of its main attractions being orthodox churches with gold domes. Jim and I went one day on the metro 3 or 4 stops away from anything touristy what so ever. It was not as clean as the city center, and the architecture was a soviet block style apartment houses. What is very interesting about this city are the stalls to sell things. They are everywhere. They pop up on city streets (both in city center and away) and under the street, which I will get to later. The nightlife was great. Somewhat ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv » Maidan Nezalezhnosti July 26th 2011

With less than 2 weeks until we return to Washington DC, the place where our adventure began, we find ourselves again in Moscow ready to head to our large apple, aka New York City. We split our time between Kiev and Odessa. Our Ukrainian friend from DC Anna set us up with a home stay with her parents. We stayed in her old room even. The food they prepared was amazing. Everything maybe except the sala, which is the top layer of pig fat with spices. I tried a bite. Its like chewing gum with an aftertaste. I hope it won't remain in my stomach for 7 years. We also had nalishniki, a favorite. It is a bit like a crepe with some cheese inside. This cheese is hard to find in the US and I ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv May 10th 2011

Sitting in a marshalling yard in Ukraine The last visa arrived with 20 minutes to spare and to keep up with the theme David and I caught the train to paris with 10 minutes to spare. It was the usual swift journey to Paris arriving at the Gare du Nord at about 12pm. It’s only a short walk to the Gare de l’Est but we were pleased we had 45 minutes transfer time. Enough of this leaving everything until the last minute. The TGV raced us through France until we reached the hills by the German border; very pretty but not much Grand Vitesse. Our plan was to meet Peter in Munich but we found ourselves on the same train, in the same carriage on the way from Mannheim. We enjoyed beer and a good meal ... read more
Ukrainian Village

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv » Zoloti Vorota May 1st 2011

After Hannah left us for the airport in Warsaw, Clay and I headed to the bus station for our night bus across the border to Ukraine. As expected, it was a horrible journey and we didn’t get a whole lot of sleep as we were off and on the bus quite regularly and arrived into Lvov exhausted. So a train station in peak hour also filled with gypsies with 10 kids each who don’t understand how queues work was not exactly what I was after. Thankfully I found a woman who spoke English and we managed to book first class tickets for our night train to Kiev. We definitely needed the luxury! After that, we escaped the station and set out to explore Lvov. It was a nice enough city but honestly there wasn’t a lot ... read more
Lvov #1
Lvov #2

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