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Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano June 16th 2019

It’s time to start our 900 mile drive home. First stop, brunch in Como. After 4 circuits of town trying to find a parking space, we picnic on the shores of Lake Como. Alessandro Volta, inventor of the battery, was from Como. There is a museum in his honour, Tempio Voltiano, on the shore. Plus you can walk along a jetty to the Life Electric sculpture in the middle of the lake. It’s not a very pleasant walk - both the jetty and the lake are covered in debris. We stroll along the prom until we reach the funicular. From here you can, theoretically, travel 720m up the hillside for a stunning view of the lake. However, the old man declares the queue is too long so we return to the van and continue to our ... read more
Lake Como
Tempio Voltiano
Life Electric monument

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano August 4th 2017

We arrive by car to Lugano, on our way we drive through one of the longest tunnels in the world. We are so impressed with the engineering that went into building this tunnel. Lots of moutains and waterfalls on the drive here. Lugano is a Italian speaking area. So we now say ciao (hello) and grazie (thank you). This area not only speaks Italian the architecture is more Italian than traditional Swiss architecture and the people look Italian. Lugano is located on Lake Lugano, Italy is only a stones throw away. We have rented an Airbnb two blocks from the lake. There is a heat wave going on and it is 95 when we arrive. The first thing we do when we arrive in a new city is grocery shop. Switzerland is the most expensive country ... read more
Olive Walk
Town of Gandria
Town of Gandria

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano April 28th 2016

Today we travelled through the Swiss Alps by train from Chur to Lugano. The train ride we took was a scenic train called the Bernina express. It is the most beautiful train ride I have ever taken with some of the best views I've ever seen in my life! This is the part of Switzerland I've been looking forward to the most, it it definitely did not disappoint! We have beautiful snowy mountains in New Zealand but this was completely different. The mountains the train went up and through were massive. Some of the train ride was lower so you had the beautiful green grass with the snowy mountains in the background, and as we went up it became more snowy until it was completely covered in snow (and by then we were up in the ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano » Muralto October 16th 2014

The end of our tour, and the beginning of our trip home. This is the last day in our Best of Italy Tour. Of course, ending in Switzerland technically isn't Italy, but the border has been very dynamic over the centuries, and it used to be at one time. Today was a free day for everyone. Some chose to take a train ride up into a quaint little village, and return. Others chose to hang around town, walk some more, shop some more, eat some more, walk still some more, and return to the hotel. For most of us who are not hanging around for the 'extended' version of the trip, are heading home tomorrow. So, while there is a Day 13, it is on a plane, starting at 6AM and as far as I can ... read more
The Lake and the village on the other shore
First table of 12
Second table of 12

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano October 15th 2014

The Venice boat taxi's run just about 24 hours a day, hauling people, or supporting materials to the big island. We saw laundry being delivered to hotels, groceries and vegetgables coming in, and construction crews that were remodeling buildings, hauling their construction debris to a special little barge, kind of a bigger boat than the taxi, so that it could be taken to the mainland. The first stop was for a "comfort" stop, but the AutoGrill was shut down, so on to Verona. In Verona, we got to see the effects of Roman Empire in buildings. The town was "remomdeled" not too long ago, about 1500, so it is fairly new. One of the major draws of this town is the house of Romeo and Juliet. The play was about a ficticious couple, which in real ... read more
Arriving in Verona, we need to take a city bus to the old part of town.
The Coloseum was right outside the city wall.
Another view of the Colosseum.

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano » Gandria September 10th 2014

This is our last day trip in this area. We used the car today to drive north about 45 min. And then south about 1 1/2 hrs. into the Italian part of Switzerland. Went on a boat to a small village on Lake Lugano named Gandria. We were here umty-ump years ago. Very interesting but difficult walking (you wouldn't have enjoyed that part Annie) we had lunch there to celebrate our 52nd wedding anniversary. Made it back by 7:45 before dark. Tomorrow is packing and cleaning day. We leave for the SW of Switzerland on Friday early as we are doing a little detour into Austria to stock up on some food goods and diesel for the car. (Much cheaper) Here are some images from the Italian part. Lowell... read more
A couple we met from the Holstein region of the UK
Along lake Lugano
Arriving at Gandria

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano June 13th 2013

Day 11 - Still in the Lugano region of Switzerland Today was supposed to be a day to relax. Perhaps do a little simple car maintenance to make sure the car is fit for the next leg of the journey. After a simple and relaxing breakfast, I checked the car out for the usual items such as the engine oil. fuel pre-filter and finally the level of the gearbox oil. I was shocked to find the level had dropped to a very low level despite the litre of oil added yesterday. I crawled under the bonnet to examine the vehicle. The bottom had been covered in oil for a while so no surprises there. Then, I noticed there was a hole under the gearbox where a nut should have been. There is the source of the ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano June 13th 2013

Day 11 - Paradiso campsite, Lugano region, Switzerland After 10 days on the run, I have decided to stay another day in this picturesque part of south eastern Switzerland. Not to enjoy myself you know, but to carry out essential maintenance to the car, the paraffin lamp and cookers which have all failed. I have had to rely on the use of a new camping gas cooker and candles. Last night there was a clear sky and I can see the stars, so I decided to sleep Al-Fresco, no tent, just a sleeping bag on my luxurious wood-decked roof rack. Staring at the stars until I dozed off - what an experience!... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano March 31st 2013

Lugano, 31. März (Ostersonntag) Wir haben auf dem Campingplatz einen ehemaligen Arbeitskollegen getroffen, welcher aber noch im Berufsleben steht. Er verbringt wie wir die Ostertage mit seiner Frau in Lugano. Am Morgen werden wir von herrlichem Sonnenschein geweckt. Das Thermometer zeigt zwar erst 5° C, aber heute sollte es warm werden. Wir benutzen den schönen Tag und machen mit unseren Bekannten eine Wanderung von Agno aus um den Monte Caslano. Die Wanderung über ca. 17 km war wunderschön, wenn auch zeitweise ein lästiger Nordwind blies. Die Bergspitzen strahlten noch immer im weissen Kleid des Winters während im Flachland die Forsythien, Kamelien und Magnolien blühen.... read more
In der Sonne ist es schon am Morgen angenehm warm
David und Goliath
Das Womo meines Kollegen. Das in der Mitte

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano March 28th 2013

Lugano, 24. – 29. März 2013 (256 km) Es war eine entspannte Fahrt an dem Sonntag, bis 4 km vor dem Gotthard Nordportal. Dort gerieten wir leider, obwohl wenig Verkehr herrschte, in einen Stau. Über eine Stunde ging nichts mehr. Anscheinend blockierte ein Pannenfahrzeug den Tunnel in Südrichtung. Nach über einer Stunde Stillstand ging es dann endlich durch den Tunnel. Auf der Nordseite schien noch etwas die Sonne, doch als wir den Tunnel auf der Südseite verliessen, begrüsste uns der Regen. Der TCS - Campingplatz in Agno ist noch nicht stark besucht um nicht zu sagen so gut wie leer. Hoffentlich ändert sich das Wetter bald zu unseren Gunsten. An Ostern werden auf dem Platz viele Gäste erwartet. Zum Glück hörte es in der Nacht vom Sonntag auf Montag auf zu regnen. Leider sind die Temperaturen ... read more

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