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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket February 3rd 2018

It's our second to last full day in Phuket. On Wednesday we got up at 5.40am to go on a full day boat trip around Phang Na Bay (and a few other places). We got onto this pretty big speed boat which could fit all 18 of us comfortably on board. We first stopped at Koh Phanak where we explored some of the caves and had to wear torches to see where we were going. We came out the other side of the cave into this large opening where mangrove trees were growing and they had those walking fish (mud skippers). After that we went to Koh Hong where we were taken on these inflatable canoes and taken into more caves (where we had to lie down to get through some of the openings). From there ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket January 30th 2018

It was Blair's birthday on the 28th on Phi Phi island. The day before we had a great day snorkeling and swimming but this day we decided to try and walk to the main beach on Phi Phi. One of the girls from our snorkeling trip had walked back from the main beach from our hotel and was told it should only take 20mins, but instead took her 2hrs as she got lost. So she warned us that there wasn't much signage but that it was possible if we took the right route to get to the other side. We started our walk up a very steep hill and found the track wasn't very defined and was very dense to walk through. Anyway we continued on up the steep hill, followed by a swarm of mosquitos ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don January 27th 2018

It was time to say goodbye to Railay beach and make our way to Phi Phi island....but not without difficulty. Everyone that had to leave the island had to wait by the beach for the ferry to arrive. We then got onto the longtail boats with all our luggage and then waited out at sea for the ferry to arrive. At times the lontail boat felt like it was going to tip over and we were going to loose al our luggage. But luckily we made it and we all got on to the ferry. We must have been one of the last boats left to get on as there were no more seats left on the ferry, so the rest of us had to sit down on the floor outside as you wouldn't want to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Railay January 25th 2018

Railay Beach, what a mission to get to.....but totally worth it! We took a flight from Bangkok to Phuket, then took a 2hr car shuttle from Phuket airport to Ao Nang beach. Along the way we saw some unusual passengers in the truck next to us....two elephants, not something you see every day! From Ao Nang beach we climbed in a long tail boat on the beach with all our suitcases (where I fell over when I got in because the ladder flipped over when it went over a wave) and made our way in a tiny boat to Railay. Unfortunately it started raining just as we got to the beach, but we got into our room just before the downpour! We could have done the commute easier if we had a flight to Krabi-but flights ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 24th 2018

We made it to Bangkok! Origionally I wasn't going to do a blog for this trip because I just wanted to relax and not have to write anything but there's so much stuff we've seen so far that I really wanted to share, plus I like reading back on what we've done. We arrived in Bangkok on the Thursday night, took a taxi to our hotel and then went straight to bed as it was about 10.30pm and we were tired from our flight. Before we got into bed though we had to take take off these beautiful looking towel swans with petals everywhere which they had made for us. We also had a laugh at our toilet which had many different options including an enema and a feminine wash (which we didn't try by the ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris May 25th 2016

It's our last full day in Paris today before we go home tomorrow night. We've had an amazing trip so far, but after almost 5 weeks away we are ready to come home now. Today we went up the Arc De Triumph which had the best views over Paris, then took a train to Sacre Coeur which is a cathedral that looks over the city, then had some amazing pastires at a bakery that was started in 1730 and then had some dinner. We had more of a relaxing day today as it's our last full day. Tomorrow we will probably just relax and do a bit of walking around until our flight leaves at 9.30pm. We've had an amazing time away, we've learnt lots of new things about the different countries we've been to and ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris May 24th 2016

Last night we went to Lido which is a cabaret show just around the corner from us (it's equivalent to Moulin Rouge). I was only expecting a bit of dancing and maybe a few special tricks... But it was way better than I expected! It was so amazing! It's the best show I've ever seen in my life! We sat downstairs and we paid for a drink of champagne as we could get slightly better seats if we did it that way. Now if you haven't seen Lido and are planning to one day then skip the rest of this paragraph as I'm going to share all the spoilers. When we got in we felt like royalty, the whole room had chandeliers everywhere but when we sat down we were a bit gutted as we were ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris May 23rd 2016

Today we went to the Louvre. We got on the train at the Arc De Triumph and then got off again...... But when we got off we realised we were still looking at the Arc De Triumph rather than the Louvre (we'd only made it about 100 metres down the road haha). We then got back on and got off at the right stop. When we'd finally got into the Louvre we made a plan of how to see everything, but realised that after doing only a tiny bit of it (1/12th) that we weren't going to get through it all, so we just picked a few places we wanted to see and did it that way. We managed to see the Mona Lisa which wasn't as crowded as we'd thought, and we saw Napoleon's different ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris May 22nd 2016

I didn't blog yesterday as it was mainly just a travel day. We landed safely in France in the afternoon yesterday and then caught two trains to the Arc De Triumph which is near where we are staying. We then caught a cab to our hotel which was actually only a few streets away, but we didn't have google maps so we got in the cab and it took us around the giant scary roundabout surrounding the Arc De Triumph and then to our hotel. After we settled in we tried to find a place to eat around us that was reasonably priced (which is hard where we are) and also a place that Blair's stomach could handle as he was still a bit queezy, so we found a pub and had dinner there. We also ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona May 20th 2016

So last night we decided to eat out cheaply and go to a nearby tapas bar. The bar we went to was very much where the locals went for a beer on the way home..... We didn't see anyone eating though but we really wanted cheap authentic tapas. Unfortunately at 3am blair felt the full the effects of the cheaply purchased tapas and started vomiting, closely followed by diarrhoea. We thought after a few chucks in the night and a bit of sleep it would go away..... But no, it was even worse in the morning! So I went on a little outing to buy some more water, powerade, bananas and went to pharmacy to buy some electrolytes and antinausea medication. But Blair still couldn't keep anything in so I went back to the pharmacy to ... read more

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